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Oswald Rae, Oswald Williams The Giant Three Card Trick fake index palmed over corner of jumbo cards Between Ourselves 17
Oswald Rae The Four Aces with Conradi's Giant Cards, brief description More Practical Patter 24
Ralph W. Hull Which Card Left? Two Card Monte with jumbo cards More "Eye-Openers" 21
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Three Card Monte six red and one black card, long-short glued pairs, jumbo card The Strange Inventions of Doctor Ervin 55
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Find the Joker with three jumbo cards, long-short glued pairs The Strange Inventions of Doctor Ervin 56
Louis Lam Predicto four aces are shuffled by each performer and spectator, they chose the same which is also predicted on slate, jumbo cards recommended Watch Me Closely 7
U. F. Grant Giant Acrobatic Cards some jumbo cards are dealt face up face down alternating, they turn over again while a second packet is now mixed alternately, double backersVariationsAlso published here
  • "Stage Magic" (Burling Hull, 1932)
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 127
Louis Lam The Ace of Spades Ace of Spades and indifferent card shows, Ace changes to regular card and is reproduced from pocket, inspired by MacDonald Aces performance Watch Me Closely 14
Laurie Ireland Mating the Cards with Jumbo Cards spot while running through the cards Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1938) 5
Laurie Ireland Card Force with Jumbo Cards running through the cards, break Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1938) 5
Robert Stull The Stull Rising Card Trick best for jumbo cards, electrical Greater Magic 423
Fred Rothenberg The Redhill Four Aces with jumbo cards, rough-smooth substitute with holes cut out and discs on other cards that fit in The Magic Annual for 1938 and 1939 41
Joseph Ovette Different Princess Card Trick with Jumbo cards, to pocket Fast Ones 17
Laurie Ireland Ireland's "Live Bait" Card Fishing Trick Manuscript two selection placed in a box, are fished out but turn out to be jumbo cards Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1940) 19
R. M. Jamison The Great Escape traveling and transformation of jumbo cards with Disney figures Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 1 No. 7) 27
George G. Kaplan A Winning Wager five cards shuffled in placed on a stand, selected one is predicted on a slate with houlette and duplicatesVariations Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 5) 73
R. M. Jamison Invisible Flight signed jumbo card in envelope transposes with jumbo card held and signed by performer Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 7) 90
Earl Morgan Jumbo Card Production at the Fingertips Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1944) 33
R. M. Jamison Up the Sleeve! jumbo card travels to performer's sleeveAlso published here Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 7) 89
R. M. Jamison Jumbo Four Ace Routine McDonald aces with jumbo cards Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 2) 59
R. M. Jamison The Upside Down Six Six spot turns into Nine spot, with jumbo cards and card has number written on itInspired by Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 8) 95
R. M. Jamison Up My Sleeve with jumbo cardsAlso published here My Best 45
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Giant Monte odd-backed queen cannot be followed, changes in joker as kicker, partial rough-smoothInspired by Rough & Smooth Possibilities 1
George G. Kaplan Giant Trio-Flight three selected jumbo cards across with envelopes The Fine Art of Magic 113
Al Baker Giant Gambling royal flush The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Pet Secrets) 409
Al Baker Jumbo Switch prop The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Pet Secrets) 408
Unknown False Count adding extra card Classic Secrets of Magic 67
