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Unknown How to terrify such as are entirely unacquainted with the Nature of Phosphorus writing and drawing on walls, glowing in the dark, lighting a match Breslaw's Last Legacy 96
Unknown Die gehorsamen Streichhölzer matches in water with heads toward center, the move out in star formation Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 2 No. 11) 173
Antonio Molini Das furchtsame Streichhölzchen rubber-banded match shoots out when ignited Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 6) 93
Emil Clauß Das wandernde Zweimarkstück marked coin to matchbox that is in the hand of the spectator Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 4 No. 8) 123
Unknown Streichholz-Rätsel layout puzzle Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 2) 31
Talmi Bellachini Ein Streichholzscherz burning a match with its head down without burning oneself Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 4) 62
Fr. Maubach Die schwedische Streichholzschachtel als Ringdose using matchbox as ring case to steal inserted ring out Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 4) 60
Unknown Ein Licht anzünden, ohne dessen Docht zu berühren No. 3, blowing out a candle an igniting a match by being only near the wick Der Amateurzauberer 158
Antonio Molini Ein Zündholz mit einem Tropfen Wasser anzuzünden "lighting a match with a drop of water" Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 10) 159
Unknown To Lift Three Matches with One The Modern Conjurer 301
Unknown A Bridge of Matches The Modern Conjurer 314
Unknown To Exchange the Ring or Rings - ring placed on finger and dropped in glass, sleight-of-hand
- ring slid on wand switched on way to stage
- matchbox to steal out ring
Later Magic 189
Buatier de Kolta Production from a Match-Box Later Magic 222
Joseph Michael Hartz Contrivances for "Passing Off" getting borrowed items behind stage
- The Hartz Bottle
- The Hartz Matchbox
Also published here Later Magic 49
Unknown Das magnetische Streichhölzchen match moves by itself, blowing Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 6) 93
Carl Willmann Die verschwindenden Streichhölzchen matches vanish, slipped under finger ring Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 4) 62
A. J. Die Streichholzschachtel im Dienste der Magie uses of match box in magic tricks, back palm with matchbox
1. appearing silk
2. vanishing silik
3. color change with matchbox cover as secret tube
4. matchboxes travel from one hat to another
5. vanishing matches
6. coin travels from box to box
7. double color changing silk in rolled up paper, silk to paper streamer
8. appearing spring flowers
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 7) 101
Unknown The Mysterious Match match blown out through sleeve The Art of Magic 332
Joseph Michael Hartz Contrivances for "Passing Off" getting borrowed items behind stage
- The Hartz Bottle
- The Hartz Matchbox
Also published here Magical Titbits 202
Tom Sellers Escapo match through matchbox Tricks That Work 3
Tom Sellers Match Divination spectator removes matches, performer divines number of remaining matches Tricks That Work 3
Tom Sellers A Novel Match Box and Die Trick multiple out one out of six predictionVariations Tricks That Work 16
Oswald Rae Box of Matches and Silk silk appears then it changes places with matches in a matchbox More Practical Patter 17
Oswald Rae Cigarette Production miser's dream with cigarettes and a hat, finally a matchbox is produced More Practical Patter 34
Tom Sellers The Cut Tape and Match Box Sellers' Secrets 7
Tom Sellers The Phantom Domino domino vanishes from match box Sellers' Secrets 12
Tom Sellers Novel Silk Vanish matchbox covers stacked, silk pushed inside vanishes Magical Pleasantries 6
Tom Sellers The Revolving Match-Box matchbox spins between fingers, held with nails Magical Pleasantries 10
Laurie Ireland Improved Giant Match from Purse Ireland Writes a Book 12
Lu Brent He Watches the Matches Three matchboxes, one full two empty. Matchbox monte routine, ending is all three boxes are empty (rattle box) Novel Magic 13
Lu Brent The Traveling Cigarettes and Matches Matchbox and cigarette pack covered with cardboard covers, repeatedly change places Novel Magic 17
Lu Brent A Match Box Melange Dollar bill vanishes, travels to matchbox that was previously full of matches (matches have vanished, leaving only the bill) Novel Magic 11
Lu Brent Matches of Jinx Single match is lit up, multiplies into two, three or even four lit matches Novel Magic 10
Harry Valcarte The Reverso Match match reverses in fist, head always on other side Expert Manipulative Magic 36
Fred DeMuth A Divination with Matches number of remaining matches divined, see page 99 for improvement by Herbert R. HoodAlso published here The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 11) 55
Tom Sellers Match Monte finding burnt match between fingers Quick Tricks 4
Theodore Annemann, John Northern Hilliard More Higher Magic match is tossed to ceiling and hangs there on headRelated to The Jinx 1-50 (Issue Winter Extra 1935/36) 87
Edward Victor A Novel Matchbox Transposition content in matchboxes Magic of the Hands 115
Edward Victor A Useful "Tip" gaffed matchbox, for back palming it, angles are improved Magic of the Hands 117
Unknown A Match Divination number of matches in matchbook divined after tearing some out and adding digits The Magic Annual for 1937 88
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Match Box Monte rattle gimmick The Strange Inventions of Doctor Ervin 36
John Goodrum A Coin, A Match, And A Thimble head of match broken off, placed on coin and covered with thimble, restores back on matchRelated toVariations You'd be Surprised 58
