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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
L.E. Duncanson With Sight Unseen divining cards behind back, small mirror between legs The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 5) 18
Theodore Annemann The Astral Shirt performer removes shirt without jacketRelated to The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 6) 23
L.E. Duncanson The Astral Shirt Again! in cabinet shirt is instantly exchangedRelated to The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 8) 30
L.E. Duncanson Thought Rays writing on cleared slate read, oil The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 8) 31
L.E. Duncanson Thimbles no End! production routine The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 39) 261