Henry Bihari Jumbo Card Trick deck in pocket, jumbo card produced from it which matches selection, changes into later second selection, Chicago Opener structure 26 Originals 16
Don Tanner Dissertation on a Plumber's Friend card stabbing with jumbo card and plunger, other ideas for plunger, cups and balls The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 344) 201
Don Tanner Routines: No. 1 routine with jumbo cards, only structure The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 394) 404
Eric Peterson Card Prediction three giant cards, using ugly card stand Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 7 76
Jan Torell Dice Card jumbo card changes to jumbo die Magic by Jan Torell 18
Jan Torell A Giant Card to Silk card to silk, then more handkerchiefs and cards are producedVariations Magic by Jan Torell 13
Jan Torell Trick with 3 Giant Cards three jumbo cards, silk is produced and back of one card changes color Magic by Jan Torell 16
Alan Shaxon A Perfect Jumbo Card Change Jumbo card put in a window envelope changes to another card Practical Sorcery 15
Patrick Page The Jumbo Four Ace Trick ace assembly with jumbo cards The Big Book of Magic 104
Edward Marlo Pip Card to Wallet JS changes to JC, JS is in wallet, with additional jumbo card version Early Marlo (Issue Oddity & Other Miracles) 103
David Douglas Mental 3 Cards Across! three jumbo cards travel from envelope to other envelope, selections, envelopes numbered The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 190) 947
Bob Farmer, Bert Allerton, Jerry Mentzer Jazz Pieces - Body & Soul a red and a black jumbo card are cut into four pieces, the pieces change places, oil and water, missing part of the description is published in "Jazz Pieces"Related to Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 2) 476
Ray Mertz Jumbo Cards and Coins cups and balls type routine with three coins and cards, jumbo coin finale Close-up Cavalcade Finale 42
Bob Farmer Jazz Pieces missing part of text and illustrationsInspired by Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 5) 512
Philip T. Goldstein Simplified Follow the Leader with two cut jumbo cardsAlso published here Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 7) 540
Unknown The Jumbo Rising Card Houlette three cards More Classic Magic with Apparatus 32
Joe Berg Berg's Sucker Card Vanish jumbo card in frame vanishes, with die box elements More Classic Magic with Apparatus 52
Piet Forton Riesen Homing Cards Kaps' Homing Card with Jumbo cardsRelated toAlso published here Das Mike Skinner / Piet Forton Seminarheft (Issue Das Piet Forton Seminar) 12
Piet Forton Trickkartenversion Kaps' Homing Card with gimmicked jumbo card, slide gaff to change cardAlso published here Das Mike Skinner / Piet Forton Seminarheft (Issue Das Piet Forton Seminar) 13
Piet Forton Riesen homing Cards für Kinder Kaps' Homing Card with Jumbo cards, for childrenRelated to Das Piet Forton Seminar — Kinderzauberei 33
Piet Forton Trickkartenversion Kaps' Homing Card with gimmicked jumbo card, slide gaff to change card Das Piet Forton Seminar - Kinderzauberei 39
El Duco Peg a Card jumbo card and normal card are selected, they are pegged together and match, cloth peg El Duco's Lecture Notes 17
El Duco Printed Silks jumbo card with silks printed on it is wrapped into sheet of newspaper, silks are produced and card is blank El Duco's Lecture Notes 5
Danny Korem Fantasy Torn and Restored Card jumbo signed card, corner torn off and restored, inspired by John Cornelius ("The Reel Works" column, 44/4) The Lost Pages of the Kabbala 88
Mike Caveney The Homing Card Comes Home four jumbo cards turn into blank cards on by one Magicomedy 77
Fred Castle The Lovely Queens Four red backed queens turn over one by one, then shown to have blue backs, and then the faces have changed into photos of "glamorous" ladies Magic With Giant Cards 6
Magic Ronnay, Fred Castle The Sympathetic Cards Packets of cards turn face up/down when cards are swapped around, then they change to Jokers, and then shown to have all different backs Magic With Giant Cards 10
