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Joseph Cottone The "Cottone" Squeeze Production multiple single cards, two procedures
Related to 1939 47
Joseph Cottone The "Cottone" Snap Production multiple single cards
1939 50
Joseph Cottone Change Over Palm
1939 51
Joseph Cottone The Cottone Spider-Grip False Cut
1940 19
Joseph Cottone Tilt Position in different context
1940 20
Joseph Cottone The Dip Color Change
Also published here 1941 21
Joseph Cottone The Snap Color Change Herrmann Pass
1941 22
Joseph Cottone Visible Color Change Snap Change on face of pack
1941 24
Joseph Cottone Auto-Location
1941 40
Joseph Cottone The Aerial Count
1941 42
Joseph Cottone Throwing One-Handed Bottom Deal
1941 43
Joseph Cottone The Jumping Joker selection flys out of deck
1941 43
Cliff Green, Joseph Cottone Squeeze Production
Related to 1961 41
Joseph Cottone, Vic Sendax The Cottone-Sendax Method for correction see reference
Variations 1961 128
Joseph Cottone, Edward Marlo Cased Cottone Color Change
1977 134
Vic Sendax Interlocked Card Production corrected description
Related to June 1978
Apocalypse (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Joseph Cottone Squeeze Production
Related to 1983 120
Joseph Cottone Cottone Dip
Also published here 1999 10