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Unknown How to make a Card vanish, and finde it againe in a Nut duplicate card is split and printed side slit into nut beforehand, second nut filled with ink as joke when spectator opens itRelated to The Art of Legerdemain Discovered 19
Hocus Pocus Junior Conveyance of Cards and Dice mentioning card tricks and principles without details
- divided cards
- advantage dice by cutting off a strip
- "nipping" (punch?), corner crimp, dots
The Art of Legerdemain Discovered 51
Henri Decremps Forcing from a forcing deck, no specific method Supplément A La Magie Blanche Dévoillée 299
Henri Decremps Le Cygne ingénieux. swan in basin moves by its own, moves to letters to form chosen word, anagram method with words on cards (variation of Guyot's method)Related to Supplément A La Magie Blanche Dévoillée 262
Professor Hoffmann Making Double Facers Modern Magic 90
Unknown Three Cards Repeating Forcing Pack Modern Magic 125
Unknown Mechanical Changing Cards three different ones Modern Magic 142
Unknown To make Four Cards change from Eights to Twos, from Black to Red, etc. divided cards Modern Magic 71
Unknown To make Four Aces change to Four Kings, and Four Kings to Four Aces four double facers, using hat Modern Magic 90
Unknown Forcing Pack one way or three way Modern Magic 23
Unknown The "Torn Card" card restored except corner, which then visibly reappears, different versions of the mechanical card explained Modern Magic 139
Unknown Biseauté or Tapering Cards Modern Magic 60
Unknown To Change Four Cards, drawn haphazard, and placed on the table, into Cards of the same Value as a Single Card subsequently chosen by one of the Spectators optional forcing pack Modern Magic 102
Unknown To change a drawn Card into the Portraits of several of the Company succession Modern Magic 115
Unknown A Card having been drawn and returned, and the Pack shuffled, to place on the Table six Rows of six Cards each, and to discover the chosen Card by a throw of the Dice Modern Magic 116
Unknown A Card having been Chosen and Returned, and the Pack shuffled, to Produce the Chosen Card instantly in various ways long card or stripper deck, see following tricks Modern Magic 62
Unknown To Pick out the Card,the Pack being placed in a Person's Pocket stripper or with palm Modern Magic 62
Unknown To Let all the Cards fall, save the One Chosen long card or stripper deck Modern Magic 62
Unknown To Change a Card drawn haphazard to the Chosen Card long card or stripper Modern Magic 63
Unknown Opening a Sealed Pack Tricks with Cards 124
Unknown On Splitting brief, see also footnote on page 143 Tricks with Cards 140
Professor Hoffmann To Force Three Cards together three force cards repeat abcabcabc... Tricks with Cards 15
Unknown Changing Cards - flap card (with rubber)
- moving pip section in picture cards (two versions)
Tricks with Cards 46
Unknown The "Walking Pip" Card Tricks with Cards 47
Unknown Multi-Pip Card & Application two versions, with general card type routine with two spectators Tricks with Cards 48
Prof. M. Verbeck Multi-Pip Card double faced multi-pip card, ending clean with blank card Tricks with Cards 50
Unknown The Transforming Sevens divided cards Tricks with Cards 137
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin The Protean Pack three selections, "General Pack" Tricks with Cards 140
Unknown The Four Queens changed to Kings queens under hat transpose with kings on deck, double facers Tricks with Cards 142
Unknown Folding Card acrobatic type Tricks with Cards 223
Unknown "Forcing" Packs one-way & three-way Tricks with Cards 14
Unknown Marked Cards - To distinguish the Suit of each Card suit-only marking Tricks with Cards 52
Unknown Various Systems of Card-marking Tricks with Cards 53
Charlier The Charlier System punch marked deck Tricks with Cards 55
Unknown "Reading" the Cards multiple cards divined with wand, punch marked deck Tricks with Cards 58
Unknown "Cornered" Cards whole deck corner shorted Tricks with Cards 45
Unknown The Diminishing and Dissolving Cards two versions Tricks with Cards 148
Unknown Longs and Shorts long and short deck for locating cards with deck switch between selection and replacement Tricks with Cards 38
Unknown Multiple Selection Routine five cards in five different ways Tricks with Cards 206
Unknown Biseauté or Tapering Cards red-black application Tricks with Cards 39
Unknown Reversing the Selection stripper deck, two methods Tricks with Cards 40
Unknown To discover a Chosen Card by the Throw of a Pair of Dice forcing pack Tricks with Cards 92
Unknown, Prof. M. Verbeck "Stop!" "Three Cards having been drawn by Three different Persons, to make them appear at such Numbers in the Pack as the Drawers or any other Person my select"
three-way or two-way forcing pack
Tricks with Cards 125
Unknown The Mechanical "Torn Card" last corner visibly restores Tricks with Cards 166
Unknown Electric Deck with ribbon, only mentioned Tricks with Cards 34
Unknown Iron Foil Card magnetic application Tricks with Cards 181
Charlier Artificial Spiritualism removed cards divined, pile cut off by spectator and number of cards as well as number of pips divined, stacked and punch marked Tricks with Cards 63