Fred Castle No Feke Four Aces Ace Assembly with jumbo cards Magic With Giant Cards 6
Fred Castle The Card Stand Instructions how to make a wooden stand for giant cards Magic With Giant Cards 1
Fred Castle, Frank Garcia The James Bond Trick Card vanishes from one packet to another Magic With Giant Cards 8
Roy Walton Switch In Time described with jumbo cards, four red cards and four blacks cards, swap one, two, three cards around, always remain separateInspired by Magic With Giant Cards 2
Fred Castle, Walt Lees The Red and The Blue Four Aces Ace Assembly with odd backed Aces Magic With Giant Cards 12
Fred Castle, Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Count Technique for doing Elmsley Count with jumbo cards, either horizontally or vertically Magic With Giant Cards 2
Brother John Hamman, Fred Castle The Hamman Count With Jumbo Cards, modified technique for two versions Magic With Giant Cards 3
Arturo de Ascanio, Fred Castle The Ascanio Count Technique to keep cards together (for jumbo cards) Magic With Giant Cards 5
Jack Avis The Elmsley-Jordan Count to Show Four Aces Siva Count basically Magic With Giant Cards 8
Leslie Scalbert, Fred Castle, Roy Walton Oil and Queens Variation on original trick by Walton, done with jumbo cards - Oil and Water with four Queen kicker Magic With Giant Cards 4
Jon Charles Son of Goofy four giant cards, they transform and one rises out (thread) Arcane (Issue 7) 83
Stewart James Golf Poker dealing story routine with jumbo cards Arcane (Issue 10) 131
Theophil "Philius" Weidmann, Alessandro de Luca Das Philius-de Luca-Spiel divination of four selection from jumbo-deck, half deck has short end and other half has short side Ueber das Wesen der Mentalmagie 34
Obie O'Brien K.K.K = Kolossal Kolored Kards four jumbo cards turn over one by one and change back color Fork Full of Appetizers - Book 2 45
Piet Forton Giant Homing Cards Kaps' Homing Card with Jumbo cards, with gaffed cards variationAlso published here Magic Lecture Notes 1984 8
Martin Lewis The Big Switch Jumbo card changes when large switch on the back is used (comedy type effect) Martin's Miracles 61
Martin Lewis Sidewalk Shuffle Jumbo 3 card monte routine, using blank cards and Ace of DiamondsVariations Martin's Miracles 95
Karrell Fox "Mind-Dropper" six jumbo cards, one selected, another spectator drops all cards one by one except selection For My Next Trick... 38
John C. Wagner Jumbo Torn and Restored Card jumbo card versionInspired by The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner 10
Daryl Martinez Camera Cards Jumbo cards which look like a camera, blank card turns into selection Daryl does Den Haag 10
Karrell Fox "Presto-Logo" three jumbo cards vanish in silk, company logo on silk, trade show My Latest Book 131
Alexander de Cova, Jan Torell Blitz-Kartenverwandlung jumbo card (or sign, menu, ...) visually transforms into silk, ends cleanInspired byAlso published here Horizons 29
Jean Garance Es ist wunderbar (Version Jean Garance) four Jumbo cards with blue packs and colors on the front, backs and faces changeInspired by
  • André Robert & Jean Clement's "Mirifique" in "Card's Selection"
Jean Garance 16
Jean Garance Variationen zu den fünf Donnerkarten von Frank Garcia black card vanishes among four red cards and appears in pocket, trick is repeated with less cards Jean Garance 11
Jim Steinmeyer San Fernando Monte jumbo cards that are openly folded in half Device and Illusion 119
Aldo Colombini Quarters jumbo card as prediction, quarters of cut jumbo cards are selected, prediction match even though one corner does not fit the cardInspired by FISM Lecture Notes 10
Karrell Fox Sonuva Switch jumbo card prediction is shown but changes, simplified "The McCombical Deck" prediction Goodies 84
Sveroni Tele-Asse two selections from a normal deck are divined with four jumbo aces, aces with matching suit turn over, then they change into selectionAlso published here Sveroni Original 22
