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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Professor Hoffmann Chapter IV. Marked Cards, and Tricks Therewith
1889 52
John Ackerman Dichotomy Follow-Up performer names spade card which spectator put in his pocket, marked faces
Inspired by June 1967 104
Docc Hilford It's a Lu Lu blindfolded, performer stops at three selection, think stop
2004 5
Docc Hilford 3D Star Marking System 26 cards with tactile marks
2004 5
Docc Hilford The Lulu Night Club Act nightclub act, three spectators select a card and write their names on them, blindfolded performer locates cards, reveals names and gives readings
2004 9
Geno Munari Geno Munari's Thought Wave card thought of, eight piles shown to spectator to ask whether he sees one of the same value etc., deck shuffled at the start, age cards
2022 30