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Nate Leipzig Sixth Method Aces vanish from deck, reappear via Slap Aces The Art of Magic 219
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Two Card-Catch from hand to hand Kartenkünste 22
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Die vier Acht four chosen cards turn out to be the Eights, they're lost and four indifferent cards change to Eights, then Jacks are producedAlso published here Kartenkünste 15
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Die sympathetischen Zahlen spectator stops while performer deals cards on table, then four people select a card, selections are the four Tens which match amount of dealt cards, number is also predicted on a piece of paperAlso published here Kartenkünste 4
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Die vier Asse Aces produced, then sixteen more Aces produced, sixteen duplicate AcesAlso published here Kartenkünste 31
Victor Farelli Arithmetical Magic Magician divines selected card by going through rest of deck. Then tries again with part of the deck but fails, with a surprise four of a kind production kicker ending "Lend Me Your Pack" 22
Louis Lam The El-El Four Ace Production Be Deceived 10
Crocker The Four Aces cards shuffled in fairly, duplicates produced from Xkwizit gimmick The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 117) 690
Edward Marlo Everywhere and Nowhere (using a borrowed deck and no duplicates.) Early Marlo (Issue Pasteboard Presto) 14
Nate Leipzig The "Slap" Aces Aces vanish from pack and reappear Expert Card Technique 244
Unknown Passe-Passe Aces with transformation/transposition elementVariations Expert Card Technique 250
Edward Marlo, Hank Nowoc Four Aces Again aces lost in deck, four packets cut to and dropped, top ace turns overInspired by Early Marlo (Issue Pasteboard Presto) 17
Edward Marlo Sensitive Fingers aces are located apparently by sense of touch, using a short card with broken corner Early Marlo (Issue Amazing, Isn't It?) 44
Harold Denhart A New Deal In Poker by naming four numbers between ten and twenty & twenty and thirty Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1942) 11
Edward Marlo Imitation of Scarne thumb digs in deck and drags card out Let's See the Deck 7
Edward Marlo, Martin Gardner Casanova Card Trick two at a time production of queens when two halves are rubbed face to faceRelated toVariations Deck Deception 5
Edward Marlo Perplexo Aces with Surprise Transposition Off the Top 22
Paul Morris Are You Sure? instead of the chosen card, four Jacks are found. Chosen card appears in the endAlso published here My Best 25
Roger Barkann One Plus One Equals Three Related to My Best 122
Jean Hugard A brillant finish to any ace trick double friction toss Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3 No. 8) 187
Warren Wiersbe Cardillusion three indifferent cards change into mates Mental Cases With Cards 9
Arthur H. Buckley An Ace Introduction Experiment No. 29 Card Control 189
Joe Berg The Convexed Aces Experiment No. 6 - cards are lost and found, aces are bridgedVariations Card Control 156
Arthur H. Buckley The Aces and the Chosen Card Experiment No. 30 - aces are lost, selection appears on top and changes to aces, repeated three times Card Control 190
Arthur H. Buckley The Hindu Aces Experiment No. 42 - ace production followed by assemblyVariations Card Control 211
Arthur H. Buckley The Four Bandits Expermient No. 43 - jacks are produced, inserted in middle and come to top, deck is separated in reds and blacks Card Control 213
Edward Marlo Ace Opener using incomplete faro condition, but with even riffle shuffle Marlo In Spades 30
Edward Marlo Aces over Kings aces turn over among other cards, kings appear Marlo In Spades 43
J. B. Bobo Four Ace Routine (a) four piles build by shuffling and being stopped by spectator, ace on top of each
(b) aces lost, number cards selected and their value used to count down to aces
(c) "Cutting the Aces"
Watch This One! 65
Bert Allerton Allerton's Amazing Aces four selections cut to one by one, they change into aces Show Stoppers with Cards 3
Edward Marlo Four-Ace Opener packets are held face to face, aces appear thereRelated to Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 5 134
Dai Vernon, Jack McMillen Just Injog plunger aces, handling The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 191) 763
Unknown Four-Ace Production Deck placed in pocket, can extract and locate four Aces Tricks and Stunts With Playing Cards 30
