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Dr. Stanley Jaks Sponge Ball Routine three sponges two in spectator's hand, third vanishes and when spectator opens his hand, fifty small ones appear
Related toAlso published here 1951 4
Jeff White Fan Change
Also published here 1980 18
Jeff White Dedication
1980 2
Jeff White Introduction
1980 3
Jeff White A Glass of Coins three coins are produced and then they travel to glass
1980 6
Jeff White Muscle Pass to Glass brief
1980 7
Jeff White Bag It Jumbo coin appears and vanishes, with handkerchief
1980 8
David Roth, Jeff White Spider Vanish Variation with jumbo coin, Tenkai
1980 8
Jeff White Rub Away Coin coin vanishes and appears on table
1980 9
Jeff White Wave copper silver transpo, hand waves over coin on table for transformation
1980 11
Jeff White Do That Again silver changes to copper and back, Himber vanish as a switch, using handkerchief
1980 12
Jeff White The Impossible Dream finale for coins across, to spectator's hand
Related to 1980 14
Jeff White Bullet Switch four Aces outjogged in deck change into Kings, Aces then produced behind spectator's ear
1980 16
Jeff White Fanning the Change
1980 18
Jeff White Bodeans Simutaneous Transposition card comes to top then it vanishes several times and turns to jumbo card as climax, stand up method, vest
1980 19
Jeff White Assembly Line
1980 21
Jeff White Out of the Blue blue backed chosen card vanishes from between two red backed Jacks and appears face up in the deck, then back of selection changes to red and back to blue
1980 23
Jeff White Dedication
1980 2
Jeff White Introduction
1980 4
Jeff White Double Triumph using two selections
1980 7
Jeff White Invisibility card is produced from mid-air, Tenkai steal from tabled deck
1980 9
Jeff White Drop It Herman card is dropped during sort of Herrmann pass, for misdirection
1980 12
Jeff White Reversed card ends up reversed in center of the deck
1980 13
Jeff White Drop Shot Change copper to silver change, Himber vanish as change
1980 21
Jeff White Cellophane Swindle copper silver transpo, one coin in cellophane coin holder under mat or in pocket
1980 22
Jeff White Interlace Production jumbo coin production
1980 25
Jeff White How About A Quickie jumbo coin appears between two chosen cards
1980 25
Jeff White Ring Thru Hand during linking rings routine, ring goes through palm of the hand
Variations 1980 28
Jeff White Watch My Balls sponge balls travel from hand to hand, seated
1980 29
Jeff White Flabbergasted first wand appears, chop cop routine, seated
1980 30
Jeff White Coin Across Ending with glass, using muscle pass
1981 57
Steve Beam "Thanks-Given" thanking Rhett Bryson, Keith Breen, Jeff White, Phillip Young, Don Morris
1981 60
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Visual Artistry of Jeff White by Jeff White (written by Jeff White) May 1982
Epoptica (Issue 1)
Jeff White Table Wash coin vanishes and reappears with handwashing sequence
1982 29
Jeff White Wave visual with one coin on the table
1982 33
Steve Beam Ring Through Spectator's Hand
Inspired by 1984 87
Jeff White The White Stuff three selection, first found and split in other two selections, cards are lost and found again
1984 89
Jeff White Fan Change
Also published here 1995 96
Steve Beam Leftovers on John Riggs, Jeff White, Tony Biscardi Joke, Steven Youell/Grace Ann Morgan, David Copperfield, Mike Gallo, Tom Craven, Dave Michael Evans
1996 1196
Jeff White Ring Through Hand linking ring linked through palm of the hand
1996 1196