25 entries in Mental Magic / Effects / Prediction / Standard Predictions (one or multiple items)
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Milbourne Christopher Prognostication prediction of winner of football game inside nested envelope, fixed to a wall
Apr. 1946
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 3 No. 11)
Milbourne Christopher Think of a City list of cities written on slate, performer predicts one with chalk mark, magnetic movable mark
  • Variation 1
  • Variation 2
Sep. 1946 248
Milbourne Christopher Ball Point Prediction prediction of written initials, on two pieces of cardboard
Apr. 1950
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 7 No. 11)
Gerald Kosky "I Predict" names of horses are named and written on ten blank cards, chosen one is predicted
Inspired by
  • Gerald Kosky's "Pieces of Ten" in "Genii", 1947.
1975 148
Gerald Kosky The Dream prediction of chosen pile, chosen word and relation of black cards in a pile to red cards in another pile
1975 174
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Ulta-plus! Close-up Mental Act multi-phase routine
  • one of several bottle caps is chosen, matching beer is produced from jacket
  • name of person written on paper is burnt and divined by performer
  • chosen zodiac sign appears on boiled egg, inside the shell
  • chosen tune is heard from box, which is later to be shown empty
Aug. 1987
Magick (Issue 394)
Peter Wilker Es war doch blau six chips in envelopes, chosen one is predicted, humorous off-beat prediction
Magische Blätter (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Mythic Madness musical chairs, every person has a number, winner is predicted
Sep. 1988
Magick (Issue 410)
Philip T. Goldstein Psi-Spin cards with zodiacs is placed on table and two selected with a spinner, one chosen by spectator matches prediction
Oct. 1988
Magick (Issue 411)
Al Bertini Das Album folder with pictures, pictures are numbered on the back and number is named, picture is predicted
Magische Blätter (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Peter Wilker Die Dominos und die fehlende Historia prediction of chosen Dominoe, prediction is Dominoe with mirror attached as a joke, mirror is removed and correct numbers can be seen, PATEO
Magische Blätter (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Jack Yeager Witch's Stone on of four different colored stones is selected, prediction
Aug. 1993
Magick (Issue 493)
Danny Archer Mental Monopoly triple prediction of Monopoly game, predicting a game piece, property and sum of money,
  • variation to allow actual free choice of property (p. 17)
  • variation for close-up situations (p. 17)
1994 15
Alan Nguyen Voodoo Redo spectator randomly chooses where three pins are pushed into a voodoo doll, performer has correctly predicted the locations on a second voodoo doll
Inspired by
  • "Voodoo II" (Christian Chelman, Capriconian Tales, 1993, p. 52)
Labyrinth (Issue 4)
Chris Hurlbert The Destined Duo prediction of chosen Tarot card, engraved on medallion
May/June 1995
The Magic Menu (Vol. 5 No. 29)
Chris Hurlbert Food for Thought cards with food items are selected, prediction on bill
May/June 1995
The Magic Menu (Vol. 5 No. 29)
Terry Parrett Mental Kombat prediction of chosen superhero card, PATEO
Inspired by Mar./Apr. 1998
The Magic Menu (Vol. 8 No. 46)
Terry Parrett Founding Fathers prediction of US "Founding Father", time travel presentation, wallet
Mar./Apr. 1998
The Magic Menu (Vol. 8 No. 46)
Philip T. Goldstein Con-Clue-Sion “Clue” game theme, spectators think of a person, weapon and room, envelopes are randomly eliminated until down to one and inside is the correct prediction of all three items
Inspired by 1999
Labyrinth (Issue 9)
Diamond Jim Tyler Whatever It Takes prediction of chosen number, letter and card, post-it inside card case
Inspired by
  • Bill Goldman's "Whatever" in "Magic Bar & Grill" Nr.1, October, 1995.
Mar./Apr. 2000
The Magic Menu (Vol. 10 No. 58)
Geoffrey Durham Durham's Prediction Box any piece of information is revealed written on paper inside box, box self-contained with boon writer, how to construct gimmicked box, general thoughts on radio magic
2008 79
Alberto de Figueiredo Los tres objetos spectator places three objects on table, instruction game with prediction in shoe
Inspired by
  • Alain Nu's "Nu Sense" in "XXX Mentalism".
2018 153
Steve Spillman Mindreading Goose stuffed goose held by performer writes prediction on paper, it matches number spectator thought of (1-100), lots of gags including goose urinating, how to construct goose that writes by itself and felt-tip marker thumbwriter
2019 79
Fränz The Bucket List business cards with written bucket list entries, selected one is predicted by performer
2022 69
Christoph Borer Meister und Margarita one of several books and a paragraph are selected, prediction of book title and content of paragraph
2023 12