Paul LePaul The Gymnastic Aces The Aces literally leap one at a time out of the deck!Variations The Card Magic of Le Paul 207
Al Leech, Edward Marlo, Martin Gardner Elusive Jacks Inspired byRelated to For Card Men Only 12
Al Leech Super Ace Control finding the aces by their sound, while riffling through the deck For Card Men Only 22
Lin Searles Paging the Aces Aces are lost and found again Lucky Aces 3
Toni Koynini The Last Card free selection, then three more cards arrived at after dealing deck into three piles, all match and consists of four-of-a-kind Toni Koynini's Card Miracles 19
Al Leech Ace Location Variations Manipulating with Leech 25
Al Leech A Reverse Discovery Aces put in deck, Kings found, Aces reversed Card Man Stuff 21
Stewart James The Ace Assembly finding four Aces, deck is cut somewhere and piles are dealt The Nullificator 5
Billy O'Connor O'Connor's Four-Ace Trick 10-20 force to find four Aces one by one Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 20
Charles Hudson Sorcerer's Seven II cards are shuffled and cards from 8 to As removed, shuffled again and picture cards removed, then with the number seven all quartets are counted to The Cardiste (Issue 4) 9
Edward Marlo The Climax Phase production of the four Sevens The Magic Seven 22
Ronald B. Edwards Edwardian Aces deck is shuffled, some cards taken, down under deal until five cards remain, four aces and predicted card The Cardiste (Issue 11) 12
Edward Marlo Shuffling the Aces after every (in-)shuffle, an ace is on topVariations Faro Notes 16
Al Leech Easy Aces Reversed Cardmanship 24
Al Leech A Dishonest Mistake Cardmanship 21
Carmen D'Amico C. As Production of Aces aces appear one by one face up on pack Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 75
Al Leech No Crimp Ace Cutting with the charlier cut Cardmanship 24
Al Leech Routine Royal Related toVariations Cardmanship 18
Malcolm Davison You can tell Fortunes reading card trick, with kings kicker Magic of the Mind 51
Charlie Miller Variation of a Jack Merlin Effect three four-of-a-kinds kicker, bottom dealsRelated to The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 62
Unknown Buckle False Count also as ace production The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 46
Cliff Green A Technical Refurbishing of the Hugard-Braue Passe Passe Aces with transformation/transposition element of red-black acesRelated to Professional Card Magic 116
Edward Marlo Further Applications of the Reverse Fingering Action with K. M. Move to repeatedly show the same card after it has apparently been dealt to table The K. M. Move 8
Edward Marlo Ace Producer two halves rubbed face to face, aces appear (sleeve aces) The K. M. Move 17
Harry Lorayne Coincidentally Yours three four of a kinds are produced via some layout and counting procedureVariations Close-up Card Magic 44
Bill Simon Challenge Aces ace of spades is placed aside and keeps reappearing, change into four different acesVariations Close-up Card Magic 201
Nate Leipzig Slap Four Ace Routine Aces disappear and reappear on deck one by oneRelated toVariations Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 42
Edward Marlo Faro Divider Effects - Effect No. 1 aces lost in deck, performer cuts deck in four piles with aces on top, kings on bottom, faro Faro Controlled Miracles 14
Edward Marlo Ace Finders values of four unknown cards locate aces Faro Controlled Miracles 42
Edward Marlo Any Four - Repeat any value called, four of this kind is produced, riffle cull from new pack order stack The Patented Shuffle (Issue 4 Transfers) 25
Al Leech Four Aces not visual, four four-of-a-kinds are produced Super Card Man Stuff 54
Harry Lorayne Aces Only - With Kings Aces are spelled to, then Kings are found as well, faroRelated toVariationsAlso published here
  • Linking Ring, May 1964
My Favorite Card Tricks 32
Al Leech Two Hands: Four Aces "sleeve Aces"Variations Super Card Man Stuff 37
Harry Lorayne Any Four of a Kind strategy for producing any four of a kind named by spectator while only setting up three setsVariations My Favorite Card Tricks 41
Karl Fulves The St. Nicholas Aces black deuces are pushed reversed in deck twice to locate ace, the next time the sandwich cards become the last two AcesRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 1 No. 2) 12
Roger Klause Matched Spellout Related toVariations Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 17
Harry Lorayne Foursome four of a kind to free selection is producedRelated toVariations Deck-Sterity 23