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Inverted Match Through Fist match turns over as it is pushed through fist The Strange Inventions of Doctor Ervin 38
Frank N. Dodd The Double Steal number "selected" with dice is predicted by number of matchesRelated toAlso published here The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 36) 244
Edward Victor A Match Divination divination of amount of selected matchesRelated to Magic of the Hands 114
Al Saal Silks and Matches silk and matches in match box transpose Greater Magic 596
Unknown Three Useful Wrinkles - With a Matchbox as memory aid Greater Magic 834
William H. McCaffrey The Jumping Match or Toothpick Related to Greater Magic 830
Unknown A Pretty Match Flourish "The effect is that of a lighted match suddenly materializing in the air." Greater Magic 826
Unknown The Tricky Thumble match appears under thimble with gag presentation Greater Magic 832
Unknown The Floating Match up and down on top of matchbox Greater Magic 830
Unknown Striking a Match in the Air flourish Greater Magic 828
Harry Stern Equine Matchistry creating horse figure out of paper matches The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 41) 280
Unknown The Linking Matches between the fingers and thumbs, two methods Greater Magic 827
Unknown It Strikes Again burnt match can be used again The Jinx 1-50 (Issue Winter Extra 1937/38) 271
Unknown The Travelling Matches hand to hand Greater Magic 825
Unknown The Flying Matches matches from matchbook to pocket Greater Magic 829
Unknown Vanishing Matches vanishing from box Greater Magic 830
Martin Gardner Color Trouble head of paper match changes color The Jinx 1-50 (Issue Winter Extra 1937/38) 275
Unknown Divination with Matches number of matches moved is divined by performer Greater Magic 827
Minoe Matchless Pocket Trick two matchboxes in borrowed hat, one of them vanishes and travels to another hat The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 73) 492
Frank Chapman, Jack Keyes Picture of a Prophecy matches in matchbook vanish and name of selection appears written inside Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 8) 3
Howard Warringer Hoo-Matchpac manipulation idea with matchbook Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 5) 4
Unknown Method for Obtaining First Coin for Miser's Dream from matchbook The Magic Annual for 1938 and 1939 58
George Sutcliffe, Tom Sellers Repel-Attract matches move apart between fingers, rubber tubingVariations The Jinx 51-100 (Issue Summer Extra 1939) 412
Frank Chapman Again - The Cigarette from Nowhere cigarette and match appear, miming to roll a cigarette, see Chapman "More Odds & Ends" for creditsRelated to Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 8) 4
Franklin M. Chapman Impromptu Match Routine - blowing match out through sleeve
- burnt match head pops off, invisible hair
- vanish of pieces
- jumbo match appears
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 12) 3
Paul Lesser Light That Was blowing match out through sleeve with new method The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 55) 392
Franklin M. Chapman Match-Ic Numbers number appears on head of match, mental calculation Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 3) 4
William Larsen For Magi Only! vanish of matches Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 7) 3
Joseph Ovette Match-Ic Manipulation five matches vanish and appear in matchbox Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 8) 3
Abril Lamarque Match Gag gag in which match doesn't go out and is then put in pocket lightened The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 75) 498
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Tips on thin coins, matches and gamblers Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 11) 4
George Delaney Flame in Duplicate match lights twiceRelated to The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 88) 553
R. C. Buff Match Hypocrisy Related to The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 101) 615
Unknown Matches to Silk The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 123) 717
Fred DeMuth Folder Mathematics spectator tears out matches, number of matches divinedAlso published here After the Dessert 10
Al Baker The Flying Match Head The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magical Ways and Means) 262
J. B. Ward Shooting the Match match and match box configuration on table, one match leaning against another shoots away After the Dessert 11
Tom Sellers Giant Match Trick match grows under handkerchief Condensed Conjuring 13
Unknown Match Folder Wager bet that spectator cannot light twenty matches in a row with one strike After the Dessert 10
Unknown The Nazi Cross gag After the Dessert 11
Martin Gardner Lighting a Match Twice multiple methods After the Dessert 8
Paul LePaul Color Changing Heads After the Dessert 9
T. Nelson Downs Matchless Digits three matches disappear and reappear in bare hands Select Secrets 30
Danny Morris, Doc Hurwitz Betch - bar bet, predicting which side lands up, when tossing a match box
- betting burning a handkerchief without injuring it
The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 21) 89
Laurie Ireland Matchless Magic match is blown out normally and second one through the sleeve, then both are relighted and when blown at one both go out Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1942) 4
Milbourne Christopher Match Stickler burnt match vanishes and appears in spectator's hand among unburnt matches The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 16) 66
Danny Morris, Doc Hurwitz Betcha word play bet with a coin and three matches The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 22) 93
