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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Theodore Annemann The Telephone Drama name and telephone number are divined
Variations 1935 7
Dai Vernon Cutting The Aces
Related toVariations 1946
Stars of Magic (Vol. 2 No. 2)
The Piano Trick Piano card trick, standard
Variations 1956 4
Don Costello, Dai Vernon, Martin Gardner The Tit-Tat-Toe Trick Packet of nine cards used to play tic-tac-toe with a spectator (face up and down cards). Finale is revealed that the result is a magic square, each row/column/diagonal adds up to fifteen
Related toVariations 1956 28
Jim Steinmeyer The Nine Card Problem small packet spelling discovery, no-touch
Inspired by
  • "Remote Control" (Jim Steinmeyer, The New Invocation #43, Feb. 1988)
Related toVariationsAlso published here
May 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 9)
Allan Ackerman The Algorithm simplified calculation method for ACAAN with memorized deck, reverse stack
Related toAlso published here 1996 25
Juan Tamariz Contributors on the collaboration with Carmen, Manuel Cuesta, Ramón Riobóo, Jim Krenz, Ramblar, Ariston, Rafael Benatar, Alan
2004 xxiii
Juan Tamariz Any Poker Hand Called For
  • Pair
  • Two Pair
  • Three of a Kind
  • Low Full House
  • Middle Full House
  • Four of a Kind
  • Straight Flush (Including a Royal Flush)
  • Resetting the Stack
  • Other Deals
  • Reference Table
  • Observations
  • A General Presentation
Related to 2004 48
Áriston, Juan Tamariz Flushes and Pulses four hands dealt, all contain only cards from same suit, in second phase on hand cards are dealt again on one hand to produce complete suit
  • Phase One (Áriston)
  • Phase Two (Tamariz)
  • A Kind of Reset
2004 56
Simon Aronson, Ramón Riobóo The Three Hours three cards are divined
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 2004 65
Juan Tamariz, Áriston Notes for Serious Students and Perfectionists About "Any Poker Hand Called For" in Chapter Five
Related to 2004 303
Juan Tamariz Shifting the Position of a Card
  • First Objective: To Move a Card to a Different Position Without Altering the Rest of the Stack
    • A. With the Tamariz Perpenticular Control (TPC)
    • B. With a Slip Cut
    • C. With a Double Break and a Double Cut
    • D. With the Hofzinser Spread Cull
    • E. With Dai Vernon's Triumph Shuffle
    • F. With the Zarrow Shuffle
    • G. With the Side Steal
  • Second Objective: Pretending a Selected Card is Returned to the Position it Came From
    • Multiple Divination
  • Third Objective: To Exchange the Positions of Two Cards Without Altering the Rest of the Deck
    • A. With Multiple Cuts
    • B. With a Overhand Shuffle (Ariston)
  • Fourth Objective: To Gather Several Cards That are Scattered Throughout the Deck While Keeping Control Over the Order Which Enables You to Reassemble the Stack
    • A. Marlo's Lessinout Shuffle
    • B. Hofzinser's Spread Cull
    • C. Tamariz Perpendicular Control
    • D. Lennart Green's angle separation & Harry Loarayne's great divide
2004 333
Áriston To Exchange the Positions of Two Cards
Also published here 2004 339
Áriston To Exchange the Positions of Two Cards
Also published here 2011 43
Áriston To exchange the position of two cards
Also published here 2016 197
Roberto Mansilla Outstanding stand up OOTW, cards placed in front of reversed glasses
Variations 2017 35
Áriston Prólogo
2017 5
Áriston El Ojo de Ariston layout to bring shuffled deck to Mnemonica, in context of routine
2017 13
Áriston Mazo Mezclado a Cualquier Orden Mnemonico divination of three thought of cards, shuffled deck put in Mnemonica, dealing cards in piles of seven cards
2017 17
Áriston Papeles Cambiados billet switch, with variations
2017 23
Áriston Mi Peor Espectador spectator names number, card at position matches prediction, from shuffled deck
2017 27
Áriston El Biatlon spectator names number, card at position matches prediction, from shuffled deck, apparently memorizing second deck
