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Jim Cozzens The Dream - Method #1 card changes while isolated in tabled spread, spread turned over twice
Innovative Magic No. 1 1
Jim Cozzens Two in the Hand is Worth Three on the Table two in one hand and one in the other hand
Innovative Magic No. 1 4
Steve Saunders, Roger Smith, Jim Cozzens SRJ Pennyrama (or Four Coins A-Go-Go)
Innovative Magic No. 1 5
Jim Cozzens, Roger Smith The Under Cover Coins four coins folded into corners of laid-out handkerchief, they assembly one by one in one corner
Innovative Magic No. 2 11
Jim Cozzens, Roger Smith, Wilbur T. Kattner, Van McGee, Gerald Edmunson Scatter Coins four coins in one corner under card, three cards in other corners, they distribute to other cards one by one until one coin is in each corner
Related to Innovative Magic No. 3 38
Roger Smith Scatter Coins Bonus page actually numbered "B4"
gaffed method with sticky card
Related to Innovative Magic No. 3 40
Roger Crabtree, Jim Cozzens The Crabtree Connection
  • The Effect (can be handed out)
  • Requirements
  • Construction of the Display Set of Linked Cards
  • The Set to be torn
  • Performance
  • Notes
The Crabtree Connection 4
Jim Cozzens The Jim Cozzens Instructions for preparing the Two Linked Cards
The Crabtree Connection 13
Harry Lorayne, Jim Cozzens, Roger Crabtree Linking Card Addenda preparation to really link two card frames
Quantum Leaps 158