Unknown Black Backed Card Tricks with Cards 152
Unknown Hollow Deck Shell to produce coins, see also page 194 for other model Tricks with Cards 193
Unknown Hollow Deck Shell for handkerchief Tricks with Cards 195
Unknown Blindfold Location multiple cards by touch Tricks with Cards 39
Unknown Tricks with Biseauté Cards - The Attractive Power of Gold three selections come to bottom of three piles, then to bottom of pack after shuffle, presented with coins, stripper deckRelated to Tricks with Cards 43
Unknown The Pocket-picking Trick selection extracted by feel from deck in spectator's pocket, stripper or long card or ungaffed Tricks with Cards 45
Unknown To pick out a Chosen Card under a Handkerchief long card, stripper or ungaffed Tricks with Cards 97
Unknown The Magic Mirror deck laid on mirror, name appears on mirror (breathing glass), mirror turned, only selection sticks to mirror Tricks with Cards 179
Professor Hoffmann To Force three Cards together three cards repeat itself, spectator cuts anywhere More Magic 13
Unknown "Walking Pip" Cards More Magic 56
Unknown Changing Cards multi-pip card More Magic 55
Unknown The "Three-Card" Trick - Another Method gaffed face, fake-index precursor More Magic 54
Unknown Mechanical Diminishing Cards described in addition to sleight-of-hand method More Magic 64
Charlier The Charlier System of Card-Marking punch marked deck More Magic 66
Professor Hoffmann To produce Three Cards at any Position in the Pack thought of by Another Person three cards appear consecutively at freely named number More Magic 38
Unknown To Spring the Cards from the One Hand to the Other (With mechanical pack.), electric deck More Magic 19
Bland The Enchanted Hand-Mirror deck on hand-held mirror, mirror turned over, only selection sticks, magnetism More Magic 128
Unknown Hollow Deck Shell More Magic 232
Unknown To distinguis the Suit of any given Card by Weight cards with glazed back, marked with water marks More Magic 50
Charlier Reading the Cards More Magic 68
Unknown Card Naming when stack has been shuffled, punch deck More Magic 81
Professor Hoffmann The Mysterious Pairs several spectators remove two cards each and place them face to face, performer receives one card and names the other, then the pairs come together again in the deck More Magic 84
Unknown To name the Bottom Card of each of Three Heaps of Cards performer divines bottom cards of three piles by making up mathematical rules with other drawn cards More Magic 88
Unknown All Red - All Black with electric deck More Magic 20
Unknown The Magnetic Wand and Walking Card selection lifted out of deck which rests in spectator's pocket More Magic 124
Unknown A Pack of Cards Transformed into a Handkerchief, and vice versa handkerchief and cards in leather case change places More Magic 231
Unknown Das Thaler-Kartenspiel "oder Die durch ein Kartenspiel spazierenden Thaler"
deck placed on glass and covered with handkerchief, coin penetrates through deck into glass or flies invisibly into glass
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1, No. 6) 90
Unknown Dasselbe Kunststück in anderer Ausführung No. 14, Nine of Diamonds changes into Ace of Diamonds, pips made from powder can be shaken/rubbed offRelated to Der Kartenkünstler 18
Unknown Die sich in der Hand eines Zuschauers verwandelnde Karte card placed on spectator's hand changes, pips made from powder can be shaken/rubbed off, detailed explanationRelated to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1, No. 2) 23
Unknown Die verwandelten Könige No. 40, four Kings change into four Queens Der Kartenkünstler 48
Unknown Die ihr Plätze wechselnden Karten No. 45, two cards placed in two hats change places, two double facers Der Kartenkünstler 54
Unknown Dasselbe Kunststück in anderer Ausführung No. 30, selection found by weighing each card Der Kartenkünstler 35
Unknown Marked Deck Method marking method for back by Wüst Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1, No. 3) 39
Unknown Die gehorsamen Karten two or three cards selected and lost, one by one they rise out of deck and float into other hand, solo version Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1, No. 1) 7
Unknown Die Gedankenübertragung No. 8, name of chosen cards appears on previously empty slate which is wrapped in newspaper, rope held to forehead of two spectators as comedy prop, mirror writing in chalk on newspaper Der Kartenkünstler 11
Unknown Die Anziehungskraft des Goldes No. 9, spectator places object on a card, it is the selection Der Kartenkünstler 97
Unknown Errare Humanum est, oder: Niemand kann zählen No. 13, chosen card appears at named number Der Kartenkünstler 104
Unknown La carte du diable No. 47, top card shown, spectator removes it from deck, it changes, half card covers half the face card Der Kartenkünstler 56
Unknown Der Kunstschütze No. 20, hole shot in Ace, gaff card with hole that can be pushed open Der Kartenkünstler 24
Unknown Grande clairvoyance mysterieuse No. 37, spectator choses card from one deck, then magician from another, they match, both decks markedRelated to Der Kartenkünstler 44
