Written by Gene "Phantini" Grant

Work of Gene "Phantini" Grant

104 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Gene "Phantini" Grant Introduction 1
Gene "Phantini" Grant Myracrypto 1981 several objects (charms) are chosen and divined, then sealed in envelopes and chosen one predicted, princess card trick with objectsRelated to 7
Roy Baker PATEO Force 10
Gene "Phantini" Grant All Bets Covered one of five words on a sheet of paper is selected and was predicted beforeInspired by 12
Gene "Phantini" Grant Bacon and Eggs with two sets of ESP cards (two times wavy lines, two times rings), order is correct twice 14
Edward Marlo Turnover Move 15
Gene "Phantini" Grant The Great Die Mystery two numbers of a die are predicted, with a paddle move as humorous moment 16
Gene "Phantini" Grant Phantini's ESP Ability Test with number chart 19
Gene "Phantini" Grant The Return of Color Vision color cube placed in a box, chosen color is divined and predicted 21
Gene "Phantini" Grant The ESP Match-Up 23
Gene "Phantini" Grant The Obedient Mind five cards dealt on table, spectator puts prediction on right card 24
Gene "Phantini" Grant Super Mental Deck Al Koran Deck meets Svengali 26
Gene "Phantini" Grant Wish Upon a Star six ESP cards, spectator finds the odd one twice 28
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety 28
Gene "Phantini" Grant Card Challenge card divination with Al Mann's Isomeric CardsInspired by 30
Gene "Phantini" Grant Knockout ESP Test with two sets of four ESP cards, three phases 32
Gene "Phantini" Grant Witch Switch performer writes card on a piece of paper and selects a card, on the second try he eventually finds it, billet switch with a playing card 38
Gene "Phantini" Grant Estimation "A Matter of Debit and Credit" with blank cards, Larry Becker's "Ghost Image" DeckInspired by 40
Gene "Phantini" Grant It Is an Incredible Coincidence some blank cards are cut and put in pocket, several billets with numbers, spectator choses one and it matches the amount of cut cards, with Larry Becker's "Ghost Image" Deck 43
Gene "Phantini" Grant The Book That Wasn't three words from a book are divined and predicted, pages selected by pushing card into the book 47
Gene "Phantini" Grant Into the 4th Dimension spectator's credit card is sealed in an envelope and put in a book, then it travels in an envelope in an other book 50
Gene "Phantini" Grant Two Heads Better two packets of cards, one with word beginnings and one of word endings, two are chosen and they form a wordInspired by 52
Gene "Phantini" Grant Uncanny Impulses pencil run over card with letters and stops at several letters, letters form a word a second spectator is thinking of 56
Gene "Phantini" Grant Mirrored Thoughts ESP cards are shuffled and put in a holder, some cards are reversed, performer names reversed card and position 58
Gene "Phantini" Grant Letters two selected words from a chart, both divined and second predicted, with ABC cardsInspired byRelated to
  • Duane Henry in Robert Nelson's "Sensational Mentalism Vol.2"
Gene "Phantini" Grant The Audience Hits Back ESP cards sealed in envelopes and divined, majority of spectators guess always correctlyInspired by
  • Ned Rutledge's "Mass Miracle"
Gene "Phantini" Grant Time Machine triple prediction in envelopes , carbon 67
Gene "Phantini" Grant The Great Chair Prediction five people on five chairs 69
Gene "Phantini" Grant Supreme Psychometry pseudo psychometry, different objects in envelopes, serial number divination of a bill 71
Gene "Phantini" Grant Mental Checkmate spectator selects four chess pieces from a box and puts them in different pockets, performer knows which piece is whereInspired by 75
Gene "Phantini" Grant A Sense of Color five envelopes with different colored sheets, spectators guess them correctly 77
Gene "Phantini" Grant A Different Drum two versions 79
Gene "Phantini" Grant Phantini's Eyeless Vision with assistantAlso published here 84
Gene "Phantini" Grant Interlocked Minds climax for blindfold routine, symbol is divined 87
Gene "Phantini" Grant Greatest Tape Prediction prediction on tape 88
Gene "Phantini" Grant Video Tape Miracle dream vacation prediction on video tapeInspired by
  • a routine by Bob Dorian
Gene "Phantini" Grant Long Distance 2081 a word from a list is thought of by spectator and divined over phone 94
Gene "Phantini" Grant Thoughts Across Space medium on phone, divines chosen objects and information 97
Gene "Phantini" Grant The Voice of Experience 102
Gene "Phantini" Grant The Impossible Thrown-Out Deck tossed out deck gag 104