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Robert (Bob) Hess Loser! spectators have to guess the high card in 4 card packet and are always wrong
Nov. 1969
Epilogue (Issue 7)
Robert (Bob) Hess Never Underestimate four Kings and three Queens, but no real unequal transposition
Mar. 1970
Epilogue (Issue 8)
Robert (Bob) Hess Ring Box ring dropped in box, want inserted, penetrates wand
Apr. 1970 333
Robert (Bob) Hess Immovable Object deck in two packets, top cards shown and exchanged, on one packet it remains the same card, repeated several times
Sep. 1970 359
Robert (Bob) Hess Irresistible Fours two cards as predictions, two cards chosen, makes four fours
Sep. 1970 359
Robert (Bob) Hess Spirit Aces black aces rise to top of four-Ace-packet repeatedly, a black ace travels from pocket back to aces, then red aces to pocket
Winter 1970
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6 No. 4th Folio)
Karl Fulves Double Express top and bottom card of deck transpose, for odd-backed handling see reference
Related toVariations 1971 19
Robert (Bob) Hess Joker Mental odd-backed joker placed next to mate of named card, joker transforms into named card
Variations Apr. 1971 416
Robert (Bob) Hess L'Express top and bottom card of deck transpose, see correction on p. 460
Inspired by Sep. 1971 442
Francis Haxton Joker, Jr. ungaffed method, odd-backed joker placed next to mate of named card, joker transforms into named card
Inspired by Oct. 1971 462
Robert (Bob) Hess Droxene's Ring two paper rings link onto a ribbon, then with each other
Related to Jan. 1972 479
Robert (Bob) Hess 22¢ Trick two glasses with a dime and penny in each, dime penetrates bottom of each, see also p. 640 for suggestion by reader
Variations Feb. 1972 487
Robert (Bob) Hess The 13th Card prediction under magazine matches thirteenth card after free spectator cut
Variations July 1972 552
Robert (Bob) Hess Focal Point one of ten cards, OOSOOM
Inspired by
  • Hull's "Mental Discernment"
May 1973 625
Robert (Bob) Hess Flame Test two paper slips, on one the spectator draws a demonic symbol, this vanishes in a flash
Sep. 1973 653
M. D. Overholser The 13th Plus 13 prediction in pocket matches thirteenth card after free spectator cut
Inspired by June 1975 975
Jack Avis Focal Point II one of ten, OOSOOM
Inspired by July 1975 977
Karl Fulves The 32¢ Trick two glasses, penny, dime and nickel in each glass, a penny penetrates one glass and drops in other glass, repeat
Inspired by 1977 89
Karl Fulves The Linking Card credit information
Related to 1988
Interlocutor (Issue 50)
William Goodwin Unequal Transposition - Credit Information see also addition in Issue 9, p. 1
Related to July 2004
The Penumbra (Issue 8)