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David Devant Colour-Changing by the Aid of a Paper Tube - The Elementary Method Later Magic 247
David Devant Devant's Handkerchief Trick producing three white handkerchiefs, paper tube, they change to red, green and yellow, one vanishes in glass tube and appears knotted between other two, description edited by Devant himself Later Magic 303
David Devant The Vest Servante Related to Later Magic 25
David Devant Devant's "Transvaal Flag" Trick flag apparently cut in two with sword but vanishes instead, then a small flag becomes larger Later Magic 361
David Devant Concatenation Extraordinary - Devant's Method chain pieces link, glass with one foot but two bowls in right angle attached Later Magic 99
David Devant The Flying Thimble with one-handed palm and retrieval onto first finger Later Magic 502
David Devant The Jar of Water and Hat glass of water vanishes from paper bag and appears in hat, click sound effect with coin as glass is apparently set on plate, repeat with glass in handkerchief Later Magic 538
David Devant The Bag of Mystery egg appears in spectator's hand covered with paper bag, expanding bird cage produced from bag, borrowed ring put in beaten egg, vanishes, reappears in nest of envelopes Later Magic 544
David Devant, T. Nelson Downs The Magician's Will Power with one-way deck improvement by Downs The Art of Magic 176
David Devant The Devant "Mark-Off" how to establish break under certain number of card Farelli's Card Magic - Part One 55
Jean Hugard Thaumaturgy Credits David Devant with inventing thimble manipulation, plus describes different types of thimbles Thimble Magic 3
David Devant Thought Card Discovered punching selection secretly Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 306
David Devant The Triangle Trick double facers Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 133
David Devant Dyeing the Silks credit information Greater Magic 608
David Devant The Ghost Greater Magic 975
David Devant The Triangle twenty-six double facers Greater Magic 441
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Lessons in Conjuring by David Devant The Paul Fleming Book Reviews - Volume I 22
Charlie Miller, David Devant A Lesson in Magic with assistant, one claims to teach "handkerchief to lemon", handkerchief changes to small pieces, to ribbon, then to lemon, handkerchief inside, center cut out of two handkerchiefs, mismade handkerchief restoration, handkerchief to liquid, restored handkerchiefs reappear An Evening with Charlie Miller 41
Charlie Miller David Devant's Silver Ball only effect description The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 80
Charlie Miller Sun and Moon borrowed handkerchief, center sections transposeRelated to The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 81
David Devant Coin Transfer while counting and showing each coin in one hand,coins are transferd to the other hand The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 1 194
T. Nelson Downs, David Devant 3. Downs' Flag Production Produce flags from suitcase on telescopic staff Magic With Faucett Ross 180
David Devant, Faucett Ross Eggs from Hat Produce lots of eggs from a hat, keep dropping on the floor, comedy routine Magic With Faucett Ross 114
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Our Magic by J. Nevil Maskelyne (written by David Devant)
Second Edition
The Paul Fleming Book Reviews - Volume III 10
David Devant, Dai Vernon Nimble Nickels No. 49, ten coins in two rows, picked up in pairs, one coin moved across, they all travel across, double toss Self-Working Coin Magic 51
Alexander de Cova Body Servante construction, techniques and applicationsRelated to Ein Profi packt aus... 135
Robert Parrish The Well of Invisibility "The Japanese Box" routineRelated to
  • David Devant ("The Best Tricks and How to Do Them")
Great Tricks Revisited 54
David Devant Change of a Half "Unsolved Mysteries"
half crown in hand changes to any combination of change the spectator chooses, posed as problem
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, August 1956
The Fine Print (Issue 5) 120
David Devant Linking Finger Rings "Unsolved Mysteries"
description of classic effect, posed as problem
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, August 1956
The Fine Print (Issue 5) 120
David Devant Reverse Writing "Unsolved Mysteries"
writing on blotting paper is not reversed/mirrored, posed as problem
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, August 1956
The Fine Print (Issue 5) 120
David Devant Tiger Tiger "Unsolved Mysteries"
tiger rug shaken and tiger produced, posed as problem
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, August 1956
The Fine Print (Issue 5) 120
Paul Curry, Michael F. Zens, David Devant Out of the Past deck is separated in halves, two cards thought of and one is selected, performer puts one card from the half into the other, first card is missing, second spectator touches a card, that is put into the other half and also his card is missing, third card invisibly travels into the other halfInspired byAlso published here
  • "Genii" vol. 7 no. 4, 1942
Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 102
John Carney Legends: David Devant The Book of Secrets 258
Roberto Giobbi Devant and Goliath of David Devant Secret Agenda (Issue June 15) 178
Roberto Giobbi Catchphrases of Famous Performers list, Charles Bertram, Max Malini, José Frakson, Dante, Kalanag, Silvan, Juan Tamariz, Horace Goldin, Dr. Giovanni, David Devant, Bruce Cervon, Allan Ackerman, Tommy Cooper, Paul Daniels, Sirdani, Dani DaOrtiz Hidden Agenda (Issue Nov 2) 315