Unknown Gedankenübertragung - 1. Methode - 1. Experiment mit Karten medium on chair divines selected cards, marked and coded by performer in way he holds the card Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1, No. 3) 39
Unknown Grande clairvoyance mystèrieuse two decks, two chosen cards match, decks marked, one in new deck order, second method with Mexican Turnover, third method in which one card is secretly transferred to the other deck at the beginningRelated to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1, No. 4) 60
Unknown Ein ganzes Kartenspiel in freier Hand verschwinden zu lassen No. 50, deck cut in half with pivot point on pull, fan looks like normal deck, thread into sleeve Der Kartenkünstler 59
Unknown Die Karten in der Brusttasche No. 1, deck placed in breast pocket of spectator, selections from another deck inserted in pocketed deck, performer takes them out by touch, one deck slightly bigger Der Kartenkünstler 3
Unknown Der magische Degen No. 2, sword used to stab selection blindfolded, deck scattered on floor, deck switch for short deck when fetching sword Der Kartenkünstler 4
Unknown Durch einen Griff die schwarzen Karten von den roten zu trennen No. 31, deck shown shuffled, colors separated with one cutting action Der Kartenkünstler 36
Unknown Das künstliche Abheben No. 48, performer cuts deck and announces in advance whether he cut to a number or picture card Der Kartenkünstler 57
Unknown Das Durchdringen der Stoffe No. 4, card in envelope put underneath top hat, card is pulled out of top hat visibly, envelope empty Der Kartenkünstler 90
Unknown Changement mehrerer Münzen mit einem Kartenspiel No. 5, deck changes place with three coins, both covered with paper boxes, two deck shells Der Kartenkünstler 92
Unknown Die Springkarte No. 10, selection either rises slowly or jumps out of deck, rubber band attached to two cards Der Kartenkünstler 14
Unknown Resealing a Deck Der moderne Kartenkünstler 230
Unknown Dummy Card in Handkerchief faking presence of deck while it is switched Der moderne Kartenkünstler 35
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Das mysteriöse Würfelchen selection in deck, deck dealt into six piles, spectator throws die which identifies the pile with the selection Der moderne Kartenkünstler 231
Unknown Eine Point-Drei-Karte verwandelt sich in ein Ass multi-pip principle Der moderne Kartenkünstler 133
Unknown Point-Vier verwandelt sich in Point-Sechs multi-pip principle Der moderne Kartenkünstler 133
Prof. M. Verbeck Professor Verbecks "Tolle Neune" double facer with multi-pip principle Der moderne Kartenkünstler 134
Unknown Das sich viermal verwandelnde Ass card changes into all four aces with sliding mechanism inside card Der moderne Kartenkünstler 145
Unknown Pique-Drei verwandelt sich in Pique-Ass Three changes to Ace with sliding mechanism inside card Der moderne Kartenkünstler 147
Unknown Pique-Zwei verwandelt sich in Coeur-Zwei Two of Spades changes to Two of Hearts with sliding mechanism inside card Der moderne Kartenkünstler 147
Unknown Coeur-Ass verwandelt sich in Pique-Ass Ace of Hearts changes into Ace of Spades with sliding mechanism inside card Der moderne Kartenkünstler 148
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Coeur-Zehn verwandelt sich in Pique-Zehn Ten of Hearts changes into Ten of Spades with ten small flaps Der moderne Kartenkünstler 148
Unknown Einfache Bilder-Klappkarte Related to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 139
Unknown Die neue vierfache Verwandlungskarte card changes three timesRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 141
Unknown Die Bilderschiebekarte "Carreau-Dame verwandelt der Künstler in Pique-Dame"
with sliding section inside card
Related to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 144
Unknown Die Haarkarte Related to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 145
Unknown Neueste Verwandlungskarte card changed into other card that is ungaffed since a cover slide is palmed offRelated toVariations Der moderne Kartenkünstler 150
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Die neue dreifache Verwandlungskarte card changes two times, ends with unprepared card since a cover slide is palmed offInspired byRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 151
Unknown Die Chamäleon-Karten fan of four cards transforms multiple times, divided cards Der moderne Kartenkünstler 135
Unknown Geteilte Karten a) diagonally divided cards
b) horizontally divided cards
Der moderne Kartenkünstler 137
Unknown Die Verwandlungs- und Verkleinerungskarte Queen changes in a Jack, shrinks to half its size and vanishes Der moderne Kartenkünstler 151
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Die alte und neue Tintenkarte ink changes to clear water, a card is used to proof that it's ink Der moderne Kartenkünstler 159
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Eine Spielkarte verwandelt sich in eine Blancokarte card to blank card Der moderne Kartenkünstler 164
