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Henry Durkin Unlocked Card deck with holes in one corner, one card is selected and added to six other cards, cards are then secured with a padlock and under a handkerchief selection is pulled out
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1960)
Lu Brent Lox deck with hole on lock, selection peeked, removed under handkerchief, glued peek-card, see also p. 15 for additional ideas, see p. 737 for credit information
Also published here Dec. 1965 5
Lu Brent Lox deck hole-punched with lock, selection penetrates lock
Also published here 1975 159
Wayne Dobson Locked deck has hole in corner, one card selected, deck put in bag with a padlock and shaken, only selection is found locked onto lock
Inspired by
  • "CardLock" (Wayne Dobson, Pro-File)
2002 10