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Experto credite! named card is missing from new and sealed deck, with risky psychological force, out with card index and deck switch
1896 230
William Larsen, T. Page Wright Nerve Force bold, just handing cards out
1941 38
Eddie Joseph Extra-Sensory Detection spectator thinks of a card with deck in his hands, risky
1942 77
one of four
1948 94
Ronald B. Edwards Subtlety-Fuge
May 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 176)
Bill Simon Negative Force to eliminate a suit
1952 52
Bob Somerfeld Cornered! spectator in corner of the room with deck thinks of one card, card is divined, force
1952 12
The Amazing Maurice Mental Telephone Telepathy stranger names selected card, probability method
1961 24
Edward Marlo Key Card Plus Estimation: Twelfth Method based on principle that spectator shuffles top card to bottom in small packet overhand shuffle
Variations 1962 33
John S. Frazee Shuffle Force principle that spectator shuffles top card to bottom in small packet overhand shuffle
1964 15
Edward Marlo, Millard Lichter Latest Spectator's Open Prediction memorized deck, psychological force with divination out
  • Method 14
Related to Fall 1969
Hierophant (Issue 1)
Edward Marlo Marlo's Original Solution to the Open Prediction psychological force
Fall 1969
Hierophant (Issue 1)
Gerald Kosky Tele-Mental five cards on table, thought of card starts to move
Inspired byAlso published here 1971
Magick (Issue 35)
Packet Stop Force
July 1972
Epilogue (Issue 15 (Part 1))
Joseph K. Schmidt The Card Thought Of spectator looks at card in spread (effectively one of three), it is reproduced from pocket
  • No-Palm Method
see also p. 648 for credit information
Aug. 1973 650
Edward G. Brown The Card Chosen by Elimination
1973 190
Edward G. Brown A Card Named by an Assistant to force a card
1973 191
Edward G. Brown The Performer Draws a Card from the Pack Held by a Spectator
1973 194
Gene Nielsen Homage to Koran card at number, hands-off version
Magick (Issue 72)
Allan Ackerman Dropping A Card forcing "any" card in peek position, thought of touch
1978 57
Edward Marlo High Card Force spectator is asked to think of highest card
1979 141
Tom Craven Shadows psychological force, prediction of one ESP card
Magick (Issue 238)
B.C. Milnov Xandu! spectator's apparently see thought of card on ceiling
Magick (Issue 264)
Think-a-card Force
Dec. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 12)
Derek Dingle Ultra Thot Card from a fanned deck, with outs
Related to 1981 3
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Fan Optics from a fanned deck, thought of card has different back color
1981 9
Roger Crosthwaite Think-a-Card Force psychological force, timing
1981 10
Juan Tamariz Carta a la Orden named card is located, example to show how to alter the memory of spectators
1981 10
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Psychological Force "Ribbon-Spread Techniques"
Related to 1982 128
Tom Potente Overhand Shuffle Mental Force
Aug. 1983
Apocalypse (Vol. 6 No. 8)
Bill Herz, Paul Cummins The Hedonists Make Up All the Rules forcing a card with verbal magician's choice
VariationsAlso published here 1983 39
Orville Wayne Meyer Subliminal 1 showing five ESP card, one is shown a little bit longer than the other cards
June 1984
Magick (Issue 333)
Pocket Force spectator is hurried to remove card from pocketed deck
1985 1
Joker Force psychological
1985 1
Eugene Burger Card Force one of eleven cards is forced
1989 115
Brother John Hamman Sealed-Room Mystery thought-of card into sealed envelope, thought of with strange procedure ("opposite suit and opposite sex...")
Variations 1989 61
T. Page Wright Psychological Card Problems introduction to psychological forces and things like that
  • Psychological Forces
1991 278
T. Page Wright Psychological Number Forces seven and fifteen, usage for card divination
1991 279
T. Page Wright Force from Ten Cards psychological, face up or down
1991 281
T. Page Wright Psychological Color Force red, used in card work
1991 282
T. Page Wright Forcing One of Two or Five Cards handling for psychological force, as divination with two-way out (waiting for reaction when tabling one of the cards face up)
1991 283
Sid Fleischman The Crimp Force gambling for seventeen
1993 129
Chuck Smith Imagination card forced only with equivoque
Related to 1994 9
John Northern Hilliard Fragment: Notes for a Chapter on The Psychology of Magic collection of different psychological forces of numbers and cards
1994 1154
Roger Crosthwaite Variation Three: Retention-of-Vision
Inspired by 1994 52
Roger Crosthwaite Think-a-Force cards spread through with the faces towards the spectator, psychological force
  • Controlling the Gaze
Related to 1994 59
Die Siebzehnerforce number seventeen
Mar. 1995
Intermagic (Vol. 19 No. 2)
Paul Cummins, Bill Herz The Hedonists Make Up All The Rules forcing a card with verbal magician's choice
VariationsAlso published here 1996
The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue Brainstorm in the Bahamas)
Karl Fulves Remotely Possible spectator thinks of odd-backed card, ungaffed, psychological force
Inspired by 1996 10
Forcing the Card equivoque handling, one out of four
1996 27
George G. Kaplan, Jörg Alexander Weber Das Fächerforcieren nach Kaplan
  • Ausweichstrategien bei der Fächerforce
Also published here 1996 190
Eddie Clever Three-Thought Coincidence card cut to and remembered, another spectator removes and pockets a card, a third spectator thinks of one, they all match, from notes by Max Abrams
Inspired by
  • "Impossible Yet?" (Eddie Clever, Thought Wings Onward, 1939)
Jan. 1998
Onyx (Issue 2)
Joe Berg, Richard Osterlind Psychological Fan Force
1999 32
Justin Higham Force-as-I-Force spectator and performer each think of a card in two decks, deck exchanged and cards removed, they match
1999 68
Jörg Alexander Weber, George G. Kaplan The Fan Force According to Kaplan
Also published here 2000 205
Chan Canasta An Impossible Choice spectator selects three cards and only thinks of one of them, second spectator choses one of four card from second deck and they match
2000 52
Chan Canasta The Analysis spectator selects three cards and then decides on one, it happens to be the same card as other spectator has chosen before
2000 63
Simon Lovell The Frisk of the Risk! effect done with named card, risky, juke box principle, set-up of often named cards
2000 187
Karl Fulves Unbreakable one card peeked at, one card thought-of in fan by another spectator, they are the same
2001 109
Terry LaGerould It's All in Your Mind spectator thinks of highest card in five-card packet, then vanishes from another five-card packet, then all other cards vanish except selection from packet
2001 22
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Psychological Fan Force only picture card in group
2002 68
Karl Fulves Further Notes on the psychological fan force
2002 69
Al Baker Mental Force purely with words (!)
