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Ralph W. Hull, Any Deck Read From the Card Backs cards named by looking at the back
  • First Method with a "Set-Up" Deck
  • With Borrowed Deck (secretly faced deck)
Related to
  • "Seeing with Fingertips" (Howard Albright)
1933 9
Theodore Annemann November 1935 on Burling Hull, Phil Smith, Howard Albright and the mechanical Gileegaloo Bird that finds a card, Mr. Rouclere
Nov. 1935
The Jinx (Issue 14)
Howard Albright The Drunk Plays Bridge Effect No. 6
performer deals shuffled deck randomly into four hands, he has all Spades
Also published here 1936 3
Howard Albright The Secret Mathematician - Variation
Inspired by 1937 36
Howard Albright Howard's Simplex Speller
Related to 1937 51
Howard Albright Uni-Mentality free choice, but spectator takes out five cards with his selection, one-way backs
1937 157
Howard Albright The Drunk Plays Bridge you get all spades, one-way backs
Also published here 1937 164
Howard Albright Uni-Mentality two methods
1937 179
Howard Albright Seeing with the Finger Tips
  • No. 1 Lip Reading Test
  • No. 2 Here's Your Card
  • No. 3 The Master's Touch
three phases with stacked deck
1937 216
Howard Albright Perfect Card Divination free thought of card, stacked, "has one of these the same value?"
Variations 1937 217
Howard Albright Unique Telephone Test phone number and name of person are divined and respective cards with values found
1937 217
Howard Albright Psychological Discernment method for presentation when you know card already
1937 218
Howard Albright Duo-Mentality medium in other room divines card, code with pencil
1937 293
Howard Albright Tuned Minds word written on playing card is divined
1937 347
John J. Crimmins Jr. (reviewer) Super-Sensitive Fingertips by Howard Albright Aug. 1948 454
John J. Crimmins Jr. (reviewer) Super-Psychic Mental Effects by Howard Albright Aug. 1948 454
Howard Albright, U. F. Grant The Drunk Plays Bridge No. 114, drunken bridge deal
1950 221
Howard Albright Uni Mentality locating selection, brief
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 18 No. 5)
Howard Albright Blankety Blank Routine back vanish and become blank, then faces, then normal again, using only one blank-backed card
1959 21
Howard Albright A Different Version of the Hindu Shuffle dropping cards from right-hand pile as cards are drawn from top so that bottom card always changes, convincer
  • To force a card from the bottom
1959 21
Dr. Stanley Jaks, Howard Albright Albrights Duplex Spelling Trick
Also published here 1961 148
Milton Kort, Howard Albright, U. F. Grant A Date with Kort coin cut repeated twice, then date of coin is produced with four cards
Jan. 1962
The New Phoenix (Issue 365)
Howard Albright Improved Rope Through Neck using two ropes, wire gimmick
1968 97
Howard Albright Lip Reading Test finger put on spectator's lip, card is divined
1972 2
Jochen Zmeck Das Gehirn des Teufels three cards chosen, positions of all three cards named one by one, last card cut to by performer
Inspired by
  • Howard Albright routine
1974 5
Howard Albright Simple Second Deal downjogged top card
1979 356
Karrell Fox "Clip-Tomania" cut-out holes in paper form card design as divination
Inspired by
  • Howard Albright, Tops magazine
1988 118
Howard Albright Card Spelling Trick
1994 1227
Howard Albright The Spooky Egg "yes" and "no" written on egg to answer questions
Also published here
  • Howard Albright, Party Trix à la Carte, p. 10
2002 280
Al Baker Snappy Number short card
Related toAlso published here
  • Super-Sensitive Fingertips (Howard Albright, 1948, p. 33)
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Contributions)
Karl Fulves The Pecking Bird credit information, Howard Albright's "Herman, The Gilagloo Bird" (1930s)
Prolix (Issue 1)
Howard Albright Inner-End Crimp bridge
Also published here
  • "Albright's Advanced Card Magic", p. 5
2012 62
Max Maven Courtomancy three picture cards chosen and found with amusing spelling presentation
Inspired by
  • "The Mind of Mephistopheles" (Howard Albright, Advanced Card Magic, 1948)
2013 64
Dr. Stanley Jaks Duplex Spelling Trick
Related toAlso published here 2014 139
Jim Steinmeyer Just Thinking full deck stack, "do you see a card of the same value here?" (binary divination)
Inspired by 2015 1
Howard Albright Howard Albright Crimp bridging deck one-handed
2018 315