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Hank Wocjik Flourish Aces two cards change at onceVariationsAlso published here Card Cavalcade II 177
Hank Wocjik Flourish Elevator Card Cavalcade II 181
Jerry Mentzer Flourish Ace Surprise black Aces change to red Aces, then to QueensInspired by Card File 145
Hank Wocjik Flourish Aces Switch Card File 146
Jerry Mentzer Flourish Aces - Descendents - Black Aces to Red Aces to Black Kings
- Black Jack Deal
- Flourish Finders
- Flourish Finders - Alternative
Inspired by Card File Two 177
Hank Wocjik Flourish Aces two cards change at onceAlso published here Card File Two 180