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Erhard Liebenow Turnover Drop move for removing the shell
1969 277
Erhard Liebenow Baffle Drop
1969 278
Paul Maurer 30 Jahre MRS on the swiss magic convention in Lucerne, Jean Garance, Edy Künzler, Haug, Ernst Lechner, Siegel, Zeisler, Erhard Liebenow, Camps, Dai Vernon, John Scarne, Primes, Elberto, Roberto, Hermanion, Widmer, K. Schürch, Juliani, Curtini, Mr. Ben, Marino & Rino, Rolf Andra, William Weyeneth, Nussbaumer, Wetzel, Schnetzer, Lüthi, Leist-Bernini, Widmer, Magic Club Luzern
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 31 No. 1)
Mitteilungen on Werner Baur, Hermann Jacklowsky, Mellini-Polka, Erhard Liebenow, US magic convention tour, Emil Loew
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 32 No. 4)
Dick Madden 10-to-1 Shot ten cards, spectator selects one with odd symbol
Variations 1974
Magick (Issue 112)
Roger Smith The Amazing Dribbling Faro Location incomplete faro with eleven-card packet, held by left and right hand, cards fall until selection remains (Liebenow's card peeling)
Related to 1974
Necromancer (Vol. 2 No. 3)
Erhard Liebenow Spring Spread Aces four aces are found all at once by springing the cards on the table
1978 2
Erhard Liebenow Liebenow's Aces selection is found and four touched card change into aces
1978 4
Erhard Liebenow Ball Production large ball appears behind a card
1978 6
Erhard Liebenow The Card In the Center Liebenow's card peeling
Related to 1978 7
Erhard Liebenow Instant Card Control peeked card at number between twenty and thirty
1978 9
Erhard Liebenow Faro Peek Control adjustment for position
1978 9
Erhard Liebenow Your Favorite Value, Please! spectator names a value, performer cuts to the Aces, then the Aces transform into his selected value
1978 10
Erhard Liebenow Triumph Number One
1978 12
Erhard Liebenow Triumph Number Two from face up face down cards, one card is removed and changes into the selection, deck triumph
1978 13
Erhard Liebenow Triumph Number Three
1978 15
Erhard Liebenow Open Color Separation red card shuffled into black cards and eventually separate again
1978 18
Erhard Liebenow Illusion in Rot & Schwarz spectator finds the only red card among then blacks, then all blacks turn into reds and the red turns into a black one
Also published here 1996 112
Rudolf Braunmüller Die Zufallsvorhersage cards with designs, spectator cuts off a packet and does the Tantalizer deal, final card predicted
Variations 1999
Intermagic (Vol. 23 No. 2)
Erhard Liebenow The Four-card Turnover Display
2000 1019
Erhard Liebenow Illusion in Red & Black spectator finds the only red card among then blacks, then all blacks turn into reds and the red turns into a black one
Inspired byAlso published here 2000 110
Erhard Liebenow Alternative Voraussage spectator cuts off pile and does tantalizer deal, last card predicted
Inspired by 2000
Intermagic (Vol. 23 No. 4 & 5)
Aldo Colombini The Aces Are Gone four black cards, four red cards, four Aces, Aces put between other two packets and they vanish, then Oil & Queens with remaining 4&4 cards with Aces as kicker
Inspired by
  • "Off-Counted" (Erhard Liebenow, Linking Ring, Mar. 1995)
Sep. 2001
Ego (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Denis Behr, Erhard Liebenow Liebenow's Card Peeling location effect with faro flourish, applying stack
  • In-the-Hands Way
  • Home Match
Related to 2007 55
Pit Hartling Ases el Orden four Ace production, with shuffle elements, being in a certain order at the end, Finding way home procedure
  • Acrobatic Aces
  • Gun Trick
  • Liebenow Card Peeling
Related to 2010
El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 14)