Unknown Mysteriöse Transformation Nine of Diamonds changes to Ace of Diamonds in hand of spectator, eight of the pips consist of red powder that is shaken offRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 165
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Neuester Kartensteiger four selection, corner torn off one, first picture card rises and its picture moves on the card, second rises reversed and visible reverses, third card is blank card and visible prints itself, fourth card with missing corner, corner visibly restoresRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 210
Unknown Französische Verwandlungskarte three fives change into aces, kind of wide-spread divided cards Der moderne Kartenkünstler 136
Unknown Die Doppelkarte Der moderne Kartenkünstler 134
Unknown Vierfache Verwandlungskarte quartet gaff to change Queen to all four suits Der moderne Kartenkünstler 137
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Das Verkleinerungsspiel three methods, second one by Conradi Der moderne Kartenkünstler 153
Unknown One-Way Deck short comment Der moderne Kartenkünstler 11
Unknown Die gleichen Karten forcing decks, one-way up to four-way Der moderne Kartenkünstler 126
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Karten-Changements two cards underneath separate hats or plates transpose, three methods:
I. duplicate
II. pseudo duplicate by covering a pip (Conradi-Horster)
III. double facers
Der moderne Kartenkünstler 45
Unknown Das gezeichnete Kartenspiel Der moderne Kartenkünstler 129
Unknown Card to Spectator's Pocket Menetekel deck without short cards Der moderne Kartenkünstler 78
Unknown Das breitbeschnittene Spiel short deck Der moderne Kartenkünstler 127
Unknown Das langbeschnittene Spiel narrow deck Der moderne Kartenkünstler 127
Unknown Verkleinerungskarte single card shrinks and vanishesRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 139
Unknown Die mechanische Eckkarte corner torn off, thrown back and it visibly restores, mechanicalRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 140
Unknown Die Karte in der Flasche bottle covered and in spectator's hands, selection appears inside, folding cardRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 142
Unknown Die Riesenkarte card triples in sizeRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 143
Unknown Der Königsschuss à la Buffalo-Bill performer shoots at card and it has a holeRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 147
Unknown Japans Blumenflor card to spring flowerRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 149
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Der Kartenwürfel playing card change to three-inch die Der moderne Kartenkünstler 161
Unknown Un Billet d'amour card chosen, letter comes from mailman from back of audience, it is transformed into selection Der moderne Kartenkünstler 163
Unknown Der Kartenspiegel card vanishes on mirror, card with mirror on back Der moderne Kartenkünstler 182
Unknown Karten- und Ei-Balance egg and upright card balanced on wand, card with needle insideRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 189
Unknown Das zweifach präparierte Kartenspiel deck with more than one preparation, marked and stripper for example Der moderne Kartenkünstler 130
Unknown Die Macht des Goldes spectator places coin on card, it's the selection, two methods Der moderne Kartenkünstler 65
Unknown Die Kartendressur Der moderne Kartenkünstler 167
Unknown Karten-Etui deck placed in a case vanishes or transforms into silk, etc. Der moderne Kartenkünstler 201
Unknown Der Kartensteiger mit Uhrwerk clockwork rising card deck Der moderne Kartenkünstler 216
Unknown Mundus vult decipi card appears at named number, Menetekel deck without short cardsAlso published here Der moderne Kartenkünstler 77
Unknown "Das Verwandlungsspiel" deck shown normal, than it changes into duplicates of one picture card, than another, then back to normal Der moderne Kartenkünstler 137
Unknown Das Thalerkartenspiel deck put on glass, coin borrowed and it penetrates deck and drops into glass Der moderne Kartenkünstler 173
Unknown Das geheimnisvolle, unsichtbare Uhrwerk half the deck cut out so the center cards can rise from deckRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 206
Unknown Nennen mehrerer gezogener Karten cards chosen, then deck switched and cards returned, cards identified because they are twice in deck or because one deck is short Der moderne Kartenkünstler 44
Unknown Der Degen im Frieden card stabbed on floor, control with short deck and deck switch Der moderne Kartenkünstler 224
Unknown Das schräg oder conisch beschnittene Spiel stripper deck, red black application, also all four suits Der moderne Kartenkünstler 128
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Verschwinden einer gezogenen Karte in ein zehnfach verschlossenes Couvert card to envelope with card-envelope indexRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 225
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Card Vanish under Handkerchief card vanishes from deck under handkerchief by gripping reversed stripper card with handkerchief when removing itAlso published here Der moderne Kartenkünstler 227
