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Carl Willmann Der Geisterknoten multiple knots appear in rope
Sep. 1904
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 9)
Edward Bagshawe A Visitor from Down Under séance on stage with lights on, magician is tied to chair with screen around him and still from within the screen a bell rings, writing appears, knots tie in a rope, etc., trapdoor for assistant to reach under
1936 ca. 74
The Flip Knot knot appears in end of rope
1941 ca. 20
Guarding the Line rope tied on wrists of two spectators, knots appear when light is turned out
1941 ca. 24
Adolph Ferber Adolph Ferber's Spectre Tie knot appears on tube on rope, under handkerchief
1941 ca. 25
Keith Clark Rope Royale rope cut into three pieces restores, several knots appear at once, they vanish again
  • As the Spectator Sees It
  • The Rope to Use
  • Preparation
    • To Prepare the Rope with Cement
    • To Put On Caesar Rope Gimmick
    • Clean Cuts
  • Presentation
    • Knots Reappear
    • Knots Dissolve
    • Samples
1942 4
Milbourne Christopher Christopher's Three Knots in a Rope three knots appear, one disappears, one is untied, one is taken off
1942/27 339
Hindu Knots knots appear and disappear
1942/27 355
Dr. Zina Bennett Nifty Knots knots appear in rope
1943/27 96
J. B. Bobo Knots to You "J. S. Bobo" (?), rope curled around hand, number named, that many knots appear in rope, one is blown away
Also published here Nov. 1945 164
Milbourne Christopher Reel Knot knot appears on rope, reel
Nov. 1946 264
J. B. Bobo Knots to You rope in hand, number named, that many knots appear, then one is blown off
Also published here 1947 121
Charles Roltare The Double Knotter appearance of two knots
1948/27 326
Jack Yeager The Appearing Knot
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1949)
Milbourne Christopher Slade Knots Up-Dated rope tied to a loop, four knots appear
  • Nailing the Knots
  • Under the Table
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • Fourth Dimension
June 1949 551
John A. M. Howie Caught Knot knots appear on rope
Also published here Oct. 1950
The Phoenix (Issue 214)
John A. M. Howie Caught Knot knots appear on rope
Also published here 1956 87
Arthur Setterington The Indian Rope Trick knot disappears twice in rope and appears again, story of the indian rope trick
1968 7
E. Leslie May En Rapport two ropes, sympathetic knots, knots are tied in one rope and then knots are found in second rope
1968 118
C. D. Oeloff Cordini's Double Knot two knots at once
Also published here 1968 25
Martin Gardner Martin Gardner's Magic Knot scissors on rope, ends held by spectators and performer is able to make a knot around scissors under handkerchief
Also published here
  • in "Hugard's Magic Monthly*
1968 34
U. F. Grant U. F. Grant's Spirit Knots rope placed inside bag, knot appears on rope
1968 81
Arthur Setterington Chinese Rope Routine story routine about Confucius and a magician
  • appearance of a knot
  • one handed knot
  • dissolving and appearing knots
  • to "dissolve" a knot
  • to make two knots appear
  • the appearance of two knots
  • to tie a knot in a rope without letting go of the ends of the rope
  • to cause a number of knots to appear
1972 31
Spirit Knots multiple knots appear on rope, in bag
1976 142
Nick van Setten Nick van Setten's Knot Production apparently throwing knot on rope
Also published here 1976 42
George Sands Life Saving Knots appearance of several knots on rope
Also published here 1976 44
Tan Hock Chuan Chuan's Appearing Knot
1977 26
Tony Slydini Slydini's Rope Knots knot appears at end of rope multiple times
Variations 1979 22
Dick Koornwinder Naughty Knot knots appear and jump, fake knots, knot at elastic
1984 11
Blitzknoten appearance of three knots at once
Also published here 1984 13
Manfred Cattarius 1. Knotenroutine three knots appear in rope, knots are removed and appear again
1984 20
Martin Gardner Las Vegas Knot knot appears or not
Related toAlso published here
  • Scientific American, September 1983
1986 58
Pat Conway The Appearing Knots knots appear when rope is passed through hand, they are then untied
1987 76
Hiroshi Sawa Spirit Knots rope cut in two places, the parts knot itself with appearing knots, then the rope restores
1988 128
Hiroshi Sawa Napoleon's Knots three knots appear, are untied, appear again and vanish
1988 133
Hiroshi Sawa Torrio Los Ropes three separate ropes are tossed up, comes down as a loop with ropes knotted together, becomes one rope
1988 140
Hiroshi Sawa Rope-Size Mystery two ropes of different colors, knots appear and the ropes change length
1988 152
Philip Reed Willmarth The Acrobat knot appears in rope
Also published here 1989 23
Karl Fulves, Milbourne Christopher Triple Knots No. 4, three knots appear in rope
Also published here 1990 8
Name a Number No. 11, rope coiled in hand, spectator names small number, that number of knots appear in rope
1990 22
Half a Square No. 18, knot appears in rope under impossible conditions with the ends tied
1990 38
Karl Fulves Self-Taught Ropes No. 28, two ropes put over shoulders of spectator, a knot appears behind his back on each rope, secret one-handed knotting
1990 56
C. D. Oeloff The Double Knot No. 31, two knots appear in rope
Also published here 1990 60
Dr. Zina Bennett, Senor Charles Mardo, Stewart Judah, John Braun Double-Ring Ceremony No. 32, two borrowed finger-rings put on rope, a knot appears around each
Related to 1990 61
Dr. Weiner, Karl Fulves Knot at All No. 45, knot tied in rope, spectator cuts knot off, restoration, knot reappears
1990 89
Karl Fulves Spirit Knots No. 55, rope and ring put in paper bag, three knots appear in rope and ring is tied in chosen knot
1990 114
T. Page Wright Appearing Knots
1991 329
Pavel Das flinke Seil ends of rope knot by themselves, cut rope is restored, magnetic
1995 16
Milbourne Christopher Der Blitzknoten rope tied in loop, knot appears
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 3)
Snap Knot one-handed
1997 2
Arthur Ward Knots by Mail rope appears in envelope, then it is pulled through the envelopes and knots appear
1998 168
Ronnie Lee X-Ray Mind different ropes on board with hooks, performer holds rope and duplicates magically the condition of the selected ropes via color change, appearing knots, and so on
2000 52
Al Schneider Much Ado About Knotting, Part II
  • The Schneider Technique
rope routine with knots that vanish, appear, come off
Apr. 2001
Genii (Vol. 64 No. 4)
Francis Tabary, Flip Hallema Instant Appearance of Four Knots with extra piece
2004 170
Francis Tabary Appearance and Vanish of a Knot on a Rope Ring with extra piece
2004 174
Francis Tabary Doubling a Knot knot appears on end of rope
2004 190
Nick van Setten Nick van Setten's Knot Production apparently throwing knot on rope
Also published here 2014 52
George Sands Life Saving Knots appearance of several knots on rope
Also published here 2014 54