Harry Lorayne Favorite Aces and Kings aces are spelled to, then kings are found as well, faroRelated to Deck-Sterity 122
Dai Vernon The Name Is...? four of a kind matching selection shows upRelated to Epilogue (Issue 1) 1
Edward Marlo Unfaro Match selection is matched, edgemarked deck Riffle Shuffle Finale (Issue Riffle Finale) 5
Peter Kane The Faro Finders 6S to 8S lost and counted to, aces as kicker A Card Session with Peter Kane 14
Jack Avis Slippery Aces Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 177
Dai Vernon Gambler's Triumph Four Ace Revelation by cutting packets Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 67
Harry Lorayne Flying Aces aces fly out of deck one by one Deck-Sterity 140
Edward Marlo Vanishing Aces one at a time, then found one at a time Riffle Shuffle Finale (Issue Riffle Finale) 7
John Benzais Bewilderment four-of-a-kind shoots out of deck one by one The Best of Benzais 38
Piet Forton Color Change Aces Aces appear one by one in packet of blue backed cards, blue backed cards disappear, then Aces change into red backs Piet Forton Lecture Notes 9
Harry Lorayne The Indicator procedure to set up a four of a kind for spelling from a shuffled deckVariations Deck-Sterity 62
Edward Marlo Quadruple Match selection is matched with three mates, edgemarked deck Riffle Shuffle Finale (Issue Riffle Finale) 6
Edward Marlo The Named Four cutting to any four of a kind called for, edgemarked Riffle Shuffle Finale (Issue Riffle Finale) 9
Peter Kane Tetradism (1) Matching the Cards with freely chosen card
(2) all four-of-a-kinds produced
A Card Session with Peter Kane 19
R. Sid Spocane II The Royal Lovers four of a kind appear one by one between sandwich cardsRelated toVariations Deck-Sterity 86
Harry Lorayne 1-2-3 Aces different cutting sequences to produce the acesVariations Deck-Sterity 111
Piet Forton Lucky Seven Routine Four Sevens produced, vanished and reappear in deckAlso published here Piet Forton Lecture Notes 14
Alton Sharpe Merely a Coincidence number arrived at with dice is counted down, heart flush and Twos show up which fits predictionRelated to Expert Card Conjuring 72
William P. Miesel Cards & Dice Ace-Four and four dice match up, aces appearRelated to Epilogue (Issue 2) 9
Edward Marlo, Harry Riser A Logical Procedure aces cut to, change to kings, aces from pocket, inspired by "Riser's Aces" (Expert Hocus Pocus), two methods Expert Card Conjuring 132
Piet Forton Glückszahl 7 four Sevens produced, vanished and reappear in deckAlso published here Piet Forton Seminar 13
Roy Walton Liberty The Devil's Playthings 40
Roy Walton Aperitif four aces are produced, two color changes and last two aces found sandwiched between other two The Devil's Playthings 11
Frank Pemper PIRA "Pemper's Improved Riser's Aces" (Harry Riser from Expert Hocus Pocus), aces cut to, change to kings, aces from pocket Expert Card Mysteries 101
Mel Brown Combination four indifferent cards turn into aces, are lost and found again, then lost and found once more Expert Card Mysteries 137
Karl Fulves Locating The Aces tabled ace production with riffle shuffle revelationsVariations Faro & Riffle Technique (Issue Riffle Shuffle Controls) 43
Allan Ackerman Pokerface while trying to find the selection the four of a kind is producedRelated to Magic Mafia Effects 18
John Hamilton Down & Out Tantalizer type routine with cut-off packet, card predicted and one of same value is on top of discard pile, see also p. 373Inspired byRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 5 No. 10) 354
Roger Smith Aces Up The FFF Control System 18
T. Page Wright Spell Down spelling of a card, spelled value includes other three cards with same value and spelled suit only cards with same suit The Compleat Magick - Volume 1 (Issue 4) 18
Allan Ackerman, John Cornelius Change of Mind one of five, kickerVariations The Esoterist 5
Dai Vernon, Harry Lorayne, Don Costello The Card Sharp and the Four Gamblers with four Kings kicker and storyInspired byVariations Reputation-Makers 11
Paul Swinford Quadrivium new deck order, faro More Faro Fantasy 19
Harry Lorayne Stranger Card Faro Location aces are spelled to, then four of a kind to free selection is found as well, faroRelated to Reputation-Makers 26
Karl Fulves Essential Erdnase demonstrating card control by controlling and producing 4s, aces as kickerRelated to The Book of Numbers 13
Derek Dingle The Flying Kings kings lost and produced by shooting them out of deck Reputation-Makers 210
Roy Walton 1929 Aces Aces turn face up in the center of the deck, one by one Cardboard Charades 19