2003 721
Imp Force top card forced as cards are dribbled off thumb
2004 6
Psychological Packet Cut Force
2007 102
Arie Vilner Your Favorite Heart verbal psychological force of the Heart suit, followed by instructions to remove a card with a lot of white-space, leads to force card
2009 90
Jim Steinmeyer The Small Packet Samba forces Six of Clubs, verbal force employing a few cards
Aug. 2013
Genii (Vol. 76 No. 8)
Joe Williamson Psychological Force Seven of Clubs
2013 18
Joseph Barry Thoughts on the Psychological Spread Force spectator thinks of cards while performer fans them with faces towards spectator
2014 18
Colin McLeod Tossed Without Deck tossed out deck without deck, three cards are thought off and divined / predicted
2014 52
Michael Murray Springboard spectator forms a card by compare it with his selection
  • The Knowing
  • The Killer (approach to Kenton Knepper's "Kolossal Killer")
  • Duplopia (approach to Paul Vigil's "Diplopia")
  • Springback
  • Invisible Deck Application
  • Springboard for the Stage
  • Increasing Accuracy
  • Springboard Suit Exchange for Perfectionists
  • Back Tracking
  • Other Applications
  • Watch This
  • Springboard & Letters
  • Springboard & Colours
  • Closing Thoughts
Inspired by 2014 164
Pavel, Dani DaOrtiz Verbal Card Force classic force from imaginary deck, cards named by performer
Related to
  • "Forzaje Psicológico" (Dani DaOrtiz, Libertad de Expresion)
Also published here
Oct. 2014
Genii (Vol. 77 No. 10)
Patrick G. Redford Mental Elimination + Covert Grouping concept to get spectator to name the only card missing from deck, based on Mental Elimination concept and careful wording
2014 109
Andy (The Jerx) Reverse Psychology Handling for the spread force added with some psychological subtleties to make it extra fair (allow them to apparently change their mind)
2016 203
Tyler Wilson IKEA Force spectator forces card on himself, "muscle writing"
2017 21
殷欣 (Sion) 杯杯 (Cup Cup) Magician correctly divines the card spectator is thinking of, propless
Related to 2017 50
Count-Down Force forcing the seventh card, two methods, one using Curious Count
2019 33
Timing Force cards dealt in batches
2019 46
Juan Tamariz Card to Order (A Practical Example) someone names a number and other person names suit to construct card, card is instantly produced
2019 120
Nathan Kranzo Thought of Card Revelation Spectator sees card in spread, you produce it after some fishing
2021 112
Dani DaOrtiz Stop anytime (pretending to misunderstand) spectator deals through shuffled deck face up and stops on force card, any card from shuffled deck can be forced (no setup), can still arrive at force card even if spectator stops a few cards away
2021 46
Dani DaOrtiz Using a high/low card setup for two spectators one spectator asked to think of low card and other to think of high card, from random point in deck a few cards are shown to each spectator, both cards are forced
2021 47
Dani DaOrtiz Issuing the order before stating your intent forcing one card of four face-down cards, not sure-fire
2021 51
Dani DaOrtiz Verbally forcing a card (first system) specific card is forced from an imaginary deck of cards, cards named by performer, see references for later applications in book
Related toAlso published here 2021 58
Dani DaOrtiz Verbally forcing a card (second system) similar to first system (above) but only value is forced, not suit, allowing more overall sense of freedom
2021 58
Dani DaOrtiz PM Method. (Particular Moment Method) strategies to plant specific information with a spectator or extract information that he freely thinks of, all during performance, many psychological and verbal details that make these techniques deceptive, see reference for later application in book
  • Method broken up by phases
    • Initial phase
    • Lapse phase (p. 86)
      • Double situation during the lapse phase
    • Final phase (p. 87)
  • Pursuing a goal (p. 88)
  • PM Method Reference Sheet
    • Initial phase
    • Lapse phase
    • Final phase
Related to 2021 85
Dani DaOrtiz, Pavel Imaginary deck force card is thought of from imaginary deck as performer names cards
Related to 2021 123