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Die Kartenmagneta two selections, deck in a glass, one selection rises out of deck and floats to other glass and in midair changes to second selectionRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 213
Unknown Die mysteriöse Verbindung deck vanishes (via pull in sleeve) and is reproduced from spectator's pocket as a festoon with all cards tied to a string Der moderne Kartenkünstler 152
Unknown Magnetischer Kartenspiegel only selection adheres to mirror Der moderne Kartenkünstler 188
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Die Reise durch den Cylinderhut card penetrates top hatRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 162
Unknown Der geheimnisvolle Cylinderhut three cards are burnt and fired with pistol against top hat where they reappearRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 166
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster In fremder Hand verschwindende Karten cards disappear into tray Der moderne Kartenkünstler 181
Unknown Ein Tuch verwandelt sich in ein Kartenspiel silk to deck of cards Der moderne Kartenkünstler 159
Unknown Das sich in Blumen verwandelnde Kartenspiel deck to spring flower bouquet Der moderne Kartenkünstler 172
Unknown Einfacher Kartensteiger deck shell Der moderne Kartenkünstler 207
Unknown Die springenden Karten cards jump or rise out of (gaffed) deck Der moderne Kartenkünstler 173
Unknown The Cards that Cannot be Replaced cards that are replaced slide out again by themselves Der moderne Kartenkünstler 207
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Facilis descensus Averno reads impracticalAlso published here Der moderne Kartenkünstler 217
Unknown Resealing a Card Case New Era Card Tricks 91
August Roterberg Prepared and Mechanical Cards New Era Card Tricks 219
Unknown The Changing Card queen of hearts to clubs and vice versa, sliding partRelated to New Era Card Tricks 220
Unknown The Unique Changing Card Queen to Jack of different suit New Era Card Tricks 223
Unknown The Coin Card removable pocket New Era Card Tricks 267
Unknown Third Method two moving pip cards New Era Card Tricks 213
Unknown The New Quadruple Changing Card Related to New Era Card Tricks 233
Unknown The Flap Card Related to New Era Card Tricks 243
Unknown The Nonpareil Changing Card examinable after changeRelated to New Era Card Tricks 244
Unknown The New Nonpareil Card examinableRelated to New Era Card Tricks 246
Unknown Moving Pip Card Related to New Era Card Tricks 251
Unknown A Mysterious Transformation Ace with other pips put with vermillion onto it, changes into AceRelated to New Era Card Tricks 254
Unknown The Vanishing Pips nine changes into five, then three, then ace, then blank on both sides, Multi Pip Card New Era Card Tricks 260
Unknown The Lightning Change double facer New Era Card Tricks 148
Unknown A Hypnotic Experiment cards adhere to each other and cling together, cards with thread preparation New Era Card Tricks 186
Unknown The Latest Diminishing Card gaffed New Era Card Tricks 226
Unknown The Card and Rose card transforms into flower New Era Card Tricks 234
Unknown The New Ink Card ink changes to water, card dipped into "ink" proves that it's ink New Era Card Tricks 256
Unknown The Diminishing Cards gaffed, four methods New Era Card Tricks 270
Unknown The Vanishing Of Thought Cards twenty-six double facers New Era Card Tricks 143
Unknown Marvelous Coincidence two selections from two decks match, double facer deckRelated toAlso published here New Era Card Tricks 158
Unknown Grand Card Maneuvre jacks on top and kings on bottom of deck, queens under plate, queens vanish and appear on top of deck, jacks and kings under second plate, then queens back under first plateRelated to New Era Card Tricks 160
Unknown The Eclipsed Pack of Cards fan of cards thrown in air vanishes New Era Card Tricks 269
Unknown The Cards, Coins and Glass deck placed on glass, coins penetrate deck and fall into glass, three methods (impromptu, gaffed cards, gaffed tableRelated to New Era Card Tricks 125
Unknown The Diminishing Card gaffedRelated to New Era Card Tricks 225
Unknown The Changing and Diminishing Card card changes, shrinks, then disappears New Era Card Tricks 229
Unknown The Changing and Enlarging Card Related to New Era Card Tricks 230
Unknown The Floral Card card transforms into flowerRelated to New Era Card Tricks 236
Unknown The Penetrative Card card visibly pushed through top hat, gaffedRelated to New Era Card Tricks 238
Unknown The Improved Torn Corner Card torn corner visibly reappears, can be examinedRelated to New Era Card Tricks 241
Unknown The Conjurer As Marksman performer shoots in center of Ace of Hearts held by spectator, "Bullet Card"Related to New Era Card Tricks 249
Unknown The Envelope Card envelope changes into card New Era Card Tricks 258
Unknown The Reunited Card card cut into four pieces, restores itself when thrown in air New Era Card Tricks 263
Unknown Ne Plus Ultra - First Method pile of cards removed, noted and placed on pack, after some dealing procedure, the performer divines the cards in face-down layout, also alternative with marked deck or stripper, "quadrating" (p. 50) New Era Card Tricks 48
