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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Ray Kosby Raise Rise card visually rises up in the deck
Inspired byRelated to 1987 Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 11&12) 1
Lou Gallo Silver Certificate folded dollar bill visibly transforms into dollar coin
Related toAlso published here 1991 The Magic of Michael Ammar 102
Michael Ammar Trade Show Climax coin permanently stuck on pencil
Variations 1991 The Magic of Michael Ammar 166
Roger Klause, Michael Ammar, Mike Kozlowski The Thumbtip Bill Switch
Variations 1991 The Magic of Michael Ammar 227
John Bannon, Larry West Strangers' Gallery
Related toVariations 1991 Smoke and Mirrors 68
Alexander de Cova Flash-Restauration card torn into quarters which are placed on tabled deck, flat hand hits deck and card is restored instantly except one corner, last corner with band-aid à la Tommy Wonder
Inspired by
  • "Ocular T&R" (Dan Huffman, Linking Ring, Vol. 66 No. 2, Feb. 1986, p. 76)
Related toVariationsAlso published here
1991 Flash-Restauration 1
Kuniyasu Fujiwara The Appearing Deck flat empty case is removed from wallet and folded in case shape, deck is removed
VariationsAlso published here 1992 Five Times Five — Japan 63
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Miracle Material by Michael Kaminskas 1996 The Looking Glass (Issue 2) 82
Michael Kaminskas Acknowledgements
1996 Miracle Material
Michael Kaminskas Foreword
1996 Miracle Material 3
Michael Kaminskas Triumphant Return red/black separation kicker
Variations 1996 Miracle Material 7
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #1: Hands dry hands
1996 Miracle Material 11
Michael Kaminskas Restored on the deck
Related to 1996 Miracle Material 12
Michael Kaminskas Card-N-Sleeve signed card travels up the spectator's sleeve
1996 Miracle Material 14
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #2: Video
1996 Miracle Material 18
Michael Kaminskas Heli-Card card rises from deck then it is signed and is spinned in the air, Steve Fearson Hookup
1996 Miracle Material 19
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #3: Preparation
1996 Miracle Material 23
Michael Kaminskas Rainbow Connection rainbow deck climax
Inspired by 1996 Miracle Material 24
Michael Kaminskas, Roger Sherman Call Me Pockets last card is signed ends up in wallet
1996 Miracle Material 30
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #4: Cards on working a new deck
1996 Miracle Material 33
Michael Kaminskas Birthday Wishes birthday trick, selected card is signed on back, card rises to top and from deck comes birthday tune eventually happy birthday is found written on the front
1996 Miracle Material 34
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #5: Coding marking card boxes for better organisation
1996 Miracle Material 38
Michael Kaminskas Fully Developed camera card, two stages of developmement
1996 Miracle Material 39
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #6 Dress
1996 Miracle Material 42
Michael Kaminskas Case Closed blue backed ambitious card, then signed card is found in red deck which is in new deck order and card's back changes to red too
1996 Miracle Material 43
Michael Kaminskas Step by Step card rises visibly in stages
Inspired by 1996 Miracle Material 47
Michael Kaminskas Slim Pack single card is removed from a case, when turned over performer holds the hole deck, then the cards vanish again except one
Inspired by 1996 Miracle Material 50
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #7: Hygiene
1996 Miracle Material 53
Michael Kaminskas Playful Penny coin grows and shrinks in stages
1996 Miracle Material 57
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #8: Coins
1996 Miracle Material 61
Michael Kaminskas, Barry Taylor What the Buck Dollar bill transforms into silver coin, see Kaufman for credit details
Related to 1996 Miracle Material 63
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #9: Thumbtips
1996 Miracle Material 65
Michael Kaminskas You Marked It marked coin in corked bottle
1996 Miracle Material 66
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #10: Brainstorming
1996 Miracle Material 69
Michael Kaminskas Give Me A Tip thumb tip bill switch handling
Inspired by 1996 Miracle Material 70
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #11: Rehearsing
1996 Miracle Material 76
Michael Kaminskas Magic Pills signed bill to metal tin
Also published here 1996 Miracle Material 77
Michael Kaminskas Hitting the Bottle bottle is produced then coin in bottle, as a climax bottle vanishes
1996 Miracle Material 81
Michael Kaminskas Tap it Vanish same as Williamsons Striking Vanish, sleeve
1996 Miracle Material 82
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #12: Performance
1996 Miracle Material 84
Michael Kaminskas Target Practice karate coin with pencil, as a climax coin permanently stuck on pencil
Inspired by 1996 Miracle Material 85
Michael Kaminskas Vision Check huge lens falls from eye, then it transforms into a pair of glasses
1996 Miracle Material 91
Michael Kaminskas Candy Caper m&m bag is torn open and sealed again
1996 Miracle Material 94
Michael Kaminskas Close-Up Tip #13: Audience
1996 Miracle Material 96
Michael Kaminskas, Daryl Martinez, Pavel Roped two white ropes are suddenly knotted together, the rope slides along the rope and knot changes color, knot is taken off the rope and thrown on it again, when it is opened, its a white rope with a red part
Inspired by
  • Pavel's Fantastic Knot
  • Daryl Martinez' Amazing Acrobatic Knot
1996 Miracle Material 97
Michael Kaminskas Maker Cap Clip stealing the thumb-tip
2006 Switch 60
Michael Kaminskas Magic Pills signed bill to metal tin
Also published here 2006 Switch 209
Chiam Yu Sheng Triumph's Return red/black separation kicker, in-the-hands
Inspired by Sep. 2022 The Hermit (Vol. 1 No. 9) 422