Will Ayling Jumbo Rising Cards with houlette, card rises from envelope, similar to Jim Hooper's "Nemo Jumbo Rising Cards" Knowing The Rising Cards 18
Sveroni Double Lift with jumbo cards, without the deck Sveroni Original 25
Alexander de Cova, Jan Torell Blitzkarten-Verwandlung jumbo card (or sign, menu, ...) visually transforms into silk, ends cleanInspired byAlso published here Ein Profi packt aus... 15
Masao Atsukawa Fabric Through Pasteboard silk through giant card, very visual Five Times Five - Japan 22
Ted Lesley The Devano Rising Cards - Handling Technique
- Card and Maintenance
- Routines (also with Zodiac, ESP)
- Tips and Suggestions (doing only one rise as opposed to multiple cards)
The Devano Rising Cards 1
Scotty York The Skill Compatibility Test Two jumbo decks are used. One card is selected from a red deck and placed in an envelope, other deck is sawed in two with a toy saw and two halves are selected. Card in envelope is a split card matching both halves. Banana Split deck For Your Eyes Only 9
Scotty York, Fred Kaps Shuffling Off Lucille with ideas by Fred KapsInspired by For Your Eyes Only 119
Sveroni Das ängstliche As four jumbo aces turn into four ace of clubs, spades, diamonds, ace of hearts eventually is found on performer's back Typisch Sveroni 16
Unknown All Alike Display with jumbo cards Typisch Sveroni 18
Michael Close Rocco Returns routine for Ton Onosaka's "Lucky Lady" prop Workers Number 5 93
Nick Trost, U. F. Grant Jumbo Two-Way Split Stewart James's trick with jumbo cards. Prediction idea by U. F. GrantInspired by
  • "Split Second" (Stewart James, The New Tops, December 1962)
The Card Magic of Nick Trost 206
Christian Scherer Gigantisch deck with selection changes visually into a jumbo card matching the selection Karten à la carte 162
Simon Lovell The Lemming Ace Exchange four jumbo Aces, suit that matches selection is turned-over and when turned over the jumbo card became the selection and the selection became the AceInspired by Simon Says! 103
Peter Duffie Get Back! King placed amongst the four Fours travel back to the King packet (jumbo cards) Effortless Card Magic 113
Simon Lovell The Squelmsley Count with jumbo cards Simon Says! 103
Dondrake Jumbo Card Frame Three card monte with jumbo cards in a frame, using black art Black Art Breakthroughs 30
Richard Osterlind About Using Jumbo Cards Dynamic Mysteries 86
Joshua Jay Six Card Repeat Six Card Repeat routine with silk production as an ending, selection is printed on the silk. Jumbo card is then produced from the silk matching the selection Magic Atlas 151
Peter Duffie Pick Me, Pick Me Not! two cards among six Jumbo cards are selected, only cards with "Pick Me" written on it, on the other card is written "You Won't Pick ME" Standing Room Only 14
Masao Atsukawa スリーカードモンテ (Three Card Monte) With Jumbo card gaffs カードの島 42
Sveroni Gelöscht first faces then backs of four playing cards vanish, with jumbo cards Kreative Magie 30
Jim Steinmeyer the soft-shoe Monte jumbo cards, gimmick with thread-connected sliding cards Artificial conclusions 19
Luis H. Trueba El Charlatán with three Jumbo cards, Supreme Magic props, story presentation Magia y Dramagia 157
David Acer Party of Six six people each choose a card and go on stage, stand in a row. Spectator in the audience (holding prediction) chooses one by spelling. Prediction matches the card held by person on stageAlso published here Random Acts of Magic 189
Sveroni Verdrehte Voraussage B'Wave variation with jumbo cards Variationen 13
Sveroni, Christian Scherer Das letzte Kümmelblättchen monte theme with jumbo cards, card turns over, as a climax backs change colorInspired by
  • Helmut Schmiedeberg's "Mondo Monte"
Variationen 18
Sveroni Artistic Cards Homing Card with jumbo cards Variationen 25
Sveroni, Christian Scherer Three as Four Display with jumbo cards Variationen 19
Sveroni False Display hiding surfaces, with jumbo cards Variationen 31
Jack Miller A One-Hand Pass with Jumbo Cards Also published here
  • The Sphinx, May 1925
The Anthology of One Handed Card Cuts and Flourishes 46