Dave Spindell, Clayton Rawson Out of the Smoke paper match turns into light cigarette, three more cigarettes appearAlso published here The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 11) 41
Al O'Hagan Allow Me matchbook opens and a match stands up on it's own The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 51) 210
Verne Chesbro, James G. Thompson Jr. Popper Upper match on business card covered by matchbook, penetrates it twice, match vanishes in the endRelated toVariations The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 43) 176
Wilbur Nesbitt The Match Box Die Box idea Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1943) 32
John Batton Striking Experiment matchbook put in water, matches can still be ignited Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 1 No. 1) 3
Tom Sellers The Match Jumper jumps from hand into air Magical Mixture 12
Earl Morgan Rising Flame flame from match floats up to light cigarette Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1943) 15
Byron Churchill First Fumes performer mimes rolling a cigarette, lights a match and later blows smoke from his mouth The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 45) 187
Jean Hugard The Long and Short of It "A Sure Force"
forcing an object by letting the spectator selects a match, short piece and normal match
Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 1 No. 2) 6
Richard Himber Paper Match Throwing match landing on the side, bar bet The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 28) 118
Al Cohn Betcha holding a burning paper match upside down for 50 seconds The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 32) 132
John R. Boyko, John McCormick Blitz-Match winning gameRelated to
  • correction on page 154
The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 36) 149
L. Vosburgh Lyons Match Puzzle eleven matches, triangleRelated to
  • page 171 for the solution
The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 40) 167
Unknown Rising and Falling Match match floats up and down in filled bottle Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 71
Audley Walsh Audley Walsh Match Routine two matches appear, travel, .. Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 65
Richard Himber Match on Edge match on edge stunt with new method Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 70
P. T. Selbit Match through Safety Pin Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 68
Milbourne Christopher Match Stickler match travels into spectator's hand Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 63
Bruce Elliott Back To Back coin appears between two matchbooks The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 52) 215
Floyd G. Thayer Matchless steel ball through filled match box, angles The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 71) 288
Theodore DeLand Home Made Magic gaffed matchbox, slide turns 180°, matches fall out The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 71) 289
Will Goldston Diminuendo matchbox shrinks twice The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 71) 290
Milbourne Christopher, Bob Hummer Under Cover ideas with a matchbook, as an ambush for a list, for a shiner, to pick up daub, picking up a coinAlso published here The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 53) 218
LeRoy E. Larson Matchbook Hook transforming a matchbook so it can be used like a hooked coin Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 1 No. 11) 46
Herb Runge Wholly Smokes! routine with cigarette and match, glass of wine appears and disappears under a handkerchief, bill to cigarette The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 70) 284
Paul Morris Three in One Inspired byAlso published here Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 3) 61
Bob Hummer Take Your Hat Off (This will burn 'em up) with flash paper under cover of a hatAlso published here Six-Trix for 1944 6
Tom Bowyer Match Vanish after lighting a cigarette Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 1 No. 11) 46
Tom Fitzgerald A Cute Betcha match balancing on edge of a match, everything is covered under a glass, removing match without touching anything The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 53) 217
John C. Holoubeck The Spirit Match initials of card appear on head of burnt matchRelated to Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 7) 88
Unknown Card Force with Matchbox big matchbox, card force Miracles in Mentalism and Psychic Experimentation 26
Milbourne Christopher An Oldie with a New Twist coin travels into empty matchbox The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 92) 374
Ray H. Cason Cigarette Pack to Match Box Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1945) 33
Paul Morris Three In One Inspired byAlso published here My Best 181
Shaman Shaman's Lucifers two matchboxes, in one the matches are burnt, then they change places with the unburnt matches in the other matchboxRelated to
  • Stuart Robson's "Tips on Flashpaper"
The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 83) 336
Milbourne Christopher A Match Tip a burning match is split in two The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 80) 327
Jean Hugard Cigar Gas gag with cigar and match Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 12) 119
Unknown A Light Interlude match goes out repeatedly just as a cigarette is about to be lit, same if spectator tries (chemically) Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3 No. 6) 165
Richard Lindahl Psychic Match Mystery card is selected which has the same value as the amount of secretly moved matches Miracles in Mentalism and Psychic Experimentation 9
Harold Rasmus The Crystal Flame spectators name selected cards by looking at flame of a match Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1946) 19
