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44 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Benjamin Earl Editor's note 1 3
Unknown Breastfeeding the Magic Community fake ad 1 5
Benjamin Earl The Gambling Lesson various games played, at the end spectator and performer each find four-of-a-kindInspired by 1 6
Benjamin Earl A Jar of Eyeballs... about 90% of everything being rubbish and magic on television 1 7
Benjamin Earl The Big Question bordered or non-bordered cards 1 7
Benjamin Earl Real Scarne aces dealt from shuffled deck, named card in pocket 1 8
Benjamin Earl Case as Holdout spectator shuffles, then deck put in case 1 9
Benjamin Earl The Simulation Shuffle without bridge, for Malone credit see issue 2, p. 20Inspired byRelated to 1 10
Benjamin Earl Face-up stripping controls (F.U.S.C.) tabled 1 12
Benjamin Earl Erdnase Grip Disguise Bottom Deal "EGD Bottom Deal"Inspired by 1 14
Benjamin Earl The Rub of the Green on the presentation of gambling demonstrations 1 16
Benjamin Earl, Derek DelGaudio Spotlight: Derek DelGaudio 1 18
Derek DelGaudio Riffle Palm during in-the-hands riffle shuffle, first published in "Only Notes", for Zarrow credit see issue 2, p. 20 1 19
Benjamin Earl In a Glimpse lie detector and divination 1 20
Pat Mustard A Power of Facing "Temples of Doom", on lectures and conventions 1 21
Benjamin Earl Cloak & Dagger Top Tip... getting from Si Stebbins into Mnemonica, joke 1 21
Benjamin Earl Kevin Fox 1 22
Benjamin Earl Gambit Responds on Jerry Sadowitz and "Open Triumph" vs. "Name a Card Triumph"Related to 1 22
Benjamin Earl C.O.P. Cull Stack very brief 1 24
Benjamin Earl Editor's note 2 2
Benjamin Earl The Cards of Leon in-the-hands version without tableInspired by
  • "Shuffle-Bored" (Simon Aronson)
2 4
Benjamin Earl News Desk on conventions and how to have a good time there by not going to any events 2 5
Benjamin Earl The Big Question shift or double undercut, joke 2 5
Justin Higham Reflections on Reflectors on shiners, edited from "Secrets of Improvisational Magic"
- French Window
- Table Knife & Teaspoon
- Café Table
- Sunglasses
- Table Sign
- Menu-Card Holder
- Mobile Phone
- Wine Glass
- Coins & Keys
- Impromptu Peek Deck
- Smiley-Face Cards
- Reflector Awareness
2 6
Justin Higham Impromptu Peek Deck for Hoyle Trump CardsInspired by 2 7
Benjamin Earl The Shape Shuffle Related to 2 8
Benjamin Earl Switchman - DS 1 cut to tableInspired by
  • Steve Forte switch from Gambling Protection Series
2 10
Benjamin Earl The Casual Open Placement (C.O.P.) Inspired by 2 12
Benjamin Earl Out of Touch - Out of Date "Ramblings on Card Stuff", opinionRelated to 2 13
Benjamin Earl The One-Handed Top Palm "Ramblings on Card Stuff", opinion 2 13
Benjamin Earl Jennings... What a Prick. "Ramblings on Card Stuff", opinion 2 13
Benjamin Earl The Bottom Deal Demonstration "Ramblings on Card Stuff", opinion 2 13
Benjamin Earl Spell This S...H...I...T... "Ramblings on Card Stuff", opinion 2 13
Jack "Juicy" Broad You Don't Know Jack on gambling 2 14
Benjamin Earl Even the Burn Card 2 15
Benjamin Earl Spectator's Holdout Shuffle spectator shuffles deck in stages yet set-up is retainedRelated toVariationsAlso published here 2 15
Benjamin Earl Pseudo Moe "In a Glimpse" 2 16
Benjamin Earl Student of the Game brief variationInspired by 2 16
Benjamin Earl, David Williamson Spotlight: David Williamson 2 17
David Williamson Holdout Man Aces change into Royal Flush 2 18
David Williamson Throw-Switch Addition underneath fanned cards 2 18
Benjamin Earl Gambit Responds accusing Lawrence Sullivan of ripping him off, credit corrections 2 20
Benjamin Earl Quick Little Stack two cards, pseudo mates 2 21