Derek Dingle The DD Color-Changing Aces Related to Dingle's Deceptions with Cards and Coins 18
Henry Christ Tally-Ho! spelling using words on card caseVariations Reputation-Makers 115
Karl Fulves No Sliding four aces produced, fifth ace produced, previous aces are now kings, extensionInspired by The Book of Numbers — Supplementary Notes 10
Karl Fulves No Sliding sliding block revelationVariations The Book of Numbers 44
Derek Dingle Open Sesame Related toVariations Dingle's Deceptions with Cards and Coins 10
Roy Walton Whistle and I'll Come sliding production, one by oneInspired byVariations Cardboard Charades 51
David Lederman Dave-bury Delusion four Ace kickerVariations Dingle's Deceptions 9
Jim Lee, Edward Marlo Triumph Plus with four-of-a-kind productionsInspired by Card Cavalcade 78
Harry Lorayne You Can't Go Wrong kind of Quick Coincidence with bad methos The Great Divide 8
Roy Walton Match-a-Matic performer and spectator each take four cards, two mates, rest four Aces Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 11) 88
Tom Osborne, Lu Brent Match It mates are produced The Living End 111
Al Leech Easy Aces Million Dollar Card Secrets 52
Frank Garcia Anytime Four Aces Million Dollar Card Secrets 54
Roy Walton Match-A-Matic performer and spectator each take four cards, two mates, rest four Aces Tale Twisters 4
Brother John Hamman Chinese Miracle location of two cards and their four-of-a-kind via spelling, rest of deck sorted into four-of-a-kind groups, impromptu, see also p. 684Related toAlso published here The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7 No. 7th Folio) 543
Marvin Johnson Shift Spell spelling to the Aces Kabbala - Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 10) 79
Harry Lorayne The Fantastic Deal Jog red/black separation except named quartet (aka "The Great Divide")Related toVariations The Great Divide 1
Derek Dingle, Walter E. Cummings, Eddie Fechter F.C.D. Aces sliding productionRelated toVariations Epilogue (Issue 15 (Part 2)) 139
Mike Rogers Whistle/No Sliding sliding productionInspired by Epilogue (Issue 16) 145
Edward Marlo The Pickups Queens produced from incomplete riffle-shuffled deck, Triumph with Kings, then Queens transpose with Kings The Shank Shuffle 64
Edward Marlo The Hard Way alternative production from incomplete riffle-shuffled deckInspired by The Shank Shuffle 71
Paul Morris Are You Sure? instead of the chosen card, four Jacks are found. Chosen card appears in the endAlso published here The Living End 129
David Lederman Dave's Delight four ace kickerRelated toVariations Super Subtle Card Miracles 31
Frank Garcia Speller Transition one selection, small packet spell, aces turn upVariations Super Subtle Card Miracles 110
Derek Dingle Color-Full aces lost and found, color changing backs, change to kings Rim Shots 90
Jack Avis Topsy Turvy triumph with ambitious phases and four-of-a-kind kicker Epilogue (Issue 18) 163
Harry Lorayne HaLo Mates Rim Shots 140
Frank Garcia Flourish Discovery Super Subtle Card Miracles 112
Jerry K. Hartman About Face II Hofzinser Ace Problem, all four Aces change to match value of selection Means & Ends 22
Jerry K. Hartman A Common Mistake Vernon's Variant type of effect (Do as I do packet trick) where spectator cannot follow instructions, ending is each spectator get an Ace reversed in packetInspired by
  • "Kortially Yours" (Milton Kort, Kort is Now In Session, 1962)
Related to
Means & Ends 23
Gene Finnell The Down/Under Exchange Surprise selection placed aside, packet cut and down/under deal performed until four cards remain, top of those is selection and previously tabled card matches other three cards Gene Finnell's Card Magic 55
Lin Searles Blue Aces spectator finds aces two times, then they change back color The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8 No. 8th Folio) 671
Derek Dingle Royal Triumph "Progressive Triumph" with color changing back kicker, simplified handlingInspired by Innovations (Issue 2) 1
Frank Garcia Unique Discovery aces are produced, two turn over, selection found on the way Super Subtle Card Miracles 55
Frank Thompson Any Ace Spell spelling to any ace called forRelated to Rim Shots 122
Jerry K. Hartman Overskill II Spectator cuts to Aces, then magician cuts to Aces in different flashy waysInspired by Means & Ends 28
Bob Mason Spell Fox Lake spelling using words on card case, using Fox Lake Playing CardsInspired by The Compleat Magick - Volume I (Issue 90) 449