Francis J. Rigney More Matches single match becomes a fan of several matches Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3 No. 9) 192
Bruce Elliott No Time Lost back in time presentation, a match is broken in a handkerchief, the other matches are ignited in the box, then everything is back to normal, the match used to ignite the other matches burns a second time The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 109) 437
Milbourne Christopher Match to Dollar rebuilding "Match to Flower" Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3 No. 8) 184
Bruce Elliott Match? match book refills The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 139) 559
Billy McComb William Amid the Fakirs gazing at a match causing it to ignite The First Book of William 42
J. B. Bobo Match Penetration between thumb and first finger of both hands Watch This One! 115
Francis Carlyle Decapitation head of match is scratched off, reappears, lights Stars of Magic (Vol. 4 No. 1) 57
Unknown Match Puzzle The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 120) 484
Louis Tannen Flash Flower match to flower routine The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 132) 529
Frederick Mosteller Thesis named number appears on burnt matchRelated to The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 118) 475
Unknown The Fifteen Match-Sticks Puzzle game/puzzle The Fine Art of Magic 279
Paul Draylin Double Lite The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 145) 584
Kenny Grosse Flashpaper idea The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 164) 658
Gerald Kosky Matchaskill miraskill with matchesRelated to The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 145) 581
George B. Anderson "Easy Money" Mindreading matchbook and carbon paperVariations It Must Be Mindreading 9
Robert Lund A Story Goes With It one of four match boxes is predicted The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 186) 744
Jack Yeager As the Penny Flies matchbook as a tray, penny travels to other pennies Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1949) 26
Dr. Boris Zola Doc Zola's Magnet Routine matches penetrate card, with matchbook Over the Coffee Cups 13
Unknown The Hobo's Prayer penny changes into dime, with prepared matchbook Over the Coffee Cups 15
Unknown Grasshopper Matches jumping match Over the Coffee Cups 10
Unknown Have a Light match balanced on finger and strike match behind ear Over the Coffee Cups 11
Unknown Rocket Matches match zooms across the room, gag Over the Coffee Cups 12
Unknown, Jerry Lukins Mike and Ike matches in bottle with water sink and come back up again Over the Coffee Cups 13
Unknown Match, Nickel, and Glass match balanced on edge of coin is moved, under glass Over the Coffee Cups 25
Fred Peterson Match Head Amputation in spectator's hand Over the Coffee Cups 16
Unknown Floating Match burning match, behind fingers Over the Coffee Cups 9
Unknown Strike Match on Bill igniting match with Dollar bill Over the Coffee Cups 4
Unknown Happy Birthday practical joke with matches Over the Coffee Cups 11
Unknown Kiddie Kar practical joke with matches Over the Coffee Cups 11
Unknown The Three Bears joke with matches Over the Coffee Cups 13
Unknown Match Penetration - 1 classic Over the Coffee Cups 12
Unknown Match Penetration - 2 with paper matches, visual Over the Coffee Cups 13
John Howie Pyromaniac with two paper matches and flash paper The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 175) 700
Bob Hummer Hot Head with flash paper under cover of a hatAlso published here The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 174) 699
Martin Gardner, Bill Simon It's a Natural No. 11, Spectator tears out matches from matchbook, performer uses number of matches to select card from seven-card packet, which is correctly predictedVariationsAlso published here Scarne on Card Tricks 23
Robert Lund Lucifers! several spectators get different books of matches to hold, they turn out to be all the same The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 205) 820
Bruce Elliott Full! empty matchbook turns into a full one The Phoenix 201 — 250 (Issue 209) 836
Bill Nord Hairy Flare moving match box, with burning match The Phoenix 201 — 250 (Issue 211) 842
Robert Lund Levencenter dime is put in matchbook and does not fall out The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 213) 853
Russell Swann The Photographic Match No. 36, Card is selected, match is lit and when extinguished, name of card appears on head of matchRelated to Scarne on Card Tricks 65
John Murray Murray's Muse matchbook gag The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 223) 893
Don Alan You Have Wax in Your Match Box matchbox to obtain wax, daub etc. Close-Up Time wit Don Alan 10
George Goldberg Matchum The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 225) 900
Will Baffel The Girl with the Eggs puzzle with matches The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 232) 929
Walter Essman Matchic match book with two matches, match is broken and restored, then burnt and new again, the second match is found burnt in the match book eventually The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 255) 1018
Walter Essman It Floats match floats in front of hand The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 265) 1061
Unknown Empty Matchbox Subtlety Technique to show matchbox empty; wedge mini card above drawer "Come a little closer..." 28
Ted Danson The Seance Card Trick Mini card matching selection appears in previously empty matchboxAlso published here "Come a little closer..." 27
Bruce Elliott The Die is Cast invisible die is thrown and outcome predicted with a matchbox, see p. 1185 for additional ideas by Frank HuckVariations The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 292) 1166
