Written by Lewis Ganson
Work of R. C. Buff, Lewis Ganson
28 pages (Stapled), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
7 entries
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Lewis Ganson The Floating and Dancing Walking Stick thanks to RINOD
Lewis Ganson The Stick Dances historic remarks
Lewis Ganson The Stick Floats
R. C. Buff The Floating Walking Stick
  • "The Balance"
  • The Floating Move
  • The Stick Rises and Falls
  • The Stick Floats
  • The Stick Revolves in the Air
  • The Stick Clings to the Hand
  • The Stick Revolves on the Palm
  • The Stick Revolves Horizontally in the Air
  • Passing a Hoop over the Stick
  • Around the Hand
  • A Juggling Feat
  • The Climax - Two Sticks from One
R. C. Buff Suggestions on the Floating Cane
  • The Start
  • A Flip of the Hand
  • The Revolving Moves
  • Using the Stick for other Effects
  • The Hook-Up or Loop
  • The Stick Floats from Hand to Hand
Lewis Ganson, Rinod The Dancing Walking Stick
  • The Basic Move
  • The Routine
  • Floating Between the Hands
  • The Stick Dances
  • The Walk Past
  • The High Swing
  • The M Move
  • The Twirl
  • Through the Arms
  • Around the Shoulders
  • The Climax
Lewis Ganson Conclusion
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