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Milton Kort Copper and Silver Transposition Related to Modern Coin Magic 129
Paul Harris Free-Flight coins travel from hand to under card on tableVariations Paul Harris Reveals Some Of His Most Intimate Secrets 36
Slydini The Fake Take Variations The Best of Slydini ...and More 26
Edward Marlo Face Up Startler card face up in hand changesRelated toVariations Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 259
Edward Marlo Marlo Tilt Pass three TechniquesVariations Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 62
Paul Harris The Ace Trap Leader Ace is placed with three indifferent cards while other three Aces are placed reversed in the deck. Aces vanish and assemble with the leader AceRelated to SuperMagic 3
Fred C. Baumann Metalogic spoon bends and then breaks, extra bowl à la Hiroshi Sawa ("Gary Ueller", Genii)Variations New Stars of Magic (Vol. 1 No. 10) 1
Paul Harris The Castle Conspiracy four cards are put in card castle formation, one of them changes place with King, other three transform into KingsVariationsAlso published here Close-up Entertainer 152
Paul Harris, Tayari Casel Twilight coins are produced with a small mirror, four coins, mirror in small envelope, five phasesVariationsAlso published here Twilight 1
Paul Harris, Daryl Martinez Fantasy Aces Aces appear on tableRelated toVariations Close-up Fantasies - Book I 19
Gordon Bruce Split Second Twos into AcesVariations Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 8) 889
Ben Harris Silverdust Production production of single coin in empty hands, drop from classic palm in other hand Magic from which Memories are Made! 12
Ben Harris Four Coin Fantasy four coins produced one by one Magic from which Memories are Made! 17
Ben Harris Production Move coin held between fingertips doubles, brought forward from classic palm Magic from which Memories are Made! 23
Ben Harris Washout Wonder routine for Dusheck's props, coin from washer, coin through hole of washer becomes small coin and vanishesInspired by
  • "Washout" (Steve Dusheck, marketed item)
Magic from which Memories are Made! 26
Ben Harris Twist and Shout Aces turn over one by one and then change into four selections Magic from which Memories are Made! 33
Ben Harris Free-Fall-Aces Aces appear on tableInspired by Magic from which Memories are Made! 45
Ben Harris Images two Aces, they change to the two missing suits in various ways, then selection appears Magic from which Memories are Made! 54
Ben Harris Stuck-Up small round stick stuck onto palm penetrates hand to back Magic from which Memories are Made! 67
Ben Harris Round the Ben-d spoon bending, it breaks and is restoredInspired by Magic from which Memories are Made! 73
Ben Harris Housing Loan four cards are put in square card castle formation, a coin appears inside, it vanishes and reappears insideInspired by Magic from which Memories are Made! 82
Ben Harris Twilight Visit coin multiplies with mirror, multiple phasesInspired by Magic from which Memories are Made! 88
Ben Harris Super Shift four coins vanish one by one from hand an appear under tabled cardInspired by Magic from which Memories are Made! 102
Ben Harris Han Ping Chien with Scooped Coins two coins scooped up with a card and tossed back on table Magic from which Memories are Made! 105
Ben Harris, Woody Meltcher Twin Boomerang two cards "rise"/wiggle out of the deck in a hands-on handling Magic from which Memories are Made! 111
Ben Harris, Woody Meltcher Aroma Cards spectator shuffles, makes three piles and follows a selection procedure, card apparently found by smell Magic from which Memories are Made! 117
Ben Harris, Woody Meltcher Magnetic Aces three cards made into triangle card castle configuration, three of four Aces lost in deck, castle collapses and consists of other three AcesRelated to Magic from which Memories are Made! 121
John Cornelius Spring Set VariationsAlso published here The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 1 53
Ed DeMello, Tom Wolf The Kenobi Reversal top card to bottom, one handed, credit correction on page 647Variations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 5 No. 2) 597
