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The Trio three cards divined, no-touch confusion force
1935 10
Dr. James William Elliott The Trio simple no-touch force for any number of cards
1937 20
Prediction confusing cut to force two cards, possibly by Ralph W. Hull (see Trost reference)
Variations 1937 23
William H. McCaffrey A Self Working Trick using a no-touch force
1938 237
H. Adrian Smith Out of Hands Force spectator forces card to himself
1938 465
Lin Searles The "So Simple" Force no-touch, spectator cuts and turns over one pile
1976 78
Harry Lorayne A Prediction "Pathway" mathematical dealing thing in which spectator sorts red and blacks to force himself a card, see end notes for fun history information
Inspired by 1979 53
John Scarne Long Distance card chosen on other side of the room, risky force, position named
1989 2
Frederick Braue The Loquacious Queen three cards selected via cut and count (no-touch force), then the whispering Queen of Hearts tells the performer their identities
Related to 1992 6
Steve Beam The Opened Prediction bold and easy open prediction, name written on joker, no-touch force
Related to 1993 47
Karl Fulves Self-Force spectator forces card on himself
1996 84
Ken Krenzel Spectator's Stop When Ready Force cards turned over one by one and placed onto deck in out-jogged condition, done in the hands of the spectator
Inspired by 1997 13
James Swain The Dummy Force no-touch Force
1999 91
Ellis Stanyon Name of Selected Card in the Envelope No. 14, card chosen by pile-making and dealing, self-force
1999 41
William Alstrand, Karl Fulves Fooling the Experts No. 14, procedure with cuts and deals in which spectator forces a card on himself
2001 23
Topper No. 79, spectator forces card on himself without touching by performer
2001 119
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) 9. "The Next Card That I Will Turn Over Will Be Your Card!" "The Circus Trick" with no-touch force
Related to Mar. 2006
Penumbra (Issue 10)
Manuel Montes El Juego de Aladino deck is cut in three parts, one part is counted, a card remembered and later found by performer
El Manuscrito (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Steve Beam, Benjamin Earl Deal Force open prediction bluff procedure, no-touch force
Related to 2015 3
Benjamin Earl Red Herring spectator forces a card in his own hand, some dealing, shuffling and losing of top and bottom cards
Related toVariationsAlso published here June 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 6)
Roberto Giobbi MaToFo: A Mathematical Topological Force no-touch dealing force
Hidden Agenda (Issue Aug 5)
Benjamin Earl Red Herring spectator forces a card in his own hand, some dealing, shuffling and losing of top and bottom cards, more details than in Genii write-up
  • Performance Notes
Also published here 2016 1
Tyler Wilson IKEA Force spectator forces card on himself, "muscle writing"
2017 21
Benjamin Earl Red Herring Force Variation spectator deals and forces himself a card, no-touch force
Inspired byRelated to 2020 16
Jim Steinmeyer Tour de Force forcing one of ten cards, mathematical
2020 17
Cut Force three tabled piles, bold
2021 39