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Franklin M. Chapman Smart Coin Trick coin vanish and ap, with handkerchiefRelated to Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 4) 3
Jimmy Buffaloe The Drop Pass Modern Coin Magic 146
Jimmy Buffaloe The Drop Pass Modern Coin Magic 146
Jimmy Buffaloe The Hippity Hop Half Modern Coin Magic 147
Jimmy Buffaloe The Marksman hole appears in coin Modern Coin Magic 263
Jimmy Buffaloe Perfect Coin Through Handkerchief shell Modern Coin Magic 270
Jimmy Buffaloe The New Era Coin Go show both sides of both hands, wristRelated to Modern Coin Magic 34
Jimmy Buffaloe With a Handkerchief - Number Two coin vanishes under a handkerchief on the table, back palm to side pocket Modern Coin Magic 55
Jimmy Buffaloe Double Penetration two coins through handkerchief Modern Coin Magic 71
Jimmy Buffaloe Pants Leg Miracle half dollar transforms into a dime when placed into a trousers fold Modern Coin Magic 73
Jimmy Buffaloe The Impromptu Mint coin transforms under a card Modern Coin Magic 82
Jimmy Buffaloe The Switchover coin appears out of a handkerchief Modern Coin Magic 85
Jimmy Buffaloe The Appearing Half coin appears with aid of a handkerchief Modern Coin Magic 87
David Williamson The Wonderful Coin Vanish Inspired byRelated toVariations Williamson's Wonders 9