Unknown The Very Peripatetic Paddle paddle move and routine with knife and pieces of paper and matches Classic Secrets of Magic 46
Walter Essman Made Match piece of wood is transformed into a match, in two steps The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 282) 1127
James F. Herpick Cork Tip, Please matchbox with hole, cigarette is pushed through, cigarette ends up bent in matchbox The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 301) 3
John Howie Match Box Bet lifting the tray of a matchbox on its cover with only the first and fourth finger The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 314) 58
Karrell Fox They're All Aces - Take a Card any card ideas and gags
- Old Money (bill with beard)
- Bedroom Eyes (beds on glasses)
- Genii Weenie (hot dog from Aladin lamp)
- Bounced (rubber check joke)
- Candelabra (original way to light three matches on a matchbook)
- Nose Nonsense (spoon on nose gag)
- Fan Fun (fan gag)
The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 311) 42
Martin Gardner Mity Match two paper match routines, vanishing / appearing spots on match
- Multiplying Spots
- Diminishing Spots
The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 307) 25
Karrell Fox A Striking Interlude jokes with exploding match, chainsmoker and getting hump on back because of smoking Camel Kornfidentially Yours 14
Jack Yates Match Miracle spectator reverses one of four matches and eliminates one by one after given instructions and will end up with the reversed oneRelated toVariationsAlso published here Minds in Close-Up 9
Blackstar Mystic Match Box rippon penetrates matchbox, three methods Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 6 119
James G. Thompson Jr. Matchbook Switch Top Secrets of Magic 46
James G. Thompson Jr., Verne Chesbro, William H. McCaffrey, Gerald Kosky Strike One longer routine with matchbooks and matches, matchbook appears, match penetrates card, color of head change color, paddle routine, prediction of amount of matches and eventually matches transform into saltRelated to Top Secrets of Magic 44
Louis Jaeger Match Book Divination imaginary die is thrown, number revealed with matchbookInspired by The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 341-2) 177
Fred DeMuth Match Folder Mind-reading Divine thought of number with matchbook of twenty matches, spectator is instructed to tear out matches in some mathematical wayAlso published here Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 55
Martin Gardner Matches intro Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 55
Unknown The Tramps and Chickens Using matches to tell story of tramps stealing chickens, matches seem to travel from hand to hand Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 56
Dave Spindell, Clayton Rawson Out of the Smoke paper match turns into light cigarette, three more cigarettes appearAlso published here The Best in Magic 223
Unknown The Three Heaps Start with three heaps of matches, magician can (without looking) form a single pile of matches equal a number called out by spectator Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 55
Frank N. Dodd Frank Dodd's Prediction Number "selected" with dice is predicted by number of matchesAlso published here Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 43
Unknown The Purloined Objects Penny, ring, key distributed to three spectators. Each spectator then takes a number of matches corresponding to some rules, magician then divines who has which object Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 57
Jack Yates Yates' Four-Object Divination three matches facing one way and one match facing the opposite way. After moving matches around, magician correctly can divine which is the reversed match without lookingInspired byAlso published here Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 66
Welsh Miller Cards and Matches cups and balls type routine with tips of matches under three cards The Dai Vernon Book of Magic 189
Tony Corinda No. 24. Matches or Cigarettes prediction of the amount of spectator's cigarettes or matches The Swami Gimmick 24
Tony Corinda (17) The Matchbox Mystery amount of matches are removed, the reminder is predicted Predictions 121
Bobby Bernard Bookmatch Card Index on burnt match head appears name of selection, indexRelated to Magic in Miniature 4
Will Dexter (11) The Billet Switch (The Matchbox Switch - by Will Dexter) switching the billet in the action of burning it Billets 180
Punx (30) Strike a Light match is marked an put back in matchbox, light goes out and performer strikes the initialed match and gives it to the right person, luminous paint Mediumistic Stunts 300
U. F. Grant Rise a matchbox on table stand up by itselfRelated to
  • Hugard's Magic Monthly 1954, Walter Price
The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 351) 233
John Murray 20-16=7 match puzzle The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 352) 237
Ralph Greenwood Balancing Glass on Book of Matches The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 356) 254
Paul Marcus More Natural Spectator tears out matches from matchbook, performer uses number of matches to select card from seven-card packet, which is correctly predictedInspired by The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 360) 268
Win Beaver Match-A-Magic spectator removes amount of matches, one match is burnt and number of removed matches appears on head of match The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 354) 244
Lu Brent Jumping Match split match on business card, jumping from side to side The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 353) 241