Derek Dingle Apparition Too blank card progressively transforms into picture cardRelated to The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 23
Jerry Sadowitz Come Together transposition with transformation climaxRelated toVariations Alternative Card Magic 4
Jay Sankey Pyramid banded deck is transformed in pyramid shape, including (mediocre) applicationsRelated toVariations The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. 5&6) 46
Ben Harris Koin Seeled subtlety for the Downs palm Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6 No. 3) 754
Ben Harris Flying Collectors The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 2 80
Ben Harris Barehand Spellbound one-handed Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6 No. 6) 783
Ben Harris Apocalypse Variations Or Additions Inspired by Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 7 No. 7) 947
Ben Harris Topological Connection Climax done with miniature card frames which are streched into normal sized card frames as climax Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 7 No. 10) 973
Ben Harris Alloy Division borrowed coin is broken, both halves become hole coins The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 3 100
Jon Racherbaumer Really Here! Kings and Queens, little assembly, Kings change to AcesInspired byVariations The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. Summer Extra) 223
Ernst Pancrazi Four Parts Oil 4&4, no extra cards, four phasesVariations Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 7 No. 2) 883
Eric DeCamps The Inverted Card short ambitious card sequence, card turned inside out and spilt, using blank-faced and blank-backed cardInspired by
  • "Dimensional Relativity" (Ben Harris, marketed item, 1981)
The Magic of Eric DeCamps 22
Ben Harris Masquerade ink on coin burns hole in coin in shape of index of forced card (flash paper) Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 8 No. 4) 1055
Ben Harris Natural Bends exploiting already bent spoons like Uri Geller Gellerism Revealed 27
Ben Harris, Uri Geller The Standard Bends - In the Hands
- The Table Bend
- The Chair Bend
- The Microphone Bend
Gellerism Revealed 27
Ben Harris, Uri Geller The Not so Standard Bends - The Shipi Bend
- Long-Distance Bends
- The Natural Key Gimmick
Gellerism Revealed 35
Ben Harris The B.H. Gimmick for key bending
- The Handling
- The Two-Handed Method
Gellerism Revealed 37
Ben Harris The Bobo Switch applied to key bending Gellerism Revealed 45
Ben Harris, Uri Geller Subtleties - The Pivot Move with Key No. 1
- The Pivot Move with Key No. 2
- The Flat Edge, Cut Edge Move
- The Multi-Bend and Drop
- The Key to Success Move
- The Finger Cover and Turn
- The Spectator Hold
- The By-Play
- Keep Rubbing
- The Time Lag
- The "Can You Feel It?" By-Play
Gellerism Revealed 48
Ben Harris, Uri Geller Effecting Bends in Cutlery - In the Hands
- The Table Bend
- The Chair Bend
Gellerism Revealed 63
Ben Harris, Uri Geller Revealing Bends in Cutlery - The Twist Move
- The Fair Play Move
- The Pivot
- Bendiferous
Gellerism Revealed 68
Ben Harris, Uri Geller The Rigged Spoon bowl falls off
- Handling the Rigged Spoon
- In the Spectator's Hand
Gellerism Revealed 74
Ben Harris, Uri Geller Watch Wizardry - Geller Stars a Watch
- The Snap Move
- The Touch Down Move
- In the Spectator's Hands
- The Watch Progression Trick
- The Get-Ready
- The Wind
- The Revelation
Gellerism Revealed 79
Ben Harris B.H. Reverse top card reversed to bottom Out Of His Mind! 5
Ben Harris B.H. Pass Inspired by Out Of His Mind! 7
Ben Harris Split Personality Move one card is changed into its full four-of-a-kind on top of deck Out Of His Mind! 11
Ben Harris P.U.P. - Pick Up Palm Inspired by Out Of His Mind! 13
Ben Harris Quick Fold into quarters under deck Out Of His Mind! 15
Ben Harris D.L. Replacement Subtlety Out Of His Mind! 19
Ben Harris Card Stand card stand torn from another card Out Of His Mind! 21
Ben Harris Crosswize Rize card rises perpendicular from deck on tableVariationsAlso published here
  • "A Session with Ben Harris" (1984, video tape)
Out Of His Mind! 24
Ben Harris I'll Show You How! top few cards are shown as double facers, then normal again Out Of His Mind! 28
