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Chinese Money Mystery
Variations 1952 154
Milton Kort The Sympathetic Coin on handkerchief, one card, three silver & one copper, shell
Variations 1952 282
Harry Lorayne Stabbed in the Pack card really thrown in deck
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1967 129
Fred Kaps I am in Debt Ace to Four, then cards are removed, always add up to ten
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1972 5
Camilo Vázquez Camilo's Deceptive Four Ace Reveal hindu force handling
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1980 47
Camilo Vázquez Cambio de Dorso color changing back idea, with Multeffect deck
1980 70
Camilo Vázquez Llave Doble card control
1980 70
Camilo Vázquez Introducción - Ein Wort zuvor...
1981 2
Camilo Vázquez Jetons square casino chips, two red and two black change places and transform
1981 3
Camilo Vázquez Square Casino Chip Switch Wild Card move
1981 4
Camilo Vázquez Transformation of Jeton similar to Ross Bertram's Rubdown, as a transformation of to square casino chips
1981 5
Camilo Vázquez Whisky-Würfel-Routine dice travel from hand to hand, are stacked with a cup, penetrate a table top and as a climax a filled glass of Whisky appears
1981 6
Camilo Vázquez Das Erscheinen eines Glases mit Whisky production of filled glass of Whisky
1981 8
Camilo Vázquez Camilos Münzenroutine coin transforms into chinese coin, then coins travel from hand to hand
Inspired by 1981 10
Camilo Vázquez Coin Transformation one-handed, using the Goshman Pinch
1981 11
Camilo Vázquez Sympathetic Coins Variation using a credit card, coins change in the end
Inspired by 1981 16
Camilo Vázquez Hindumischen mit Abziehen von unten Hindu Force variation
  • Das Verbesserte Hindu-Forcieren mit Erläuterung des Abziehens von unten
  • Das Forcieren mehrerer Karten mit Hilfe von Visitenkarten
  • Variante mit signierten Karten
  • Asse-Finden
Also published here 1981 18
Camilo Vázquez Encounters of the Third Kind on Juan Tamariz
Oct. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 10)
Juan Gallego Luque, Miguel Ángel Gea La Escuela Mágica de Madrid. Origines on the "Spanish School of Magic", Arturo de Ascanio, Juan Anton, Juan Tamariz, Pepe Puchol, Ramón Varela, Camilo Vázquez, Toni Cachadiña, Ricardo Marré, Luis Garcia, Alfonso Moliné, Pablo Doménech, Joan Font, Oriol y Tino, Manolo Tena, Jesus Etcheverry, La Circular
2003 110
Juan Tamariz, Arturo de Ascanio, Ricard Marré, Juan Antón, José Puchol, Ramon Varela, Camilo Vázquez Manifesto Mágico de la EMM manifest from 1971 about the Escuela Mágica de Madrid
2003 119
Juan Gallego Luque, Miguel Ángel Gea Camilo Vázquez
2003 201
Camilo Vázquez Aparición de Botella, Copa y Líquido production of a bottle and a glass under handkerchief, special holder
2003 203
Camilo Vázquez La Moneda en la Pastilla de Alka Seltzer signed coin to Alka Seltzer, in nest of boxes
2003 207
David Acer Lucky Day Spectator calls stop during Hindu shuffles, stops at four Aces
Inspired by 2004 32
Camilo Vázquez The Dragon Shuffle hindu shuffle force, bottom card changes several times
2004 192
Camilo Vázquez Dragon Aces four Ace production, incorrectly described in Garcia's book
Related toAlso published here 2004 194
Camilo Vázquez A Grand Triumph cards shuffled face up into face down, three cards are turned over, all cards end up face down but three cards and in inverted Mnemonica
2004 139
Camilo Vázquez Introduction by Camilo Vázquez
2008 12
Dani DaOrtiz Una tertulia sobre Kaps - Curiosidades, anécdotas e historias de Camilo Vazquez sobre Fred Kaps anecdotes of Fred Kaps by Camilo Vazquez
El Manuscrito (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Camilo Vázquez, Juan Tamariz Recordando a Fred Kaps - Tertulia de Camilo Vázquez con Juan Tamariz transcription of a talk between Vázquez and Tamariz on Fred Kaps
El Manuscrito (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Arturo López, Camilo Vázquez Camilo Vázquez interview with Camilo
Also published here
  • "Ilusionismo" Nr. 290, 1982.
El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 14)
Camilo Vázquez, Juan Tamariz Camilo Vázquez charla con Juan Tamariz discussion between Camilo and Tamariz
El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 14)
Camilo Vázquez Al contrario group of cards is removed and spectator and magician build face up and face down pairs, face up cards of spectator turn out to be odd-backed cards
Also published here 2010
El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 14)
Camilo Vázquez Juegos con doble fondo article on routine structure, hiding certain parts used in later tricks
El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 14)
Camilo Vázquez ¡Clips! pips of a card appear on tie
El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 14)
Camilo Vázquez ¡Más Clips! paperclip as coin holder
El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 14)
Camilo Vázquez Una confidencia de Arturo memories of Arturo de Ascanio, notes on the Ascanio Spread
2015 233
Miguel Diaz, Carlos Vinuesa Camilo Vázquez
2015 343
Fred Kaps, Camilo Vázquez Kaps on the Floor how Kaps preferred to perform in informal situations
Hidden Agenda (Issue Feb 27)
Camilo Vázquez, Roberto Giobbi Management for the Palm for one-handed palm
Hidden Agenda (Issue June 29)
Camilo Vázquez Balls to Egg Finish as finale for a "Balls in the Net" routine, any item in egg size is produced
2018 158
Camilo Vázquez Tossed in the Deck joker tossed next to selection
Inspired by 2018 206
Joaquín Navajas, Miguel Gómez, Camilo Vázquez Forzaje ESP three methods to force an ESP card
2019 96
Camilo Vázquez Three Photos about José Carroll
2019 10
Camilo Vázquez Don't Do As I Do group of cards is removed and spectator and magician build face up and face down pairs, face up cards of spectator turn out to be odd-backed cards
Also published here 2020 44
Fred Kaps, Camilo Vázquez Over the Limit four cards total ten, one after the other is removed but cards still total ten, Visa card appears on back of last card
Inspired by 2020 46
Camilo Vázquez Las imágenes de la magia - Prestidigitadora, princesa y santa on Liane de Pougy
  • Rocambolesca historia tras una viñeta
  • Liane de Pougy, prestidigitatora y acróbata
  • Liane, dos reyes y un funeral
Maese Coral (Issue 1)
Camilo Vázquez Conejos y sombreros. De la Exposición Universal de Paris 1867 a la canción francesa 1948. on the rabbit from the hat
Maese Coral (Issue 2)
Camilo Vázquez Las imágenes de la magia - Magia, politica y caricaturas. Tres presidentes españoles. on political caricatures using magical themes
Maese Coral (Issue 3)
Camilo Vázquez Las imágenes de la magia - Magos, charlatanes y sacamuelas on prints and lithographies of quacksalber and charlatans
  • Bibliografia
Maese Coral (Issue 4)