Gene Finnell Prophesy card selected, two cards produced with value and suit of selection (composite card), then three cards found with those cards, the three mates of the selection Gene Finnell's Card Magic 29
Gene Finnell Trapped selection made, three cards of matching value are trapped with two faros Gene Finnell's Card Magic 30
Gene Finnell Birds of a Kind card chosen, cards of same value found with faro sandwiches Gene Finnell's Card Magic 44
Gene Finnell Card of Prophesy odd-backed card lost in deck, after some cutting and faro a four-of-a-kind shows up
- Card of Prophesy Variation
- Card of Prophesy Instant Replay
- The Instant Repeat
Gene Finnell's Card Magic 47
Al Leech, Frank Garcia Ace Faroleros lost and found Aces, change to Kings, Aces found againInspired byVariations Super Subtle Card Miracles 59
Frank Garcia A Lady In My Sleeve four queens, two travel up sleeve, two are produced from deck Super Subtle Card Miracles 64
Frank Garcia Riding the Aces Related toVariations Super Subtle Card Miracles 196
Harry Lorayne HaLo Again four Ace productionVariations Rim Shots 138
Gene Castillon Gourmet Slide Aces - FDC Discovery Method #1
- FDC Discovery Method #2
- FDC Discovery Method #3
- FDC Discovery Method #4
Inspired by Kabbala — Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 5) 34
John Carney Chameleon Aces aces cut to, aces change back color, then rest of deck Revolutionary Close Up - Part One 6
Edward Marlo Masterful Mix Up cards mixed face up and face down, performer instantly pushed out four Aces, three methods The Unexpected Card Book 85
Edward Marlo The Quick Cull Miracle three methods The Unexpected Card Book 245
Herb Zarrow 4-Card Catch Epilogue (Issue 20) 184
Philip T. Goldstein Satisfaction four-ace production Card Tricks for People Who Don't Do Card Tricks 8
Patrick Page 9. The Four Aces (Again?) idea, finding four aces with color changes, no method Ten Thoughts on Close-Up 8
Karl Fulves Technicolor Cards performer cuts to four aces, but they have different back color, then he cuts to correct aces but then deck changes color
- The Magician Cuts to the Aces
- The Gambler Cuts to the Aces
Inspired byRelated toVariations New Stars of Magic (Vol. 1 No. 6) 1
Paul Curry The Red And The Black spectator arrange the deck, cards are in red/black pairs except the aces.Related toVariations Paul Curry Presents 53
Harry Lorayne, Stephen Minch A Lunar Fating "Coincidentally Yours" with tarot cardsInspired by The Book of Thoth 35
Richard Kaufman An Instant Three-Card Location Afterthoughts 87
Darwin Ortiz, Frank Thompson Any Ace Spell Variation climaxInspired by Afterthoughts 74
Tony Binarelli Fource four of a kind kicker Afterthoughts 72
Roy Walton Runaround small packet multiple ambition, aces appear, joker transposes with four Queens Card Cavalcade 3 60
Piet Forton Ace Popper pop out move Epilogue (Issue 23) 219
Roy Walton Command Appearance four queens are produced with the paintbrush change Some Late Extra Card Tricks 17
Harry Lorayne Snappy Flush Royal Flush productionInspired byVariations Afterthoughts 44
Harry Lorayne Easy Indicator procedure to set up a four of a kind for spelling from a shuffled deck, simplified methodInspired by Afterthoughts 59
Harry Lorayne Tally-Ho Ace Locator spelling using words on card case to find AcesInspired by Afterthoughts 139
Karl Fulves Novelty 4-Ace Production an ace is sandwiched between indifferent cards and placed in deck, another ace rises sideways, it's turned perpendicular, pushed in an rises out as different ace Methods with Cards — Part 1 68
Al Leech, Francis Carlyle Al Leech Discovery of the Aces Inspired by The Magic of Francis Carlyle 78
Karl Fulves Snap Out Aces two rubber banded halves rubbed, aces snap out one by one and are caught between packets Methods with Cards - Part 3 179
Bill Liles Liles Out-Pivots Cervon royal flush production, pivot revelation Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon 42
Bill Liles, Bruce Cervon Liles Out-Pivots Cervon - Cervon Variation royal flush production, pivot revelation Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon 45
Bruce Cervon Fast Flush royal flush production, pivot revelation, five methods
- Fast Flush Finish
Variations Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon 45
Bruce Cervon Triumph Fast Flush royal flush production, pivot revelation, combined with triumph Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon 53
T. G. Murphy Accidental Four Ace Production Aces fall out of deck during flourish cut, apparently accident The Triple Cut 22