Ben Harris Instant Ink deck shown blank, blank card progressively transforms into picture card (Apparition), faces appear and backs change colorRelated to Out Of His Mind! 31
Ben Harris The Two Card Illusion - Osmosis two cards, one penetrates the other, then both change Out Of His Mind! 37
Ben Harris D'Amico Type Spread Out Of His Mind! 38
Ben Harris Flying Sandwich two red Queens vanish on deck, spectator tosses the invisible cards into deck one by one and they are shown one by one, they sandwich selection Out Of His Mind! 42
Ben Harris Buckle Feeding at start of spread cull Out Of His Mind! 43
Ben Harris Card and Coin to Pocket coin vanishes and reappears in pocket, so does a selection, then coin appears next to selection in deck Out Of His Mind! 49
Ben Harris Flash Card to Case signed card appears folded in caseRelated to Out Of His Mind! 54
Ben Harris Instant Fold #1 card folds itself into quarters in a flash Out Of His Mind! 59
Ben Harris Instant Fold #2 card folds itself into quarters in a flashInspired by Out Of His Mind! 62
Ben Harris The Greenhouse Effect card appears folded in glass which is held mouth-down on deck Out Of His Mind! 63
Ben Harris The Impressionist card changes into three selections one by one Out Of His Mind! 66
Ben Harris Topological Connection Climax after linking effect with cards from mini deck the frames grow to normal sized cards Out Of His Mind! 69
Ben Harris Four Changed red Kings and black Kings out, an Ace appears between each pair, then situation reverses with two Ace sandwiches with a King in between Out Of His Mind! 76
Ben Harris Up In The Smoke pack of cigarette case, lid opens by itself, card rises out of it Out Of His Mind! 81
Ben Harris Madman's Card to Pocket #1 slit in jacket under arm Out Of His Mind! 85
Ben Harris Madman's Card to Pocket #2 card ends up under shirt collar under jacket Out Of His Mind! 90
Ben Harris Madman's Card to Pocket #3 card bonded to jacket between shoulders Out Of His Mind! 93
Ben Harris Silver Through Silver spoon handle penetrates coin, then coin vanishes Out Of His Mind! 94
Ben Harris B.H. Quickie - In the Right Direction transposition between face card and card in center Out Of His Mind! 96
Ben Harris Coming Together Again quartet transposition with transformation climaxInspired by Out Of His Mind! 100
Ben Harris More Pyramid banded deck is transformed in pyramid shape in spectator's hands, with revelation of cardInspired byVariations Out Of His Mind! 103
Ben Harris No Crimp Pyramid banded deck is transformed in pyramid shape in spectator's hands, with revelation of cardInspired by Out Of His Mind! 106
Ben Harris Snappy Cannibal three cards eaten Out Of His Mind! 107
Ben Harris Ring-O-Go-Go finger ring in fist vanishes Out Of His Mind! 109
Ben Harris Snappy Blendo Card Blendo Out Of His Mind! 111
Ben Harris Memoree position of selection named after order is apparently memorized Out Of His Mind! 114
Ben Harris Magnetrix three Kings vanish and appear under tabled King Out Of His Mind! 116
Ben Harris Bendsation Out Of His Mind! 119
Ben Harris Silverdust Transposition Out Of His Mind! 122
Ben Harris Reeload Out Of His Mind! 124
Ben Harris Frink instant shrinking fan, ungaffed Out Of His Mind! 126
Ben Harris Cig-Stuff message appears on cigarette, written with invisible ink Out Of His Mind! 128
Ben Harris K.M. Sandwich card appears in sandwichRelated to Out Of His Mind! 129
Ben Harris Signed Blendex odd-backed card finds signed selection, then becomes signed selection Best of Friends - Volume II 484
Ben Harris Peek Finesse featuring a break display Best of Friends - Volume II 491
Ben Harris Spending Spree multi phase sequence with borrowed credit card in deck that finds two chosen selections The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 5 70
Ben Harris Fandango Gaffed Handling card visually appears between sandwich cards Fandango 1
Ben Harris Fandango Move one-handed, bottom cards of small packet turned overInspired byRelated toVariations Fandango 2
Ben Harris Fandango Non-Gaff Handling card visually appears between sandwich cards Fandango 7
Ben Harris Angel Aces Production of four Aces Killer Klose-Up 6
Ben Harris, Jerry K. Hartman, Bruce Elliott Super Snap Out Snap card out from Kelly Bottom Placement Killer Klose-Up 9
