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Fred Black The Shuffle faro tablesRelated to Expert Card Technique 145
Fred Black The Endless Belts Related to Expert Card Technique 147
Fred Black Chart of Seventeen Related to Expert Card Technique 147
Edward Marlo A Correction commentary on ECT tables, see also new hardcover edition for further commentaryInspired by Faro Notes 8
Dai Vernon, Fred Black To Keep the colours separated Also published here More Inner Secrets of Card Magic 54
Fred Black, Dai Vernon The Black Pass Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 114
Edward Marlo Additional Observations 4) ff. Fred Black's "Black Pass" as a Wrist Turn Pass Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 90
Karl Fulves Ring Diagrams Related to The Return Trip 5
Dai Vernon, Fred Black Fred Black Shuffle Variation credit information The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 1 113
Unknown Falschmischen rot-schwarz Related to Card Stories 26
Fred Black Black's Stack The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 3 113
Dai Vernon, Juan Tamariz, Fred Black A red-black False Shuffle spectator pushes cards together Card College - Volume 3 649
Dai Vernon To Keep the Colours Separated Also published here The Magic of Ascanio - More Studies of Card Magic 70