Written by Roy Johnson

Work of Roy Johnson

84 pages (Hardcover), published by A Goodliffe Publication
Illustrated with drawings by Dennis.
Language: English

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Jon Racherbaumer Introduction ii
Roy Johnson Dear Reader iv
Roy Johnson, Bob Ostin Ostin-Tatious coin penetrates table and arrives under handkerchief on the table several time, then it changes into another coinRelated to
  • Bob Ostin's "Fingertip Fantasies"
Roy Johnson Burst comedy routine, stack of picture and word cards, one is predicted and water appears from card 6
Roy Johnson Hypno-Hank gag, handkerchief moves up and down, invisible hair presentation 11
Roy Johnson The Duplicator Button with two decks, card selected by throwing dice 15
Roy Johnson Flap Finesse... (or How to eliminate Flap Fumble!!!) window envelope for switching cards, billets etc. 21
Roy Johnson Spot (The amazing vanishing rabbit!!) comedy routine, card with rabbit in a top hat is put in window envelope, rabbit vanishes from cardRelated to
  • Bill Severn's "Magic Comedy"
Roy Johnson Sponges with purse frame, mini sponge ball climax 27
Roy Johnson Sponge Ball Vanish in purse frame 28
Roy Johnson Un-Worldly 35
Roy Johnson, Morty Rudnick The Schmuck Prediction! four way out prediction envelope, "all schmucks choose ..." 39
Roy Johnson Telegram Surprise telegram is brought to performance which reveals a card a spectator is sitting on 43
Roy Johnson, Bobby Collins "Pop Goes the..." knife or fork is vanished, seated, à la knife swallowing 45
Roy Johnson The Spotted Can presentation for Jack Hughes' "The Polka Dot Barrel" / "Can Can Polka", poem, first in The Talisman No. 52 49
Roy Johnson, Peter Warlock On the Slate two signed slates with different symbols, one put under spectator's foot and one in envelope, symbols change places, flapVariations 53
Roy Johnson The Ultimate Key box with slit, locked by padlock, keys put in slit last one opens the lock 61
Unknown Miser's Dream Switch switching a key, with a box 68
Roy Johnson Suitcase Table 71
Jon Racherbaumer, Roy Johnson Jon's Gem four blank cards, four aces, change place one by oneInspired by 75
Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Count 76
Unknown The Packet Switch 77
Unknown The Blank Fan reverse fan 78
Edward Marlo The "Olram Move" 79
Roy Johnson Yours Sincerly 84