Ben Harris Coin Arc Produce arc of four coins on table with a wave of hands Killer Klose-Up 11
Ben Harris Snap Elevator Sandwich Card instantly appears between red Queens placed on top of deckRelated to Killer Klose-Up 13
Ben Harris Quick Queens Similar to Snap Elevator Sandwich, different handlingRelated to Killer Klose-Up 16
Ben Harris Killer Elevator Sandwich (K.E.S.) Killer Klose-Up 18
Ben Harris Melt Down Wrong card splits into two selectionsInspired byRelated to Killer Klose-Up 23
Ben Harris Singular Brainwave Named card shown to have odd back Killer Klose-Up 28
Ben Harris Blendex Odd backed card stabbed into deck by spectator to find selection. Odd backed card vanishes, appears fused onto the back of the selection. Magician then peels the fused card apart. Killer Klose-Up 31
Ben Harris Transit Thought Card that has been palmed "invisibly" transposes with physical card under spectator's hand, turns out to be mentally selected card Killer Klose-Up 36
Ben Harris Killer Ambitious Multi phase Ambitious card routine Killer Klose-Up 42
Ben Harris Koin Seel Way to conceal coin in hand, variation of Down's Palm Killer Klose-Up 49
Ben Harris Bare Handed Spellbound One handed coin change Killer Klose-Up 51
Ben Harris Dazzle Change two coin transpositionVariations Killer Klose-Up 53
Ben Harris, J. B. Bobo Bobo Switch Variation Done as a coin transformation Killer Klose-Up 53
Ben Harris Rendezvous Rise Sandwich done as a card "rising" to meet the sandwich cards Killer Klose-Up 55
Ben Harris Outflashed Jack Card placed in between Jacks changes places with another card visually Killer Klose-Up 57
Ben Harris Twin Inspiration Flashy production of two chosen cards Killer Klose-Up 60
Ben Harris The Twin Inspiration Move Killer Klose-Up 61
Ben Harris Konverge Kings Producing four Kings using Twin Inspiration MoveRelated to Killer Klose-Up 65
Srechko Howard, Paul Harris, Ben Harris Float-Flip-Flight Half of the deck floats up, then selected card shoots out of deck Killer Klose-Up 69
Ben Harris Super Cruel Triumph Triumph effect with color changing back kicker, half the deck is of different color Killer Klose-Up 72
Ben Harris Deck Snap Visual color change of card that is face up on top of the deck Killer Klose-Up 76
Ben Harris Apocalypse Variations or Additions Inspired by Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 9 No. 2) 1174
Ben Harris My Way convincing control handling, really just a cull control
- With two or three cards
1 a.m. The Sequel 2
Ben Harris Super Sally Sandwich three selections, finishes with two selections sandwiching third 1 a.m. The Sequel 5
Ben Harris Double Deal Stop Force 1 a.m. The Sequel 7
Ben Harris Double Deal Collectors 1 a.m. The Sequel 8
Ben Harris Double Deal Birthday Trick stop trick with age presentation and two-way out at end 1 a.m. The Sequel 8
Ben Harris The Floating Ambitious Card 1 a.m. The Sequel 10
Ben Harris The Floating Sandwich card injogged in center rises visibly between two sandwich cards on top 1 a.m. The Sequel 13
Ben Harris Dazzle Change #2 ungaffedInspired byRelated to 1 a.m. The Sequel 14
Ben Harris Spread-Flip Change card changes as it is waved over tabled spread, snap-over change with unload, "I originally gave this to Richard Kaufman for ALMANAC, but Richie has not used it. " 1 a.m. The Sequel 15
Peter Duffie Worlds Apart one riffle shuffle, pairs laid outVariations Inspirations 17
Ben Harris 4 Corners four coins appear in four corners of close-up mat while hands make large wave motions Off the Wall 13
Ben Harris Static two cards apparently repel and attract each other on top of deck Off the Wall 16
Ben Harris Geller Card card bends visually Off the Wall 18
Ben Harris Divine Geller Card is used to divine selection Off the Wall 21
Ben Harris, David Faulkner Invertz pairs are deal after one riffle shuffle, top cards turned over, two chosen and exchanged, later locatedInspired by Off the Wall 24
Ben Harris Pyrobox card with signed sticker to matchbox, awkward handlingRelated to Off the Wall 27
Ben Harris Pyrobook card to matchbook, card already in it from start, signed while partially coveredRelated to Off the Wall 38
Ben Harris Foto one of three jokers signed on back, face changes into selection Off the Wall 44