Bruce Cervon Now Find My Card! selection is found along with aces Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon 41
Nick Trost Prediction and Location of Four Matching Cards Subtle Card Magic: Part Two 15
Edward Marlo No Trace Aces named aces at named number, multiple minus bottoms Kabbala - Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 8) 109
Karl Fulves Royal Blue in red-backed packet four Aces appear one by one, they have different backsInspired by Epilogue (Issue Special No 5) 308
John Carney Chameleon Aces aces cut to, aces change back color, then rest of deck Enigma 2
Paul Harris Open Revelation aces or selection appear one by one between two one-handed fansVariations The Magic of Paul Harris 26
Nick Trost Four Ace Opener Four Aces found one by one via flipping packets over on top of the deck, like a Cut Deeper Force Subtle Card Magic: Part One 17
Nick Trost Four Ace Disclosure Simple four Ace productionAlso published here Subtle Card Magic: Part One 18
Frank Shields Four Card Display Move Also published here Card Cavalcade Four 35
Edward Marlo Face Up Aces Extended longer routine combination Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 304
Roy Walton The U.S.A. Trail one of five cards is remembered and then located, the other four cards change to Aces Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 10) 418
Karl Fulves Slick Ace two packets, two aces on top of each Packet Switches (Part Five) 284
Edward Marlo Marlo's Routine aces are lost, found, dissappear, found again Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 251
Edward Marlo Suggested Routine Aces are lost, found, dissappear Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 250
Lewis Ganson Tribute to the Card Stars three or even four four-of-a-kinds show upInspired by Matching the Cards 22
Stephen Minch A-Ten-Tion prediction on table, three cards removed, two spectators are shown the cards, one sees three Threes of Hearts, the other three Sevens of Hearts, prediction card is Ten and the three cards change to other TensAlso published here Creations of a Magical Madman 23
Roger Smith Revolvo Aces tabled Aces production Innovative Magic No. 3 35
Edward Marlo In Place of Double Lifts - First Effect losing, production of red aces, transpo Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 265
Edward Marlo Variations on Double Vanish & Recovery two aces change color, other aces are found again, different methodsRelated to Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 191
Philip T. Goldstein Impolite Aces cutting to the red aces, they change into the black aces and the red ones are found reversed in the deck Scattershot 18
David Carré The Card Expert multiphase routine, fullstack Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 6) 366
Paul Harris Revised Revelation Aces produced on table from two one-handed fansInspired byVariations SuperMagic 30
Harry Eng Machine Gun Aces Aces shoot out of the deck SuperMagic 111
Erhard Liebenow Spring Spread Aces four aces are found all at once by springing the cards on the table Liebenow On Cards 2
Christian Scherer Die Asse des Magiers four aces are produced several times, then they transform in a named quartet and help to locate another named quartet Eine Handvoll Kartenkunststücke 33
Unknown Vier Buben four jacks are found behind from a shuffled deck, spectator selects the one of chosen suit, Skat Einfach Wunderbar - Wunderbar Einfach 67
Unknown Quartett four cards with same value are lost in the deck and produced from pocket Einfach Wunderbar - Wunderbar Einfach 76
Al Smith Cross Over Aces using pick-up from wrong packets, see p. 37 for variation by David BritlandRelated to The Talon (Issue 2) 13
Karl Fulves Four-Card Leaper KC travels from one half to other, KS in other half is face-up with red kings on either sideInspired by Transpo Trix 2
John F. Mendoza Impossible Poker Demonstration aces cut to in named order, shuffled back and cut to again (Estimation Aces), roll-over production with Royal Flushes, ten handed deal first with aces, then two royal flushes (Marlo-Gardner principle), optional color changing deck kickerInspired by The Book of John 7
John F. Mendoza The Quick Cull - Effect cards shuffled face-up and face-down, all cards right themselves except for named four-of-a-kind The Book of John 35
Paul Harris OverExposure Las Vegas Close-Up 52
Karl Fulves Looking Glass Poker The Chronicles (Issue 3) 1090
Christian Scherer Braue Reversal Ace Production two and two Eine Handvoll Kartenkunststücke 33