Unknown Grande Clairvoyance Mysterieuse two cards chosen from two decks match, three methodsRelated to New Era Card Tricks 167
Unknown Newspaper-Covered Cards back covered with newspaper to hide them on a newspaper New Era Card Tricks 80
Unknown Undoing Riffle Shuffle with Stripper New Era Card Tricks 55
Unknown The Queen of the Air card rises from pack and floats to glass goblet on other side of stage, transforms in midairRelated to New Era Card Tricks 69
Unknown The Lantern of Diogenes card appears in glass lantern, using an acrobatic folding card in lidRelated to New Era Card Tricks 73
Unknown A Comedy of Errors rising cards with cards turning over and transforming during rise, acrobatic gimmicks that can be palmed offRelated to New Era Card Tricks 211
Unknown The Torn Corner Card torn corner visibly reappearsRelated to New Era Card Tricks 239
Unknown The Bottle Card folding cardRelated to New Era Card Tricks 247
Unknown The Turning Card card rising out of deck visibly turns overRelated to New Era Card Tricks 262
Unknown Second Method hole in half the packRelated to New Era Card Tricks 204
H. F. C. Suhr Forcing Deck obtaining a forcing deck by asking a card company for a deck of discards of one value Jedermann Zauberkünstler! 72
Unknown Newspaper Cards backs of cards covered with newspaper Jedermann Zauberkünstler! 66
Unknown Flash Paper Card Der Amateurzauberer 72
Unknown Die wandernden vier Buben No. 11, four indifferent cards under hat, four Jacks on table in a row, three cards on each Jack, they vanish and are now under hat, four double facers Der Amateurzauberer 84
Unknown Mundus vult decipi No. 18, card in hand transposes with card on table, one double facer Der Amateurzauberer 102
Unknown Simple Wild Card Switch double facer and normal card turned over, switch by removing one card with face towards audience, thus other card must be the other one Der Amateurzauberer 103
Unknown Forcing from Three-Way Deck having card selected from top, center and bottom, or cutting deck into three piles instead Der Amateurzauberer 60
Unknown Fin de Siècle No. 12, card chosen, deck cut in as many packets as the spectator wishes, selection appears at named number in a chosen packet Der Amateurzauberer 86
Unknown Die Geisterschrift in Verbindung mit "Hypnose à la Hansen" No. 5, card chosen and pushed into book, name of chosen card and page numbers appear on previously empty slates, book with same page numbers on every double page Der Amateurzauberer 120
Unknown Die verschwundene Karte und das dreifache Couvert No. 15, free selection vanishes from deck under handkerchief cover, reappears in nest of envelopes, envelope index in coat pocketsRelated to Der Amateurzauberer 94
Unknown Stripper Vanish selection shuffled back by spectator, deck covered with handkerchief, handkerchief pulled away and reversed stripper card secretly stripped out and removed with handkerchiefAlso published here Der Amateurzauberer 96
Unknown Ein guter Schuß No. 6, deck placed on glass, covered with handkerchief, selection placed in pistol and shot onto glass, vanishes from pistol and is now upright in glass Der Amateurzauberer 70
Unknown Selbstverbrennung einer Karte und ihre Wiederherstellung No. 16, card placed on stand, burns on command, reappears in bottle that is broken to get it out, flap folding card in bottle Der Amateurzauberer 97
Unknown Die Karte als Orden No. 17, card placed on tablet, covered with glass dome and handkerchief, card suddenly appears on performer's chest and is no long on tablet, secret layer on bottom of glass dome Der Amateurzauberer 99
Unknown Der elektrische Kartenspiegel No. 10, mirror hangs on stage, deck thrown on it and selection clings to it, drops on command, electro magnet, alternative handling with battery on back and mirror in hand Der Amateurzauberer 80
Martignoni Die Anziehungskraft der Erde No. 13, deck held upright in hand, selection drops out, using two halves that are solid blocks Der Amateurzauberer 88
Unknown Die Zuschauer als Kartenkünstler No. 1, deck in glass held by spectator, three selected cards rise one by one, clockwork in fake deck Der Amateurzauberer 60
S. W. Erdnase Hold Outs information and opinion The Expert at the Card Table 14
Charles Bertram The Diminishing Cards gaffed set The Modern Conjurer 92
S. W. Erdnase Prepared Cards information and opinion The Expert at the Card Table 15
Unknown Resealing Deck The Art of Magic 179
Unknown The Princess Card Trick (Second Method) double-ended cards The Art of Magic 82
Unknown Fourth Method three double facers The Art of Magic 217
Adrian Plate The Disappearing Queen picture card removed, various spectators remember a picture card and place it between their hands, they all got the QH, QH appears elsewhere and indifferent cards in spectator's hands The Art of Magic 133
Unknown Cards with Cloth Surface black art The Art of Magic 63
Unknown The Dissolved Card card held under handkerchief is pushed in glass of water by spectator and vanishes, celluloid card The Art of Magic 124
Unknown Third Method using cards with cloth-colored backs, black art The Art of Magic 216
