Written by Juan Tamariz

Work of Juan Tamariz

24 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Luis H. Trueba.
Language: English

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Juan Tamariz The Tamariz Perpendicular Control - Coming Attractions 1
Juan Tamariz TPC - Basic Move bringing inserted card in perpendicular position 2
Juan Tamariz TPC, stripping out beneath the spread 5
Juan Tamariz 1. From Extracted PP to Left Hand Palm TPC 6
Juan Tamariz 2. From TPC to Bottom (Inferior) 7
Juan Tamariz 3. From TPC to Inferior-2 or Inferior-3 8
Juan Tamariz 4. From TPC to Inferior-7, Inferior-8, or any other Position in the Deck 8
Juan Tamariz 5. A Possibility that Opens a Thousand Doors - The TPC with Several Cards 9
Juan Tamariz Lapping With The TPC 10
Juan Tamariz Concealing the Card in PP By Bending It 10
Juan Tamariz Concealment in Left Hand Fan 10
Juan Tamariz Glimpse with TPC 12
Juan Tamariz Effect 1 - The Direct Sandwich 13
Juan Tamariz Effect 2 - Hidden Sandwich 14
Juan Tamariz Hidden Sandwich between 4 Aces "Variation of effect 2" 14
Juan Tamariz Effect 3 - Anti-Ambitious card to bottom 15
Juan Tamariz Effect 4 - Two Cards Over two selected cards turn over one by one 16
Juan Tamariz Effect 5 - Repoker Of The Chose four selections are controlled in one hand, aces, royal flush, with impromptu version 16
Juan Tamariz Reversing A Card under spread, TPC 19
Juan Tamariz Stealing A Card Under A Fan from TPC to under packet 20
Juan Tamariz On the extraction of multiple cards TPC tip 20
Juan Tamariz The Collectors using TPC load of all three selections at once 21
Juan Tamariz Culling Several Cards tabled TPC handling 22
Juan Tamariz Forcing A Card two methods 23
Jim Krenz TPC In Card Case 24