John F. Mendoza Lightning Inspired by The Book of John 31
Frank Garcia Double Header performer finds wrong card and it's mates, wrong card turns into selection and mates of selections are produced Lecture Notes — No. 2 6
Doug Edwards Abra-Card-Abra production of four Aces, Royal Flush Kicker Cardmania 41
Roy Walton A Changeable Nature red Ace face up in center, changes to other red Ace, then both red Aces, then black Aces, then all four Aces, then Tens, then Kings are reversed in Center The Spread Half-Pass 21
Frank Garcia Spectacular Routine four Aces are produced one by one Lecture Notes — No. 2 5
David Bornstein Pay Up performer switches cards with spectators, yet is left with four Aces, color changing backs kickerInspired byRelated to The Chronicles (Issue 11) 1172
Jerry K. Hartman Easy Reader Magician cuts to four Aces one by one, then show that Aces have odd colored backsInspired by
  • "My Friend The Gambler" (Father Cyprian, Lecture Notes #2)
Loose Ends 34
Frank Garcia Bluff Ace Opener magicians cuts four piles, all Aces, taking more card in last packet Lecture Notes — No. 2 1
Frank Garcia Four Aces Surprise spectator places Aces in the deck face-up while doing an overhand shuffle, shuffle version of Gemini TwinsRelated to Lecture Notes — No. 2 3
Nate Leipzig, Andrew Pargeter, John Muir, Jack Avis Simplified Spin Pass Aces twirl cut (see reference), each time an ace appears. based on "Spin Pass Aces" by John Muir in "Abracadabra No. 1027", for credit details see Pabular 4/9, p. 571Related to Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 6) 527
Frederick Braue Dealing the Aces four aces found at numbers called forRelated to Fred Braue on False Deals 24
George H. Pittman Four Ace Fooler ace production with red-black transposition surprise Fred Braue on False Deals 28
John F. Mendoza The Automatic Deck sliding block productionInspired byRelated to The Book of John 78
Frank Garcia Friction Toss with Four Cards at Once Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 7) 228
Eddie Fechter Choice Aces aces are lost and reproduced, spectator makes some decisions how Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 8) 229
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut Ace Revelation Quantum Leaps 59
Harry Lorayne Lorayces Quantum Leaps 62
Harry Lorayne HaLo Royal And Evolution royal flush production Quantum Leaps 228
Harry Lorayne Royal Crossing royal flush production, also for four-of-a-kindVariations Quantum Leaps 233
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut Double Revelation Quantum Leaps 240
Harry Lorayne HaLo Double Trouble four queens are produced, lost, Triumph, queens reversed at endVariations Quantum Leaps 243
Earl Nelson Hit and Run Aces without Triumph part, just Ace production Variations 119
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Triple Triumph red black kicker and four king productionRelated to Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 6) 207
Paul Gertner Black Jack patter routine with four ace kickerRelated to Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 6) 214
Harry Lorayne "Counters" aces and kings found by various indicator cards, faro Quantum Leaps 202
Richard Kaufman Fantasy Cull ace-4 are lost and found, the fours appear CardMagic 30
Brian Glover Transpo Aces Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 2) 642
John Carney Stand Up Miniscule prediction in which only four-of-a-kind remains and deck vanishesInspired by Conjuror's Journal 14
Howard Schwarzman Night Riser black Aces on table, half deck on each, they rise to top of other packet, red Aces on bottom
- Notes By Karl Fulves
Inspired byVariations The Chronicles (Issue 16) 1224
Philip T. Goldstein Immoracle packet cut-off, anti-faro procedure to arrive at Royal Flush, overhand shuffle set-up sequenceInspired byRelated to The Chronicles (Issue 18) 1240
Harry Lorayne Manipulative Aces flourish cut sequence four times Quantum Leaps 47
Harry Lorayne, Reinhard Müller Four-Card Catch Quantum Leaps 197
Al Smith Where Have All the Aces Gone? Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 8) 724
Karl Fulves Animation I card pushed into deck, ace moves out in weird way, z-gaff Animation 1
Earl Nelson Exploding Aces tabled productions Variations 26
Albert Charra "I'm Lucky" a bit of pile making and dealing requiredVariations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 6) 211
Terry LaGerould Pseudometry Variations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 12) 282