Unknown Seventh Method aces put in one envelope, kings in another, they transpose, using two cards with cloth on back The Art of Magic 221
Theodore DeLand Third Method deck shuffled by spectators and several remove a card, they're replaced and divined, index with hole throughout deck (x-ray deck) The Art of Magic 166
Carl Willmann Rising Cards mechanical deck Magical Titbits 168
Adolf Blind (Magicus) The Demon Digits three cards with numbers arrange themselves in requested orderAlso published here Later Magic 581
Mr. Gilbert The Acrobatic Cards two card in easels transposeAlso published here Later Magic 583
Adolf Blind (Magicus) The Demon Digits three cards with numbers arrange themselves in requested orderAlso published here Magical Titbits 29
Mr. Gilbert The Acrobatic Cards two card in easels transposeAlso published here Magical Titbits 32
Joseph Michael Hartz The Automatic Rising Cards mechanical deck with wheelsAlso published here Later Magic 703
Carl Willmann Rising Cards mechanical deckAlso published here
  • "Die Zauberwelt", Vol. 9, p. 116, 132, 146
Later Magic 709
Joseph Michael Hartz The Automatic Rising Cards mechanical deck with wheelsAlso published here Magical Titbits 163
Stanley Collins Making Of False Index Cards Original Magical Creations 12
Stanley Collins Will! fifteen cards stick to the hand, all fall except three selections, gaffed card and ring Original Magical Creations 36
Stanley Collins A Question of Memory spectator selects one of three cards and puts it in pocket, another cards is taken from the deck and put in performer's pocket, cards transpose, duplicateRelated to Original Magical Creations 52
Stanley Collins The Guessing Game spectator guesses correctly on of three cards he has in pocket, then it change places with one of the other two cardsRelated to Original Magical Creations 63
Stanley Collins The Wooden Slab and Flying Card Experiment Cards attached on a board with rubberbands, spectator peeks at a card and remembers the value, then he counts to that value in a fan and remembers the card. Card transposes from the deck with the peeked card on the board Original Magical Creations 9
Charles T. Jordan The Premo No. 3, card located after three riffle shuffles, interlocking chains, optional with marked deck or blindfolded Thirty Card Mysteries 17
Charles T. Jordan Change Your Mind? No. 27, one of two cards thought-of, replaced, found Thirty Card Mysteries 72
Dr. Ford Rogers Rough-Smooth as Haptic Cue Thirty Card Mysteries 71
Charles T. Jordan Satan's Trance No. 26, four cards removed from thirty-two-card deck and put in envelope, lights out, when lights are back on the names of cards are written on envelopeVariations Thirty Card Mysteries 70
Stanley Collins Deck Switch with case, shell Deceptive Conceptions in Magic 29
Charles T. Jordan Double Facer Color Change front card drops to fingers under cover of other hand to perpendicular position, turned over Ten New Prepared Card Tricks 9
Albert Fellows, Stanley Collins Bottled Sunshine longer routine, tissue paper bursts into in fire, hole is burnt in a playing card with a reading-glass, three candles catch alight, third candle begins to melt Deceptive Conceptions in Magic 90
Charles T. Jordan The Demon Color Change No. 3, multiple consecutive changes, second and rear cards remain the same, using glued triple cards Ten New Prepared Card Tricks 7
Charles T. Jordan A Unique Reverse No. 4, thought-of picture card reverses itself in the deck, using cards glued back-to-back at one end with one cut short Ten New Prepared Card Tricks 10
Dr. Ford Rogers Peek Deck Cards Ten New Prepared Card Tricks 6
Stanley Collins The Lay of the Last Minstrel But One three cards under newspaper two are removed and card under newspaper changes into other cardRelated to Deceptive Conceptions in Magic 36
Charles T. Jordan Reverse English on the X-Ray No. 5, x-ray deck openly shown, card from another deck inserted, spectator looks through hole at index, card predicted, repeated Ten New Sleight of Hand Card Tricks 12
Charles T. Jordan Optical Monte Move with three cards and a gaff Ten New Prepared Card Tricks 14
Charles T. Jordan The Spirit Aces No. 1, four Sevens and four Aces in piles on table, two Sevens put on top of deck followed by two Aces, yet Aces are on table and all four Sevens on top of deck, two extra Aces and step gaffAlso published here Ten New Prepared Card Tricks 3
Charles T. Jordan Pedro Monte No. 7, three cards shown in fan and turned over, spectator cannot find card Ten New Prepared Card Tricks 14
Charles T. Jordan The Spook Card No. 2, card vanishes from small packet, five peek cardsRelated to Ten New Prepared Card Tricks 6
Charles T. Jordan, William McGrew Speaking of Pink Elephants No. 8, named card changes back color, then the whole deck, card spelled to, card travels from one half to the other, red-blue peek deck cards Ten New Prepared Card Tricks 16
Charles T. Jordan Joker Monte No. 6, three cards shown in fan and turned over, spectator cannot find Joker Ten New Prepared Card Tricks 13
Charles T. Jordan Divino No. 5, deck dealt into two piles, card at position in one half remembered, deck pocketed, number named, card at that position is selectionRelated to Ten New Prepared Card Tricks 11