Orville Wayne Meyer Match-O-Matic three people, amount of matches is divined Still More Miracles in Mentalism 56
Leo Behnke "Allow Me" lighter transforms into matchbook Entertaining Close Up 11
Leo Behnke Matching Ads using branded matchbooks as publicity Entertaining Close Up 11
Leo Behnke 20 Plus 1 burnt match appears back attached in matchbook, matches counted in the beginning Entertaining Close Up 10
Max Malini Matching Matches spectator and performer remove some amount of matches from matchboxVariations Malini and His Magic 78
Nate Leipzig The Stretching Match Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 151
Paul Marcus A Southern Exposure three selections are found with matches The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 378) 341
Nate Leipzig Vanish of the Matches matches vanish and appear in handkerchief Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 150
Stewart Judah The Coins and the Matchbooks coins travel around underneath matchbooks The New Modern Coin Magic 452
Ben Christopher Foregone Conclusion six matches, spectator choses any number of matches, number predicted by die in matchboxInspired byRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 2 No. 2) 72
Alan Alan Acrobatic Matchbox drawer rises and springs out, thread The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 1 166
Dennis Patten Peep-O word divination, written on a paper covered with the drawer of a matchbox The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 1 181
Arthur Setterington Push Through coin through matchbox Stranger Mysteries 7
Arthur Setterington Matchless Penetration empty matchbox penetrates handkerchief, when opened, it's full of matches Stranger Mysteries 8
Bento Sympathetic Matches two paddles, name appears, four matches from a matchbook separately on a handkerchief join in one corner with the paddle as cover, the matches are placed in a stand and are covered, they vanish and reappear in the matchbook The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 1 127
Unknown Match Puzzle see p. 144 for solutionRelated to
  • p. 172 for George Blake suggestion
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3 No. 1) 132
Arthur Setterington Watch the Box two matchboxes filled with matches and an empty one are stacked in a tube, the empty one travels to the top middle and bottom of the stack The Joe Smith Mysteries 13
George Blake Match Up climax for match puzzle in which matches are in both fists head up and downInspired by
  • item in Magigram, Nov/Dec 1967
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3 No. 6) 174
Hans G. Stumpf, George Leitmayr Match Sword Box coin in matchbox is penetrated by six matches The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 2 91
Aaron Wainer Matchbox & Die chosen number from 1 to 6 predicted in matchboxRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 4 No. 3) 235
Alfred Zorn The X-Ray Match-Box bill is folded and cicled with rubber band then put in matchbox, serial number reading Entertaining Mental Miracles 7
Aaron Wainer Floating Match in Bottle lighted match floats in bottle The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 5 No. 2) 308
Dai Vernon Chinese Matches "ten count" The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 2 78
Harvey Rosenthal Match Go matches travel from one matchbook to another, see p. 415 for credit informationRelated to
  • The Gen (June 1961)
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6 No. 4th Folio) 379
Charlie Miller The Delicate Touch of Charlie Miller signed paper napkin transposes with matches in matchbox, using the DeLand fakeRelated toAlso published here The Compleat Magick — Volume I (Issue 2) 7
Charlie Miller Miller Revisited Related to The Compleat Magick — Volume I (Issue 11) 54
Unknown Anti-Gravico hydrostatic bottle, match slides in from below, then slides back down The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 5 No. 8) 342
Alan Shaxon Burning Match taking a lit match from the jacket, gimmick My Kind of Magic 8
Charlie Miller Die-Cast number on rolled die is predicted with matches in matchbook The Compleat Magick — Volume I (Issue 35) 172
Audley Walsh Three Card Monte one card is marked with matchbook or paper clip Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 7 67
Arthur Setterington 20th Century Matchboxes several matchboxes, matches from one matchbox travel into an empty matchbox Straight Line Mysteries 40
Carl Hanson, Robert Tyson Matchless invisible matchbox and one of three invisible handkerchiefs is selected, matchbox appears inside is the chosen silk The Compleat Magick - Volume 1 (Issue 55) 273
Karl Norman Smoker's Interludes: I. Magnetic Matches cigarette clings to matchbook Close-up Cavalcade 50
Charlie Miller Match Maneuvers signed napkin transposes with matches in matchboxRelated toAlso published here Close-up Cavalcade 107
Arthur Emerson Match Weight four matchbooks, spectator removes a match from one, performer divines it, then matches vanish from a matchbooks Close-up Cavalcade 161
Unknown La Cerilla Viajera match travels back in matchbook, attached to other matches Aprenda Ud. Magia 23
Juan Tamariz Papel de Seda que resurge de sus Cenizas burnt and restored piece of paper Aprenda Ud. Magia 64
Anonymous Clairvoyant! from T. Page Wright's notebooks, miniature cards in matchbox are divined The Compleat Magick — Volume I (Issue 70) 349
Rick Johnsson Strike One routine with two matchboxes, boxes cling together in different ways, impromptu routine Strike One 1
Unknown La Cerilla Acrobata match pushed through tube, turns over Aprenda Ud. Magia 27
Juan Tamariz Cerillas Electricas electric matches, joke Aprenda Ud. Magia 85
Unknown II. Match Vanish thumb tip handling Close-up Cavalcade 52
