Written by John Carney

Work of John Carney

367 pages (Hardcover), published by CarneyMagic
Illustrated with drawings by John Carney.
Language: English

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Jim Steinmeyer Foreword 4
John Carney Introduction 6
John Carney The Student Begins how to study and improve
- Biting the Hand that Feeds
- Reading Required
- Your Turn...
John Carney Rubbed Away lightning pull
- Release Position
- Threading the Loop
Inspired byRelated to
  • Buatier de Kolta Pull
John Carney Vanish from the Hands silk becomes smaller and vanishes, lightning pull 30
John Carney Vanish from a Glass lightning pull, moment of vanish hidden 31
John Carney Legends - Buatier de Kolta 36
John Carney Just a Cigar cigar & purse routineInspired by 38
John Carney Cigar False Transfer 46
Unknown Cigar/Cigarette Change-over Palm 48
Dr. E. M. Roberts, John Carney Cigar Sleeving Related to 49
John Carney On Palming chapter intro 52
John Carney Palm Position 55
Dai Vernon Vernon Top Palm Related to 56
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Top Palm, First Method Related to 57
John Carney Timing and Management where to hold hands and other palming tips 58
John Carney, S. W. Erdnase The Bottom Palm Inspired by 61
John Carney Bottom Palm of a Single Card Related to 64
John Carney Bottom-Palm Replacement 65
John Carney, S. W. Erdnase The Erdnase Diagonal Palm-Shift rear insertionRelated to 66
John Carney, Edward Marlo The Side Steal transformation, with credit information 70
John Carney, Edward Marlo Side Steal and Replacement Inspired by 73
John Carney The Carney Cop steal from center 76
John Carney Up My Sleeve last card is selection and travels visibly across chest underneath jacketRelated to 82
John Carney The Dribble Force 85
Martin Gardner Airing the Deck Related to 88
John Carney False Transfer with Card 91
John Carney Silver and Glass Inspired by 96
John Carney Coin to Glass Finesse sound effect on bottom of glass 106
John Carney, John Ramsay False Transfer 108
Unknown The Edge Palm with stack 110
Brett Wolf Coin Star set-up behind other hand 111
T. Nelson Downs, John Carney Downs Palm and Production 113
John Carney Legends: Dai Vernon 118
John Carney Muscade Magic streamlined Vernon routineInspired by 120
Unknown Cup through Cup 124
Unknown Measuring inside of Cup 125
John Carney Cup Load as hand passes cup 126
Charlie Miller Cup Penetration Move actually credited to Mexican magician by Miller 129
John Carney Three Ball Vanish 133
John Carney Legends: Tony Slydini 138
John Carney Dissolving Steel two linking ring moves of unknown origin 140
John Carney Hidden Gifts Creativity, self-expression, and the danger of perfectionism
- Fear Itself
- Perfectionism is Flawed
- The Creative Journey
- The Process
- Originality - Why?
John Carney Astral Projection Hawaii chosen as travel destination, performer transforms into Hawaii tourist, sand from shoe, towel and pineapple production 159
John Carney Creation of Life magazine instead of fan, with historic information 166
John Carney Legends: Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin 178
John Carney Mercurial Cards face card changes a few times, deck becomes all backs, blank and normal again 180
S. W. Erdnase Sixth Transformation Related to 184
Martin Gardner, John Carney Wink Change Variation Inspired by 185
John Carney Half Pass whole deck under cover card 187
John Carney Erdnase First Transformation 188
Douglas Dexter, Francis Carlyle Paddle Move with Cards Related to
  • "The Mystic Star" (Douglas Dexter, Goldston's "Great Magicians' Tricks")
Edward Marlo All Backs Display Related to 193
John Carney Art... in Magic? Pretension, presentation, defining effects, and the spirit of the artist
- Confusion is not Magic
- Presentation or Procedure?
John Carney, Nate Leipzig, Michael Skinner Leipzig-Skinner Surprise selection appears on face of deck, penetrates hand, appears face-up on deckInspired by 206
Dai Vernon Push-Off Related to 212
Edward Marlo Deck Turnover Replacement 213
Dai Vernon Hand-Washing Acquitment classic to classicRelated to 216
John Carney Legends: Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser 220
John Carney Forgotten Recollection 222
Jack McMillen Card at Number changing moment of bottom deal 225
Unknown All-Around Square-up Glimpse 227
Larry Jennings Jennings' TNT Bottom Deal 229
John Carney The Classic Pass and Other Myths - Our Man Erdnase
- The Big Picture
- Focus, Misdirection, and Punctuation
Larry Jennings Selection Procedure before the Pass 239
John Carney Technique the classic pass 241
John Carney Off the Vine using grapes 248
John Carney, Dai Vernon The French Drop 251
John Carney Legends: David Devant 258
John Carney, Eugene Verbeck Verbeck's Envelopes basically a coin into nest of envelopes with magazine-envelope transformations and restoration, repeat, credit informationInspired by 260
John Carney Multiple Slip culling 276
Edward Marlo Prayer Cull 280
John Carney Legends: Fred Kaps 286
John Carney Tolls of the Trade Approaches to practice, effects, affectations, and the advantages of the southpaw
- Mental Misdirection
- On the Other Hand...
- Practice, Practice, Practice
John Carney Ascension four selections, one rises underneath silk, one floats into hand, fountain for last card 300
George Murray Card Clip Holder 304
Buatier de Kolta De Kolta Card Fountain 306
John Carney Chair Deck Switch behind chair 312
John Carney Variations with a Hat card out of head, then card fountain without motor or thread 314
John Carney The Ascension Gimmick wire stuck to thumb tip 318
John Carney Legends: Al Baker 322
John Carney Swing Blade paddle routine with paper stuck on knifeInspired by
  • Sachs' "Sleight of Hand"
John Carney Paddle Move 327
John Carney Money for Nothing historic information, using Paul Fox coin pail 334
Charlie Miller Single Coin Production from finger palm 344
John Carney Legends: John Ramsay 348
John Carney Thimble Collection five thimbles produced, then travel to other handInspired by 350
John Ramsay, Edward Victor Popping Sound with Thimble 354
John Carney Thimble Stack Vanish false transfer 360
John Carney The Final Lesson 364