4 entries in Mental Magic / Principles / Dunninger Ploy
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Theodore Annemann The New Nile Divination a spectator thinks of a two digit number, random numbers are added, the sum match with the thought of number
1935 Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine 10
Joseph Dunninger The Tri Cycle Experiment spectator thinks of a three digit number, other spectator identifies it, Dunninger Ploy and stage whispering/cueing
1983 Dunninger's Act 6
Colin McLeod Double Card Prediction Essay two cards placed on two chairs, two spectators divine card, one by selecting the same card from a deck and one by just naming it
2014 Divine 70
Colin McLeod The Dunninger Ploy thoughts and ideas with the Dunninger Ploy
  • Invisible Deck
  • Train of Thoughts (Lee Earle)
  • Confabulation
2014 Divine 74