Karl Fulves Sleight of Crime four coins in four matchboxes, spectator secretly removes on coin and mixes the matchboxes, a match is light and goes out in front of the empty box, then the date of the coin is revealed Close-Up Mental Magic 36
Amedeo Vacca Acrobatic Matchbox longer routine Amedeo's Continental Magic 47
Amedeo Vacca Something from Nothing pantomime cigarette, rolling imaginary cigarette, it becomes visible, using match book Amedeo's Continental Magic 98
Bascom Jones Match-Write prediction of change inside cover of book of matches The Compleat Magick - Volume I (Issue 94) 470
Patrick Page The Magic Matchbox coin placed in matchbox vanishes Tricks with Coins 46
Unknown The Broken Match Restored classic, with handkerchief Tricks with Handkerchiefs 6
Eric Mason Uriker match slowly breaks in half Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 1) 7
Martin Gardner With Magnets picking up metal things with match, see also p. 834 for clarification, p. 874 for obtaining magnetsRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 2) 829
Martin Gardner Fish Layout Puzzle Variations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 10) 776
Barry Govan, Graham Etherington Match Card 2 Full matchbook is shown, a card is selected, and only an amount of matches remain corresponding to the value of the chosen card Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 4) 189
Unknown, Alex Elmsley, Tony Faro, Ed Schuman Festive Fun a coin puzzle by Alex Elmsley and by Tony Faro, logic puzzles, making smoke powder by burning a striking surface, match problems by Tony Faro, medium card revelation, a number puzzle by Ed Schuman and how to stick a bottle on a wall
Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 4) 192
Unknown Madcap Matchbox acrobatic matchbox, thread Another Close-up Cavalcade 89
Stewart Judah Penta-Match match on business card covered by matchbook, penetrates itInspired by The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 10th Folio (Part Two)) 853
Jan Torell The Acrobatic Match-Box stands up on stretched out palm and lid opens Magic by Jan Torell 29
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Match several matchbooks, spectator removes a match from one and performer divines which matchbook The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 139) 692
Stephen Minch Nervous Matches small items on table move, invisible thread Mind & Matter 35
T. Nelson Downs The Reversing Match Match reverses when pushed through handVariations Magic With Faucett Ross 182
Unknown Cerillas Resucitadas Magia en el Bar 76
Rick Johnsson Christopher's Match Revisited four-phase routine, match torn out of matchbook, rest burned, then unburned travels back, matched travel from hand to hand Another Close-up Cavalcade 83
Unknown Dollar Matches box of matches shown, dollar bill rolled to tube, matches poured out, bill vanishes and reappears from match box Another Close-up Cavalcade 97
Karl Fulves Things Equal "Math Trix"
match puzzle
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 12) 1058
Unknown Cerilla-X match is marked on one side and thrown on the table, mark side is up, gag or bar bet Magia en el Bar 75
Unknown Match Transpo box full of burnt matches transposes with unburnt matches Another Close-up Cavalcade 101
Unknown Salt and Matches salt in hand transposes with matches in matchbox Another Close-up Cavalcade 102
Jock Crombie A Gag From Crombo lighter gag Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 11) 280
Slydini First Routine packet of matches vanishes and is reproduced via imp pass, any object possible The Best of Slydini ...and More 45
Al Mann Test by Fire match box impression device, carbon Mental-Ettes 7
Karl Fulves Fadeaway coin on table covered with playing card, coin vanishes
- Fade-Away I
- Fade Away III
- Fade Away IV
- Fade Away V
Variations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #5) 931
Jerry Mentzer Matchbook to Silk Second Lecture 1
Gene Nielsen, Bascom Jones Psychic Lady person divines in which matchbox is her ring, mental version of bean monte The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 149) 742
Gene Nielsen Matchless Guile prediction in signed matchbox The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 149) 743
Rick Johnsson Sub-Gum close-up sub-trunk, two coins change places, one coin in a matchbox and one outside, held in place with rubber bands, using The Kick Change Practical Impossibilities 81
Martin Gardner Penetrating Matches match through match between fingersRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #5) 936
David Berglas Match Replay paper is ignited with blown out match, then paper is blown out and match burns again The David Berglas File No. 1 13
Patrick Page The Vanishing Match Also published here The Big Book of Magic 171
Warren Stephens Matchless matches appear in empty matchbook Close-up Cavalcade Finale 83
Bengt Nilsson, Allan Lambie Everything Happens to Ken Miller routine with cigarettes and money
(1) Brand-Changing Cigarette Packet
(2) Rising Cigarette
(3) Cigarette Packet to Banknote (Allan Lambie)
(4) Banknote to Matches
(5) Coin from Banknote
Continuous Cigarette Production 15
Jeff Busby Busby's Billets billet switch using matchbookVariations The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 175) 872
Stephen Minch The Match Monster animated acrobatic matchbook, eyes stuck to it, thread Creations of a Magical Madman 69
Jim Ryan The Static Matches match jumps in the air when touched by second match Lecture Notes Bar Magic 1
Jim Ryan The Broken and Restored Match three pieces, one is thrown away and returns to hand, eventually match is restored Lecture Notes Bar Magic 2
Fred Robinson, Jan Heins Where There's Smoke - cigarette rolls over the table and back, version where it rolls to on side.
