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Unknown Stripper Center Deal brief, stripper deck Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 275
Unknown The Middle Deal - a., c. Expert Card Technique 24
Unknown The Middle Deal - b., d., e. Expert Card Technique 24
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Middle Deal all cards above are pushed over, estimation or edge marked The Cardiste (Issue 3) 5
William P. Miesel Second and Middle Deals with break The Cardiste (Issue 8) 7
Edward Marlo The One Hand Center Deal Variations of D'Amico's Deal Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 71
Edward Marlo One Hand Center Deal stud type Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 110
Edward Marlo Exhibition Center Deal similarities to Kennedy Center Deal Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 96
Edward Marlo Step Center Deal Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 98
Edward Marlo Weakling's Center Deal if hand is not strong enough to buckle half the deck Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 100
Edward Marlo Side Steal Center Deal take from above Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 102
Edward Marlo The Tabled Center Deal Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 106
Edward Marlo The Strike Center Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 101
Edward Marlo Marlo Center Deal from step Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 108
Edward Marlo Variations of Marlo C.D. from step, two variations Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 109
Edward Marlo Special to the Expert center dealing from different positions, stepped/jogged cards, secret incomplete faro conditionRelated to The Unexpected Card Book 239
Edward Marlo The Marlo Center Deal The Unexpected Card Book 240
Edward Marlo Marlo's Center Block Control The Unexpected Card Book 239
Ken Krenzel The One-Hand Middle Deal The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel 235
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Variation on the One Handed Center Deal Variations Here's My Card 101
Allen Kennedy, Dai Vernon The Allen Kennedy Center Deal Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram 80
Ken Krenzel A Middle Deal The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel 233
Martin A. Nash The Nash Multi-Center Related toVariations Sleight Unseen 336
Martin A. Nash The Stud Deal Sleight Unseen 332
Martin A. Nash The Slap-Style Center Sleight Unseen 333
Martin A. Nash The Face-Down Deal Sleight Unseen 333
Jim Cooper The Delayed-Action Center dealing one card from the center Sleight Unseen 323
Jim Cooper The Continuous Center dealing mulitple cards from the center Sleight Unseen 326
Martin A. Nash The Stud Variation Sleight Unseen 328
Martin A. Nash The Scissors Center unusual take Sleight Unseen 329
Martin A. Nash The Slapped Center Sleight Unseen 330
Martin A. Nash Delayed-Action Center Deal brief Jacks or Better 4
Martin A. Nash Side-Jog Center Deal for single card Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 4, No. 11) 561
Edward Marlo Center Deal Steals one-handed push-out technique with unusual applications Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 170
Edward Marlo The Basic Mechanics Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 170
Edward Marlo Center Deal Tip slick cards, no break or step Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 134
Bob King Center Deal Best of Friends - Volume II 143
Ken Krenzel The Flexi-Deal see also Ed Marlo's Push-Pull Bottom Deal (New Tops) Close-up Impact! 186
Ken Krenzel Front Center Deal Close-up Impact! 97
Unknown Side-Jog Center Deal simple, brief 28 Card Tricks 41
T. Nelson Downs T. Nelson Downs' Center Deal Fragmentary Notes by Hilliard More Greater Magic 1080
Gene Maze The Maze Center Deal - The Maze Center Deal Get-Ready
- The Left-Hand Center Deal Grip
- The Dealing Action
- The "Take"
Gene Maze And The Art Of Bottom Dealing 39
Wesley James At Your Command using a simple center dealRelated to Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18, No. 7) 2521
Guy Hollingworth, Martin A. Nash Center Deal Inspired by Notes on Card Tricks and Other Diversions 36
Allan Ackerman, Bill Kalush, Wesley James The Ackerman Center Deal (Modified) using Ackerman's technique for two-handed deal (idea by Kalush)Inspired by The Magical Record and Thoughts of Wesley James 75
Wesley James At You Command "The Middle Deal Control Swindle" The Magical Record and Thoughts of Wesley James 72
Andrew Wimhurst The Centre Deal Down Under Deals 31
Guy Hollingworth, Martin A. Nash Regarding false dealing. The centre deal Inspired by Drawing Room Deceptions 163
Wesley James Middle Deal Considerations one-handed Enchantments 266
Wesley James Center Deal discussion and sources Enchantments 261
Wesley James The Undifferentiated Middle - Adding Differentiation Enchantments 274
Martin A. Nash Real (Center) Deal spectator shuffles and cuts, aces dealt with real (side-jog) center deal Best of Friends - Volume III 204
Fred Robinson Fred Robinson's Middle Deal from full grip The Magic of Fred Robinson 80
Roy Walton By the Centre Inspired by The Magic of Fred Robinson 86
Fred Robinson Alternate Middles faro set-up The Magic of Fred Robinson 91
Edward Marlo, Guy Hollingworth Jog Center Deal very brief Handcrafted Card Magic - Volume 2 27
Antonio Zuccaro The Fine Points Describes Dom Paolino's technique, named The Fabulous Center Deal (Genii, vol. 31, no. 2, p. 91)Related to Finding The Center 37
Antonio Zuccaro The Get Ready How to get ready for the Ultimate Delayed Action Center Deal Finding The Center 15
Antonio Zuccaro Tabled Get Ready Tabled get-ready method for the Ultimate Delayed Action Center Deal Finding The Center 27
Antonio Zuccaro The Deal The Ultimate Delayed Action Center Deal: Stud center and draw center methods described Finding The Center 31
Allen Kennedy Kennedy Center Deal Lessons in Card Mastery 26
R. Paul Wilson The C.C. Center setting up for Center Deal with "The Consistent Control", as Stop Trick, Key Card Placement, Double Deal Card Men 57