Charles T. Jordan, De Forrest The Diabolical Reversed Card (Improved) card reverses visibly à la tunnel effectVariations The Four Full Hands (Issue Four Full Hands of Down to the Minute Magical Effects) 32
Charles T. Jordan Diabolical Transposition two thought cards across with two decks, stacked, siamesaVariations The Four Full Hands (Issue Four Full Hands of Card Tricks) 22
Oswald Rae New Card an Board two selections appear pinned on board, with drawing pins and handkerchief Between Ourselves 1
Louis Nikola The Telepathogram Magician divines thought of card, and writing appears on paper that divines position of card in the deck The Nikola Card System 54
Jack Merlin Here There and Everywhere ambitious card, then stop trick, twice the card is at the stopped position Merlin's Master Miracles 15
Jack Merlin My Favorite Four Ace Trick three double faced ace, McDonalds Aces Merlin's Master Miracles 12
Jack Merlin Mechanical Forcing Packs one way forcing deck, three way forcing deck, svengali pack, Evans Brown Triple-Force Pack Merlin's Master Manipulations 23
Tom Sellers The Double Card Prediction double backer stabbed in deck Sellers' Secrets 17
Theodore Annemann Psychic Sympathy two decks, spectator cuts his deck and looks at one, performer removes same card from his deck, trick is repeated. Two methods The Book Without A Name 27
Ralph W. Hull Bicycle Marking System Variations "Eye-Openers" 17
Ralph W. Hull Single Card Wonder Prediction spectator shuffles deck, names number and card at that position is predicted, re-deal force "Eye-Openers" 17
Billy O'Connor To Make Cards "Slippery" Farelli's Card Magic - Part Two 75
Unknown A Double Surprise performer and spectator remember card and its position in their halves of the deck, cards taken out, performers card is shown to be a double backer (!), spectator's card is an indifferent card and brought from pocket Farelli's Card Magic - Part Two 91
Ralph W. Hull Which Card Left? Two Card Monte with jumbo cards More "Eye-Openers" 21
Unknown Two-Card Monte Move More "Eye-Openers" 21
Victor Farelli Suggestions reversing the deck for stripper or one-way deck Farelli's Card Magic - Part Two 68
Al Baker The Impossible Discovery forcing deck, two deck switchesVariations The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Al Baker's Book) 83
Al Baker "Say When!" two cards, partial forcing deckRelated to The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Al Baker's Book) 91
Eddie Clever Three in One Gaff The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 1) 2
Laurie Ireland Goofy Deck changing into a black eight of diamonds Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1934) 2
Theodore Annemann The Guessing Contest performer and spectator write a card on a slip of paper and try to find the others card, while the spectator cannot find the card in ten attempts, the performer hits on the first cardVariations SH-H-H--! It's A Secret 18
Tom Sellers A Comedy Card Interlude color change routine with mismade cards (like half changed card) Card Tricks That Work 18
Henry Christ The 203rd Force Related to SH-H-H--! It's A Secret 38
Al Baker The Fall of the Wise sucker for wise guys, gaffed The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Cardially Yours) 492
Les Gilbert A Card in Transit! double end card The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 3) 10
Theodore Annemann Call Me Up Sometime person calls during the show and names the card someone selected SH-H-H--! It's A Secret 2
Tom Sellers Named Card and Slates named card vanishes from box and reappears between slates Card Tricks That Work 13
Theodore Annemann Annemann's Mental Masterpiece impression device on card box, carbonVariations Mental Bargain Effects 5
Unknown The Impression or Carbon System two methods Mental Magic with Cards 26
Theodore Annemann The New Double Telepathy Routine uses the box from Mental Masterpiece + Index, spectator and performer think of a card and try to guess the card of the other Mental Bargain Effects 7
Louis Lam Find the Lady money card changes into card with business information on front Would You Believe It? 20
Eddie Clever The Renovated Sphinx Card Trick two signed cards in hat transpose with signed card in deck, double backer, fake indices card The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 9) 34
Louis Lam "Alice in Wonderland" card turns over multiple times, then is spelled out Would You Believe It? 15
Bob Hummer Clubs/Spades Gaff used to make a card vanish The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 14) 66
Laurie Ireland A Surprising Explanation for the Color Change double facers Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation") 25
Laurie Ireland Hints for Amateurs on Forcing Cards third forcing deck Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation") 2
Theodore Annemann Peek Force Card glued long short card The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 7) 27
Jean Hugard The Marked Card Principle Mental Magic with Cards 26
Theodore Annemann Just the Same Alike