Sveroni Money Printer bills on jumbo blank cards, four blank cards change into cards with bills of different value on them several timesInspired by Heureka! 16
Sveroni, Christian Scherer Dies ist reine Magie five jumbo cards are torn in halves, phrase is spelled and spectator is allowed to say where the cards are changed, after each spelled word on top of the halves are the matching partsRelated to Heureka! 21
Sveroni Tele-Asse two selections from a normal deck are divined with four jumbo aces, aces with matching suit turn over, then they change into selectionAlso published here ... oder so! 20
Trevor Lewis Rising Cards routine for Jumbo rising cards, three cards Routines Matter 126
Sveroni Double Lift with jumbo cards ... oder so! 23
Trevor Lewis Sidewalk Shuffle based on Martin Lewis' routine, three blank cards and an AceInspired by Routines Matter 135
David Acer Party of Six six people each choose a card and go on stage, stand in a row. Spectator in the audience (holding prediction) chooses one by spelling. Prediction matches the card held by person on stageAlso published here More Power to You 153
Patrick Page The Colour Changing Jumbo observation test with five jumbo cards, one changes color Magic Page by Page 222
Patrick Page Jumbo One in the Middle jumbo card transformation, construction details for special Ever Change Card Magic Page by Page 62
Patrick Page Ooooorange? in the hands monte, with jumbo cards and pictures of two empty and one full glassRelated to Magic Page by Page 250
Patrick Page Funny Bunny in the hands monte, with jumbo cards and pictures of empty hats and rabbitsRelated to Magic Page by Page 256
Patrick Page The Big Four four indifferent cards change into four corners of a jumbo card which matches selectionInspired by
  • Jack Hughes' "Four Wrongs Make a Right"
Magic Page by Page 252
Patrick Page The Fifty-Fifty Cards eight jumbo cards cut in half, two spectators get half of the cards and select same card Magic Page by Page 231
Sveroni Kompromiss faces and backs of four jumbo cards change Alte Neuheiten 19
Sveroni Schnippen four duplicate aces change into different four aces, then they turn over by themselves, jumbo cards Alte Neuheiten 22
Unknown Buckle of jumbo cards Alte Neuheiten 25
Sveroni Spezielles Zählen all alike count, for jumbo cards Alte Neuheiten 20
Sveroni Optisches Vorzählen all alike count with jumbo cards, similar to a flushtration count Alte Neuheiten 23
Christian Scherer Hände weg vom Falschspiel! monte with jumbo cards, first three red and one black card as a climax three black cards and one red cardInspired by
  • Joe Riding's "The only three Card Trick in the World using four Cards"
Schlaglichter 243
Dr. Stanley Jaks Giant Card Penetration jumbo deck with hole is threaded on a rod and covered with a handkerchief, card selected from other deck, same card is brought from under the handkerchief unharmedAlso published here
  • "Giant Card Penetration" in "Sphinx" May, 1948
The Incredible Dr. Jaks 148
Norman Houghton, Christian Scherer Flushtration Count stand up, with jumbo cards Schlaglichter 255
Dani DaOrtiz The Absent Player Spectators shuffle the deck, decide the number of poker hands to be dealt, and which hand will win. Despite their choices, the designated player receives a royal flush. Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 10 122
Gene Anderson, Jim Hooper, Roy Johnson Nemo Jumbo Rising Card with houlette, card rises from envelope, two phases
A. Sneak preview
B. Background and credits
C. Introduction
D. Gene's Script
E. Rapid prototype
F. The props
G. Thread preparation
H. Thread management
I. Understanding thread
J. Initial set-up and first card rise
K. Second card rise
L. Striking and resetting
M. The quest for thread
Gene Anderson - The Book 41
Christian Scherer Nie Wieder! three card monte with jumbo cards, multi-phase routineRelated to
  • Harry Anderson's "Three Card Monarch"
Nie Wieder! 3
Christian Scherer Double Lift with Jumbo Cards Nie Wieder! 8