Ben Harris The Norway Addition to Fandango Move center face-up card of sandwich visually transformsInspired by Off the Wall 48
Ben Harris Invisible Sandwich sandwich cards thrown onto table from in-the-hands spread and selection appears between them Off the Wall 51
Ben Harris Slip Cut Sandwich sandwich cards vanish and appear around selectionVariations Off the Wall 54
Ben Harris S.C.S. #2 selection rises up to appear between sandwich cardsInspired by Off the Wall 59
Ben Harris Twirl getting a cork-screw twist in handle Off the Wall 60
Ben Harris S.F.U.C. - Super Flip Utility Concept flipping over two cards as once with Super-Flip, upper one is scallop short, with applications:
- A Flash Double-Lift
- A Color Change
- A Stunning Ambitious Card Climax
- A Vanish
Inspired by
  • "Super-Flip" (Ben Harris, New Directions)
Off the Wall 62
Ben Harris Super-Flip top card turns over at end of dribble, onto table or other handAlso published here
  • "Super-Flip" (Ben Harris, New Directions)
Off the Wall 62
Ben Harris Dynamic Duo two-phase transposition, using S.F.U.C., duplicate Off the Wall 67
Ben Harris Staple Diet signed card in deck, staple pressed into Joker face-up on deck, selection appears stapled back-to-back to it, using S.F.U.C. as a switch Off the Wall 71
Ben Harris Tight Joker signed by performer transposes with signed selection, between sandwich cards Off the Wall 75
Harry Lorayne, Ben Harris Illogical Double Lift Switch switching one of two Off the Wall 75
Ben Harris Pilgrimage three coins across, extra coin Off the Wall 82
Ben Harris Reach-Across Transfer hands cross, right-hand classic palm coin dropped on left fingertips Off the Wall 84
Ben Harris, Larry Jennings Three-as-Two Display Off the Wall 87
Ben Harris Strange Harmony selection sandwiched, all three cards torn twice, when pieces are examined the selection has vanished Off the Wall 91
Ben Harris Mid-Air Restoration on deck as several pieces are tossed in airInspired by Off the Wall 95
Ben Harris H.G. Wells card selected, Joker vanishes from face of deck, deck sorts itself to new deck order with Joker at spot where selection would be Off the Wall 96
Ben Harris Under Your Finger! selection made, Ace to Three removed, Ace placed under spectator's finger, it transposes with Two and Three (without ever showing card under finger), card under finger turns out to be selection Off the Wall 100
Steve Beam Upwardly Mobile 2 card sticking out at the back slowly and visibly rises to the topRelated toVariations The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 22) 372
Ernest Earick Cross Purposes card rises perpendicular from deck on tableInspired by By Forces Unseen 153
Ben Harris Crosswize Rize By Forces Unseen 162
Gary Kurtz The Folded Card in Cardcase Related to Notes from The Summit 9
Jack Carpenter, Ben Harris One-handed Change sandwiched card changes visuallyInspired by The Expert's Portfolio No. 1 47
David Acer Flipwich center card in sandwich changes visually, one-handed, bottom cards turned overRelated to Natural Selections — Volume II 127
Ben Harris, Santo Fandango one-handed, bottom cards of small packet turned over Concertos for Pasteboard 145
Ben Harris SFUC Super Flip Utility Concept Concertos for Pasteboard 186
Ben Harris Slink two thin finger rings link and can be examined in linked condition, made from "Russian wedding rings", multiple phases Slink 4
Ben Harris Super-Flip top card reverses during dribble Best of Friends - Volume III 29
Ben Harris Tilt Switch card sticking out at back is exchanged Above the Fold 28
Ben Harris Floating Ambitious Card card visibly rises via tilt Reinventing the Real 102
Tomas Blomberg Mind Stress ten cards with ten three-digit numbers each, spectator thinks of one number, performer divines itAlso published here
  • marketed via Ben Harris's WowBound
Blomberg Laboratories 155
Helder Guimarães The Art of Premonition number up to ten named and card chosen using it, card is only one missing from deck and found in prediction envelope with number on backInspired by
  • "Silent Running" (Ben Harris)
The Veriloquent 5
Ben Harris Super-Flip Wabi-Sabi 40
Ben Harris Fandango Move one-handed, bottom cards of small packet turned over Principia 160