Harry Lorayne An Amazing Revelation-Display one-hand revelation-display of eight cards Quantum Leaps 95
A. Berkeley Davis Rapid Fire Shotgun four aces handlingInspired by Card Cavalcade Finale 17
Harry Lorayne The (N)Eye(N) Popper production of Nines, motivated by Tally-Ho Card CaseRelated to Quantum Leaps 108
Richard Kaufman 4-5-6 Aces different cutting sequences to produce the acesInspired byVariations CardMagic 70
Piet Forton Glückszahl 7 four Sevens produced, vanished and reappear in deckAlso published here Das Mike Skinner / Piet Forton Seminarheft (Issue Das Piet Forton Seminar) 19
Earl Nelson Sleeve Aces Inspired byVariations Variations 53
Father Cyprian Swindle Cut Aces Aces lost and cut to by magicianRelated toVariations The Elegant Card Magic of Father Cyprian 10
Paul Harris, Daryl Martinez Flap Jacks indifferent cards transform into jacks and appear in a visual displayRelated toVariations Close-up Fantasies — Book I 31
Rovi Your Card Plus Four Aces selection is found reversed in the deck, first the four aces and the joker are produced Rovi Reveals 11
Mary Wolf The Production Sequence John: Verse Two 113
Gene Maze That Better Be Your Card! The Gene Maze Card Book 53
Gene Maze Between the Slices (Everywhere and Nowhere No. 1) The Gene Maze Card Book 84
Gene Maze Space Age Illusion (Everywhere and Nowhere No. 3) The Gene Maze Card Book 86
Philip T. Goldstein Abacus cut-off number of cards and single card are predicted/divined, partial stackRelated toVariationsAlso published here Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 10) 397
Gene Maze Cutting Colors color changing back climax The Gene Maze Card Book 58
Harry Lorayne, Dai Vernon, Don Costello, Martin A. Nash The Card Sharp and the Four Gamblers Related to Ovation 4
Al Leech A Card Trilogy Effect No. 1: Card location with four Aces climax
Effect No. 2: Card location with four Aces climax
Effect No. 3: kings turn into aces
Al Leech's Legacy 52
Gene Maze Rising Aces The Gene Maze Card Book 70
Richard Kaufman Strange Harmony three selections add up to ten which is predicted, they then change to Tens The Gene Maze Card Book 91
Karl Fulves The Ghost Effect card thought of, five cards removed, one of them is the selection and the other the four aces, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 42) 167
John F. Mendoza Cutting the Kings Re-Visited aces produced as kickerInspired by John: Verse Two 25
Father Cyprian Four Ace Quickie The Elegant Card Magic of Father Cyprian 38
John F. Mendoza Easy Ace Cutting tabled John: Verse Two 66
Father Cyprian The Spectator Cuts the Aces performer cuts to aces really, "painting" the aces on spectator's hand (friction), color changing back kicker The Elegant Card Magic of Father Cyprian 21
Father Cyprian Multiple Surprises ace cutting with color changing back kicker, different colors, four double backers The Elegant Card Magic of Father Cyprian 46
Harry Lorayne Four-Ace Opener Lecture Notes 2
Charles Hudson Apocalypse Variations Or Additions Inspired by Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 4) 328
Father Cyprian Roll Your Own without rollingInspired by The Elegant Card Magic of Father Cyprian 51
Frank Garcia Ubiquitous Aces aces found by fake riffle cull, aces vanish one by one on deck, produced again Exclusive Card Miracles 41
Camilo Vázquez Camilo's Deceptive Four Ace Reveal hindu force handlingRelated toVariationsAlso published here Exclusive Card Miracles 47
Peter Kane, Frank Garcia The Miracle Worker Returns aces cut to, change to royal flushInspired by Exclusive Card Secrets 71
Gene Maze Change of Menu chosen card, changes in a sandwich into the aces one by one and vanishes in the end The Gene Maze Card Book 68
Paul Harris, Daryl Martinez Fantasy Aces Aces appear on tableRelated toVariationsAlso published here Close-up Fantasies — Book I 19
Jimmy Ray Bermuda Aces Aces vanish and appear when their names are spelled, Aces are lost again and found with different methods A Ray of Magic 21
Richard Kaufman, Cliff Green Cliff Green's Return Flight reconstruction of Cliff Green effect, ace changes into different ace when boomeranged 3 times, then splits into all aces Kabbala — Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 9) 69
Karl Fulves Shoot Out deck is wrapped with a rubber band, deck dropped on the table and the four aces shoot out Milennium Aces 38
Ron Ferris Roll-Out Move Octet 69
Marc Russell Flash production of a royal flush, with Hofzinser Two Card Catch Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 8) 145
Stephen Minch San-Sub Inspired by