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Franklin M. Chapman Smart Coin Trick coin vanish and ap, with handkerchief, coin on back of hand
Related toVariations Oct. 1938
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Paul Harris King Solomon's Drink glass of drink is produced from handkerchief
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1979 123
Bob Read Bob Read in Wichita on Joe Stevens, Mid American Conclave, Ralph Marcom, Howard Hale, Lance Burton, Art Emmerson, John Cornelius, David Copperfield
Feb. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 2)
Lance Burton, Adam Fleischer Lance Burton Interview
Aug. 1986
Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Lance Burton King Burton's Drink Produce a drink from handkerchief
Inspired byVariations 1990 10
Lance Burton A Message From Lance Burton
1990 14
Tom Stone Champagne short one-coin sequence with full glass and shoe production climax
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 1996 12
Lee Earle Lee Earle at the Editor's Desk on Paul Green, Lance Burton, Banachek, Mark Strivings, Docc Hilford
Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 16)
Richard Kaufman, Lance Burton Richard Kaufman Interviews Lance Burton ... on TV
May 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 5)
Melanie A. Cissone Lance Burton's Young Magicians Showcase "The Taping of a Television Special Featuring 15 Talented Young Magicians"
Mar. 2001
Genii (Vol. 64 No. 3)
Richard Kaufman, Lance Burton Lance Burton Talks About the Young Magicians Showcase
Mar. 2001
Genii (Vol. 64 No. 3)
Lance Burton King Burton's Drink
Related to 2002 19
Lance Burton, Mac King Burton and King
Jan. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 1)
Michael Close, Johnny Thompson, Lance Burton, David Berglas Channing Pollock Remembered
May 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 5)
Eugene Burger, Lance Burton The Showmanship Interviews
Mar. 2007
Genii (Vol. 70 No. 3)
Jim Steinmeyer Genii Speaks Dai Vernon, Kalin and Jinger's "Real Magic", Lance Burton on The View, vaudeville, Taschen's books The Circus and Magic, Howard Thurston
Aug. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 8)
Richard Kaufman Genii Speaks Lance Burton, The Tabman, Lu Chen
Related to June 2010
Genii (Vol. 73 No. 6)
Arturo de Ascanio Impresiones Acerca del "XX Desert Seminar", de Las Vegas notes on Joe Stevens Dessert Seminar convention, and Ascanio's time in Las Vegas, Siegfried & Roy, Lance Burton
2015 299
Alexander de Cova, Lance Burton Lance Burton Finesse steal from hand
2017 56
Lance Burton Foreword: Learning from the Master
2018 9
Lance Burton Monte Carlo Coin Move reappearance of coin that is balancing on back of hand from previous vanish
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Sept. 2001
2022 3