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Francis J. Rigney Five Knots - One Impossible!
Variations July 1948 441
C. D. Oeloff Cordini's Double Knot two knots at once
Also published here 1968 25
Satan's "Quicker Than U Think" quick flourish knot
1968 30
Tan Hock Chuan Tan Hock Chuan's Appearing Knot flourish knot
1968 30
Joseph H. Fries The Fastest Knot on Record
1968 33
Flip Hallema Knot Able knot routine, different false and flourish knots
1972 5
The Appearing Knot flourish one-handed kont
Related to 1976 135
Das Knotenschiessen William Tell Knot
1984 5
Knotenwerfen flourish knot
1984 7
R. C. Buff Instant Tying and Vanishing using two-handed rapid knots to go into position for Chefalo knot
1987 12
Wilfred Sellten Satin's Knot
1989 8
The Harpoon Knot flourish knot
1989 10
Philip Reed Willmarth The Fisherman's Knot flourish knot
1989 12
The William Tell Knot flourish knot
Related to 1989 14
Philip Reed Willmarth The Robin Hood Knot flourish knot, follow up for Robin Hood Knot
1989 16
J. B. Bobo, Philip Reed Willmarth The Strike Knot (Throwing a Knot) flourish one-handed kont
Related to 1989 21
Philip Reed Willmarth The High Diver flourish knot
1989 24
Philip Reed Willmarth The Cowboy Knot flourish knot
1989 25
Flip Hallema, Philip Reed Willmarth The Model T Ford Knot flourish one-handed
1989 29
Philip Reed Willmarth The Airplane Knot flourish knot
1989 31
Pavel The High Flying Knot rope tossed in the air, flourish knot
1989 33
Philip Reed Willmarth The Willmarth Snap Knot (Throwing a Loop) one-handed flourish knot
1989 34
Herb Zarrow The Pendulum or Lazy Magician's Knot flourish knot
Also published here
  • Herb Zarrow's "The Pendulum or Lazy Magician's Knot" in Karl Fulves "Close-Up Folio" No.12 /1979
1989 36
Karl Fulves Flourish Knots chapter intro
1990 54
Throw Knot No. 26
1990 54
Fake Unknot No. 30, knot apparently untied, but still there
1990 58
C. D. Oeloff The Double Knot No. 31, two knots appear in rope
Also published here 1990 60
George Sands William Tell Knot with a Variation simple knot and figure eight knot
Also published here
  • George Sands' "56 Years of Magic: Volume 7" 1993.
2014 83