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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Frank Garcia Dual Discovery two cards change to selected cardsRelated to Million Dollar Card Secrets 65
Alex Elmsley The Mexican Prediction free selection is predicted with two cards (value and suit)Related to The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 2 37
Paul Harris The Ultimate Rip-Off no extra pieces, restoration except cornerRelated toAlso published here The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue Super Magic) 113
Rich Aviles Fax Machine card moves through deck and transforms Above the Fold 2
Rich Aviles Comic Change card is pushed through deck and transforms Above the Fold 5
Rich Aviles Riffle Revolve during in-the-hands riffle shuffle Above the Fold 6
Rich Aviles Ballerina Change Above the Fold 8
Rich Aviles Replica Control Above the Fold 11
Rich Aviles Vanilla Extract palmed card from box Above the Fold 14
Rich Aviles Razor Burn Switch Above the Fold 16
Rich Aviles, Alex Elmsley Pocket Protectors free selection is predicted with two cards (value and suit)Inspired byRelated to Above the Fold 20
Rich Aviles Oops, I Did It Again transpo with backfire close to deck Above the Fold 25
Rich Aviles Middle Man card sticking out from deck turns out to be later selection by two spectators Above the Fold 30
Rich Aviles Bystander out-of-hand sandwich Above the Fold 36
Rich Aviles Subwich card travels from packet to sandwich, sandwich card transform into mates Above the Fold 39
Rich Aviles Speedo selection appears between jokers, jokers change into second selection Above the Fold 44
Rich Aviles 2 Legit jokers transform into selections and back Above the Fold 48
Rich Aviles, Jason Alford, Richard Kaufman Radical Angled After-Burner combining with Alford's Angled After-Burner into a two card switchRelated to Above the Fold 51
Rich Aviles Big Black Arrow black arrow on smartphone display jumps onto back of card, kind of updated "Chicago Opener"Inspired by Above the Fold 54
Rich Aviles Two Wrongs two wrong cards change into selectionsRelated to Above the Fold 59
Rich Aviles Asher Twitch Above the Fold 62
Rich Aviles The Upscanio Spread Above the Fold 64
Rich Aviles The Forgotten Card card identity is on ribbon tied around spectator's finger Above the Fold 70
Rich Aviles An Ending for Torn & Restored Card Related to Above the Fold 72
Rich Aviles DIY Firewallet Above the Fold 75
Rich Aviles Rich Who?! Above the Fold
Unknown Fan Pop-Out card pops out of fanRelated to Making the Cut 74
Rich Aviles Pocket Protectors The magician pockets two cards to serve as a prediction. Spectator calls out any card. Magician shows one of the predictions has the same value and the other the same suit as the mentally selected card.Related to Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 10 156
Lewis Jones Pocketless Magician pockets two cards. Spectator names any card. Magician removes the two cards - one matches the value and the other the suit of the named card.Related to Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 10 140