Written by Benjamin Earl
Work of Benjamin Earl
28 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Benjamin Earl
Language: English
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Benjamin Earl For Your Attention copyright notice
Benjamin Earl Preface
Benjamin Earl Real Magic - A Paradigm for Conjuring
Also published here 1
Benjamin Earl The Empty Space - Nothingness and Somethingness "Nothingness inherently contains the entire universe. (...) This nothingness is universal and eternal; it is larger than the individual and so all consuming."
Benjamin Earl Selected Time Travel card changes into selection with time travel framing, with time traveling trick references
Inspired byAlso published here 7
Benjamin Earl A Choice Illusion presentation for card changing into selection
Benjamin Earl The More You Know... presentation for card changing into selection
Related to 15
Benjamin Earl Confirmation Bias pseudo thought-of card
Related to 17
Benjamin Earl Touch-Think card apparently thought of
Benjamin Earl Primary Movement one coin from hand to hand
Bill Simon, Benjamin Earl Gone Steal Handling
Inspired by 23
Purse Palm
Benjamin Earl Pocket Time Machine small item travels from hand to pocket, time travel presentation
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