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Carl Willmann Der Geisterknoten multiple knots appear in rope
Sep. 1904
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 9)
Two at a Time making a knot with each hand, with one rope
1941 ca. 21
Any Number of Knots appearance of multiple knots, with variations
1941 ca. 23
Jean Hugard Hugard Climax appearing of many knots after stretching of rope
Mar. 1950
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 7 No. 10)
C. D. Oeloff Cordini's Double Knot two knots at once
Also published here 1968 25
Arthur Setterington Chinese Rope Routine story routine about Confucius and a magician
  • appearance of a knot
  • one handed knot
  • dissolving and appearing knots
  • to "dissolve" a knot
  • to make two knots appear
  • the appearance of two knots
  • to tie a knot in a rope without letting go of the ends of the rope
  • to cause a number of knots to appear
1972 31
Spirit Knots multiple knots appear on rope, in bag
1976 142
Knotenseil appearance of multiple knots
1984 10
Blitzknoten appearance of three knots at once
Also published here 1984 13
Joseph K. Schmidt Triplets three knots at once
1987 18
Karl Fulves, Milbourne Christopher Triple Knots No. 4, three knots appear in rope
Also published here 1990 8
C. D. Oeloff The Double Knot No. 31, two knots appear in rope
Also published here 1990 60