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Todd Karr Web Scam deck riffle shuffled (interlocking chains), card placed from one half into the other, by looking at that half the performer names the card, can be performed over zoom
Inspired by 2010 63
Alexander de Cova Der Kartentrick übers Internet card chosen, spectator goes on a website on which he sees a video that ends with that card, can be different at next performance
  • Die Force
  • Die Zusatzidee (QR code)
  • Abschließende Bemerkungen
Inspired by
  • "Worldwide Card Trick" (Steve Fearson, download)
Sep. 2013 5
Anthony Owen Cards on TV piano trick used for video call
2017 232
Will Houstoun, Steve Thompson Video Chat Magic
Aug. 2020
Genii (Vol. 83 No. 8)
Stephen Hobbs Zoomatic II revelation with one suit
Related to
  • "Further Ideas with a Packet of Twelve Cards: 'The Hotel Mystery'" (Juan Tamariz, Verbal Magic, 2005)
Sep. 2020
Genii (Vol. 83 No. 9)
Jim Steinmeyer Syracuse Monte
  • Conjuring
with jumbo cards
Oct. 2020
Genii (Vol. 83 No. 10)
John Bannon Autopsychic
  • Dealing With It
three piles of three cards each, on thought of from one pile and lost, later found again
Related to
  • "Little Vernon" (John Carey, Me, My Cards, And I, 2017)
Jan. 2021
Genii (Vol. 84 No. 1)
Jim Steinmeyer (Not a Princess.) Virtually a Princess
  • Conjuring
can be done over zoom if envelopes with card packets are sent out to spectators, performer then shows a packet of five cards and asks questions about matching characteristics to thought-of card
Feb. 2021
Genii (Vol. 84 No. 2)
Michel Huot EARected earbuds taken out, they remain suspended in mid-air
Mar. 2021
Genii (Vol. 84 No. 3)
Jim Steinmeyer Ovation
  • Conjuring
from four cards with messages one is force with spelling procedure
Inspired by Apr. 2021
Genii (Vol. 84 No. 4)
Jim Steinmeyer Five Coincidences
  • Conjuring
cards counted into glass on a cardboard piece, spectator stops five times and those cards are placed against the bookmark, the five cards are four Threes and a Two with a third pip drawn on it, rest of cards shown to be double-backed
June 2021
Genii (Vol. 84 No. 6)
David Regal Virtual Tells
  • Material Concessions
spectator makes four piles, shows the cards to the performer via zoom, riffle shuffles the four piles together, top cards predicted in envelope
Nov. 2021
Genii (Vol. 84 No. 11)
James Alan Virtual Expansion of Texture using glass instead of spectator's hand
Nov. 2021
Genii (Vol. 84 No. 11)
Asi Wind Virtual Pre-Show
2021 73
Derek Hughes Virtual Bold Book Test
Inspired by 2021 74
Asi Wind WikiTest as Virtual Pre-Show handling for Marc Kerstein's app
2021 76
Boris Wild Zoom 9 no-touch packet location with spelling
  • Variations of Choices
  • Variations of Revelations
  • Online Variations
Inspired by
  • "Nine Card Problem" (Jim Steinmeyer, MAGIC, May 1993)
2021 7
Will Houstoun A Video Chat Card Trick card placed in card case, it turns out to be named card
The Neat Review (Issue 4 - Everywhere & Nowhere 2022)
Boyet Vargas All Four Two four random objects used, chosen one divined with three questions, "First Assumption Binary" Principle (FAB)
Inspired by
  • "Lie to Me", Leo Boudreau, 2009
Related to
  • "Gemini signals" (RW Cosley aka RedDevil, Operation Gemini and Gemini Reading, both 2016)
Aug. 2022
The Hermit (Vol. 1 No. 8)
Boyet Vargas Remote Viewing four objects drawn on business cards and arranged face-down by spectator, performer divines order of the four cards, using 4CS Deal (Four Card Swindle)
Dec. 2022
The Hermit (Vol. 1 No. 12)
Matt Baker Mental Monte spectators select one of three cards over zoom, performer divines the selections
Inspired by
  • Gabriel Werlen’s "Green Neck System"
2023 32