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34 pages (Spiralbound), published by London
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Justin Higham Foreword
Justin Higham The Simulation of Miracles - Introduction
- The Ideal Effect
- The Spectrum of Magic
- Importance of Archetypes
- The Actual Effect
- The Basic Effect
- The Specific Effect
- The Effect-Procedure
- Designing the Method
- A Scientific System of "Creating"
- An Inspirational "System" of Creating
- Conclusion
Justin Higham Mind-Reading in Reverse interesting, five methodsRelated to 11
Justin Higham Triple Clairvoyance dressed up presentation 14
Justin Higham Simple Clairvoyant Plus red/black set-up 16
Justin Higham Note on "Fishing" on making statements 17
Justin Higham Vernonesque Stop Trick OOSOOM sure fire, not thought ofRelated to
  • "Mindshaker" (Roger Crosthwaite, Arcadia, 1999)
Justin Higham Overhand-Shuffle Rear Glimpse 18
Justin Higham Spectator's Stop Trick selection glimpsed 19
Justin Higham Direct Push-Through Failure several variations 20
Justin Higham Multiple Push-Through Sandwich 21
Justin Higham Push-Through Sandwich 21
Justin Higham Convincing Push-Through [Multiple] Sandwich two methods 22
Justin Higham Unaccountable Oil and Water 4&4Inspired by
  • "Unaccounted Oil and Water" (Justing Higham, Card Notes)
Justin Higham Collected Oil and Water - Streamlined two methodsInspired by
  • "Collected Oil and Water" (Justing Higham, Card Notes)
Justin Higham Clean Maxi-Twist ending clean, transformation kicker 29
Justin Higham Royal Maxi Twist transformation kicker 30
Justin Higham Spectator Cuts to Indicate the Aces top cards are used to count downInspired by 31
Justin Higham Push-Through Failure Sandwich one or multiple 33
Justin Higham Push-Through Failure Variations problems and effects 33
Justin Higham Postscript 34