2017 34
Áriston Sesión de Espiritismo using three decks, a die and two selections
2017 41
Áriston El Superagente 86 card at number, presentation of apparently calling agent
2017 49
Áriston Igual Que En Mi Sueño with dream presentation, two decks
2017 60
Áriston Carta & Numero (1) two decks
2017 64
Áriston Carta & Numero (2) two decks
2017 67
Áriston Carta & Numero (3) two decks
2017 70
Áriston Carta & Numero (4)
2017 71
Áriston Carta & Numero (5) with reversed stack
Related to 2017 74
Áriston, Rafael O. Fontao Superimpossible prediction of position where selection ends up, nine cards are mixed by spelling cards
Related to 2017 75
Áriston Cada Vez Mejor cards appear at named numbers, three phases
2017 80
Áriston Clavada Coincidencia prediction of card and position (between x & y)
2017 86
Áriston Predicción con Calculadora finding a card using a calculator
2017 90
Áriston Predicción con Mazo Calculador
2017 93
Áriston Predicción con Mnemonica counting and spelling
2017 96
Áriston Predicción Impromptu
2017 99
Áriston Predicción Relampago
2017 101
Áriston Mazo Memorizado deck is apparently memorized, performer names card at named position
2017 103
Áriston Solamente Una Vez
2017 109
Áriston Lectura Del Pensamiento packet is cut, bottom card remembered and packet shuffled, divination of selection
2017 112
Áriston No Me Equivoco Casi Nunca with two decks
2017 116
Áriston Casi Siempre Me Equivoco
2017 120
Áriston, Ramón Riobóo, Juan Tamariz Las Tres Horas variation without fishing
Inspired by 2017 125
Áriston, Roberto Mansilla Triple Adivinación (bolsa de plástico transparente) divination of three cards, using plastic bag
2017 129
Áriston La Maquina Transmisora Del Pensamiento
2017 133
Áriston Poker Contra El Destino
2017 135
Áriston Otro Ten Card Deal
2017 140
Áriston, Bob Farmer Black Jack
2017 143
Áriston Ta-Te-Ti packet of nine cards used to play tic-tac-toe with a spectator (face up and down cards). Finale is revealed that the result is a magic square, each row/column/diagonal adds up to fifteen
Inspired by 2017 146
Áriston Cortando Los Ases Vernon's Cutting the Aces, without disturbing the stack
Inspired by 2017 149
Áriston El Ascensor Magico Vernon's Elevator, without disturbing the stack
2017 153
Áriston, Theodore Annemann El Drama Del Telefono Y El Test Del Muerto name and telephone number are divined
Inspired by 2017 156
Áriston, Theodore Annemann Tres Book Test using books and playing cards
2017 161
Áriston Fuera De Este Mundo using glasses and a plastic bag
Inspired by 2017 165
Áriston El Rey Del Empalme
Inspired by 2017 170
Áriston Parejas Desparejas Royal Marriage trick using all picture cards, inspired by a Nick Trost routine
2017 172
Áriston La Calle Del Bien Y Del Mal with duplicate, story presentation
2017 174
Áriston Tres Pilones using 27 cards
2017 177
Áriston Clasificaciones finding a thought of card, deck to NDO and poker demonstration, shuffled deck is put in order in process
  • La Carta Pensada Entre Los Reyes O Los Comodines
  • Toda La Baraja Ordenada Por Palo Y Numero
  • La Jugada De Poker Soñada
2017 179
Áriston Carta Que Levita Atravesada Por Aro Chino card levitation, through a ring
2017 194
Áriston, Germán Debat, Adriano Zanetti Las Tres Tazas with three cups, variation using Memoized Deck
  • Con La Baraja En Mnemonica
2017 197
Áriston Dado Magico on paper and with pieces of wood, cube
2017 201
Áriston Mis Barajas on his gaffed decks
2017 206
Áriston Arising Card any named card rises from card case
2017 206
Áriston Cartas Opticas special marked deck, also with rising card feature
2017 209
Áriston Ariston's Card gaffed deck for rising card in card case
2017 211
Áriston Mazo Inmezclable special gaffed deck to quickly extract cards, brief description
2017 212
Áriston Aristoon variation of Dan Harlan's Card-Toon
2017 213
Áriston Epílogo index under close up mat
2017 215
Bill Cheung, Áriston Any Card Rising Rising Card, any card can be named
2018 10