- light a match with a cigarette and smoke it (Jan Heins)
- cigarette is smoked through without any ash falling off
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 3) 489
Jim Ryan Off with its Head! invisible hair, head of match pops off Lecture Notes Bar Magic 2
Fred Robinson Where There's Smoke - pipe grows
- lighted end of cigarette put on handkerchief, which is spread on the palm, it does not burn
- making smoke powder with a matchbox
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 9) 576
Richard Chiswell Coin Transformation copper silver, in the end a match book appears Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 8) 557
Fred Robinson, Bob Hamilton Where There's Smoke - bar bet with a match box
- matchbox and coin, divine if heads or tails, stooge
- match in hand, matchbox balanced on back of the hand, box is tossed and match ignited
- remove flame from lighter to light cigarette, gag
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 10) 588
Karrell Fox, Fred Robinson, Martin Breese, Fred Snooks Where There's Smoke - smoking thumb, by inhaling smoke of a match (sent in by Martin Breese)
- smoke a matchbox
- split a burning match to give fire
- extinguish a match by blowing in the opposite sleeve, paper match (Karrel Fox)
- joke, matches and water (Fred Snooks)
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 11) 603
Harry G. Franke Window Lights method to read stolen center, matchbook The Compleat Magick — Volume III (Issue 202) 1009
Richard Mark Mantra Mental matchbook as impression device, impromptuInspired by The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 198) 988
Larry Becker Ultraffinity folded bill in one of several matchboxes is found by performer, then serial number is divinedVariations World of Super Mentalism 91
Fred Robinson, Peter Wentworth, Wally Boyce Where There's Smoke - jumping match
- match puzzle, breaking it with one hand
- puzzle, match head falls off
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 12) 609
John Cornelius Fireworks "Curiosities"
lit match is placed behind back and comes out out (gag), then in repeat it comes out lit again
The Chronicles (Issue 12) 1181
Derek Dingle Flash Coins four coins in box, four matches visibly change into the coins one by one and in coin box are the burnt matches The Chronicles (Issue 5) 1105
Karrell Fox Dissa-Pointer drawer full of matches vanishes and is produced from sleeve Another Book 57
Larry Becker Matchic prediction of ESP symbol, five ESp cards and big matchbox The Best of Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism Book II 160
Unknown Matchbook Horse & Rider gag figure with matchbook Elastrix 39
Unknown Tumblebug match book tumbles around, animation Elastrix 41
Unknown The Figures Match No. 4, three-digit number divined after some calculation from spectator and removal of matches Self-Working Mental Magic 5
Nathan Stark Mind Press piece of matchbook is balanced on a pin and covered with a glas, starts turning The Compleat Magick — Volume III (Issue 241) 1201
Karl Fulves Things Equal No. 21, after some handling, matches outside the matchbox and inside equal, repeat phase in which matches multiply Self-Working Mental Magic 31
Tom Mullica It's Match-ic Variations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 7) 217
Oscar Pladek The Reunited Match in spectator's hand Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 11) 758
Karl Fulves Notes Sarles story about driving a match into wood, linking rings with alternative objects (phone wire, tires), psychics and spirit raps story by Jay Weiler The Chronicles (Issue 22) 1282
Karrell Fox The "Holy-Head" Match blowing a match out that is held over the head with paper matches Another Book 61
John Fealey Smokey smoke from mouth, with match, smoking thumb The Talon (Issue 4) 40
Unknown Quicker Than the Eye match penetrates opened paper clip, optical illusion Elastrix 18
Lewis Ganson Other Routines using other props for "Two in the hands..." routines
- Cigarettes
- Matches
- Coins
- Dice
- Miniature Models
- Toys
Two in the Hand and One in the Pocket 32
Al Smith, Arthur Day, Fred Snooks Fumdubulators - producing false teeth and a skull
- floating crisp
- producing a potato from a crisp bag (Arthur day)
- Irish Key Ring, key ring on false end of a key, gag (Arthur Day)
- bar bet with matchbox (Fred Snooks)
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 4) 836
Bob Hummer Graphite Matchbox Daub idea for preparing a matchbox to access daub at all timesAlso published here Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 2
Karl Fulves Murder in a Matchbox three match boxes, performer's back is turned and a small gun, a bill and a die are put in boxes, performer knows which object is where and what side is on top of the die Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 69
Philip T. Goldstein 9th Dimension spectator counts matches in matchbook, card with matching number appears in chosen pile The Compleat Magick — Volume III (Issue 252) 1259
Dennis Marks Apocalypse Variations Or Additions Inspired by Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 5) 347
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm thumb tip Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 6) 356
Bob Hummer Hot Head with flash paper under cover of a hatAlso published here Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 2
Bob Hummer Take Your Hat Off same as Hot Head, not explainedAlso published here Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 23
Les Johnson Awestruck The Talon (Issue 6) 80
Bob Hummer This Is It twenty cards in a row, spectator selects amount of matches and signs the corresponding card on the the face, on the back of the card is written "This is It" and the correct number of selected matchesInspired byRelated to Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 30
Jack Yates Match Miracle spectator reverses one of four matches and eliminates one by one after given instructions and will end up with the reversed oneAlso published here Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 63