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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Snap Over Change carp flipped over quickly with a snap on sleeve
Related toVariations 1953 17
Alan Shaxon The Hydrostatic Glass
Related toAlso published here 1970 59
Peter Kane The Ring in the Card Case
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1971 19
Ray Grismer Ring three phases, first in Genii 1971
Variations 1973 18
Emile Clifton Clifton's Ring Move ring on string, vanishes, appears on other hand
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1979 103
Marc DeSouza Let's Fake a Deal Aces cut to, five hands dealt and dealer receives Royal Flush, repeat with four hands, then everyone gets a good hand, then a hand changes back color, shrinks to smaller cards, and get blank
Inspired by
  • "I Cheat At Poker" (T.G. Murphy, manuscript)
1979 1
Larry Jennings Ambidextrous Travellers for the Elmsley credit see p. 48 of Marlo's Magazine 6
Related toVariations 1986 233
Marc DeSouza Dead Ringer ring on string move
Inspired by 1989 479
Marc DeSouza The Thing three selections, odd-backed general / universal card ends up blank
1990 567
Marc DeSouza Foreword
Marc DeSouza Copper/Silver My Way
Also published here Jan./Feb. 1992
The Magic Menu (Vol. 2 No. 9)
Marc DeSouza Shape Shifter
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 1993 862
Oscar Munoz Pirouette Change
Variations 1993 864
Marc DeSouza The Cover Change variation of the sleeve change
Related to 1993 866
Lee Earle Lee Earle at the Editor's Desk on Charles Buckner, E. Raymond Carlyle, Warren Earle, Marc DeSouza, David Ashton, Six and One-Half, Erick Machamer, Loyd Auerbach
Syzygy (Vol. 4 No. 1)
Wesley James The DeSouza/James Reverse using the Shape Shifter Change as a secret packet turnover
  • The Simulated DeSouza/James Reverse
Inspired by Oct. 1998
Onyx (Issue 5)
Marc DeSouza Shapeshifter Change brief
1999 125
Jason England Double-Change Routine Joker changes to first selection, then second selection
Inspired by Apr. 1999
Onyx (Issue 7)
Marc DeSouza Picasso's Bill stick figure drawn on bill before making it turn into mis-made bill
Also published here 1999 96
Marc DeSouza Foreword
2001 7
Marc DeSouza Miniature Bowling Ball From Briefcase tiny briefcase, two sponge balls are taken out, then a solid steel ball that wouldn't have fit in
2001 17
Marc DeSouza The DeSouza Two Ball Routine simple sequence for phase with spectator's hand
2001 21
Marc DeSouza Picasso's Bill stick figure drawn on bill before making it turn into mis-made bill
Also published here 2001 23
Marc DeSouza The Meltdown Change no thumb-tip
2001 27
Marc DeSouza Twin Transpo X 2 two signed cards travel to wallet, one is held behind back and transposes with card held in front of back, then fusion
2001 37
Marc DeSouza Swing Cut Side Steal bottom card into right hand, directly after swing cut
2001 42
Marc DeSouza Collection Agency
2001 49
Marc DeSouza Copper/Silver My Way
Also published here 2001 57
Marc DeSouza Snowflake cigarette paper is crumbled together, snowflake design is cut into it when opened again
2001 65
Marc DeSouza The Cigarette Pellet Switch
2001 69
Marc DeSouza Quad-Ringle Plus ring & string routine with ring to card case finale
Inspired by 2001 71
Marc DeSouza Thumb Ring
Inspired by 2001 76
Marc DeSouza Shapeshifter
Also published here 2001 89
Steve Beam Shapeshifter Deluxe multiple changes
Inspired by 2001 92
David Acer Shift Happens grip on card changes to different corner visually
Inspired by 2001 93
Marc DeSouza I'd Give My Right Arm To Be Ambidextrous with repeat, stop watch presentation
Inspired by 2001 95
Marc DeSouza The Cover Change cover for Twirl Change (here credited to Hofzinser)
Inspired by
  • "Pivot Color Change" (Noel Stanton, The Gen, June 1964)
2001 111
Marc DeSouza Die Of Destiny card found with blank die and elimination process
  • Ambidextrous Destiny
  • Ambidextrous Destiny Plus
Inspired by
  • "The Magic Die" (Claude Rix, Original Close-Up Routines, lecture notes)
2001 113
Marc DeSouza Social Climbing
2001 121
Edward Marlo, Marc DeSouza For the Unambitious as card to mouth
2001 127
Marc DeSouza Shell-Act routine, with vanishing shot glass
2001 135
Marc DeSouza Shapeshifter Change
July/Aug. 2002
Penumbra (Issue 2)
Marc DeSouza Speaking Volumes
Related to June 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 6)
David Regal (reviewer) DeSouza's DeCeptions - The Magic of Mark DeSouza by Marc DeSouza (written by David Acer) Aug. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 8)
David Regal (reviewer) DeSouza's DeCeptions Companion Video by Marc DeSouza Aug. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 8)
David Oliver (reviewer) Rising Card Miracle by Dr. Martin J. Schwartz, Marc DeSouza Oct. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 10)
Matthew Field (reviewer) The Chain Gang by Marc DeSouza Nov. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 11)
Andi Gladwin Shapeshifter Change Variation
Inspired by June 2002
Ego (Vol. 1 No. 12)
Marc DeSouza Shapeshifter
2004 24
Marc DeSouza The Shapeshifter Change brief
2005 32
Marc DeSouza Marker Cap stealing the extra bill
2006 98
Marc DeSouza Picasso's Bill stick figure drawn on bill before making it turn into mis-made bill
Also published here 2006 196
Tyler Wilson Credit Card Change variation on Marc DeSouza's Shapeshifter Change, hold by middle of short edges instead of corners
2007 33
Dustin Stinett (reviewer) Master Works of Conjuring Vols. 1 to 4 by Marc DeSouza Jan. 2010
Genii (Vol. 73 No. 1)
Marc DeSouza Baby Hugh-y prediction of celebrity, baby gag update
Sep. 2010
Genii (Vol. 73 No. 9)
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #47 on credits for The Shapeshifter
Related to 2011 xli
Oscar Munoz, Marc DeSouza Shapeshifter Change
2011 132
Marc DeSouza, Jason Ladanye Shapeshifter Change Handling
2013 21
Marc DeSouza Shapeshifter Change handling variation
2013 23
Oscar Munoz, Marc DeSouza Shapeshifter Change
2015 63
Marc DeSouza Shapeshifter Change brief
2018 82
Michael Rubinstein Marc DeSouza mini bio
2020 404
Marc DeSouza Cylinder and Coins for Three Friends
2020 404
Marc DeSouza Spider Vanish Variation nowhere palm
2020 407