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Milbourne Christopher Match to Dollar rebuilding "Match to Flower"
Jan. 1946 Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3 No. 8) 184
Eddie Joseph Magic Change bill is folded up and placed in spectator's hand, changes to envelope with same amount as bill in coins
1952 Tricks for Informal Occasions 34
Bert Douglas Safety Magic series of tricks / presentations about safety and accident prevention
  • A Safety Introduction
  • The ABC of Safety (paper cutting routine)
  • Think (ABC card manipulation)
  • Don't Take Chances (Brent's Bill to Matches & Atomic Candle Trick)
  • How Come? (Blow book)
  • We All Do Crazy Things - Sometimes (Milk Pitcher routine)
  • Safety Begins at Home (Multiplying Thimble)
  • Don't Gamble with Safety (Die Box)
1964 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1963-64) 21
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Close-up Cigarette Routine filter torn and cigarette vanishes, torn & restored, filter torn, rest changes into bill and filter into full cigarette
1973 Close-up Cavalcade 43
Bengt Nilsson, Allan Lambie Everything Happens to Ken Miller routine with cigarettes and money
(1) Brand-Changing Cigarette Packet
(2) Rising Cigarette
(3) Cigarette Packet to Banknote (Allan Lambie)
(4) Banknote to Matches
(5) Coin from Banknote
1977 Continuous Cigarette Production 15
Ken De Courcy Card to Cash Himber wallet
1982 Creditable Conjuring 8
Ken De Courcy Credit Shower credit card in handkerchief, changes into shower of bills
1982 Creditable Conjuring 8
Mike Bornstein Double Matchit card chosen and lost, dollar bill changes into matchbook, mini card inside which matches selection
Also published here
  • Latest Money Magic (Bornstein)
1994 Close-Up File 67
Karrell Fox A Dollar Matched dollar bill to match book
1995 Much Ado About Something 21
Helge Thun Der Trickfilm film changes into bill in film canister, then canister is filled with coins
Inspired by 2000 Faustdick hinterm Schlitzohr 17
Brian Shapp Confetti confetti changes into $100 bill
2001 Discoverie (Issue 5) 61
Joe Givan Crumbling Cash bill changes into confetti
2006 Switch 307
Daniel Millstein Money Where Your Mouth Is chewing gum chewed for a bit, then removed and changed into bill
May 2009 Genii (Vol. 72 No. 5) 20
Roberto Giobbi Tea for Profit teabag changes into bill
2010 Secret Agenda (Issue Aug 19) 248
Sveroni Nano Tee shortened version of Tee Recycling, thread is ignited and turns into tea bag, then tea bag changes to bill
Related to 2013 Alte Neuheiten 7
Daniel Garcia Love Note bill visibly transforms into folded origami finger ring
Also published here 2018 Something More 30
Daniel Garcia Love Note bill visibly transforms into folded origami finger ring
Also published here 2022 Something More 46
David Tower ATM credit card changes to bill
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Oct. 2002
2022 Talk About Tricks (Issue 1) 127