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Fred Robinson Oasis on Bert Graham, Brian Glover, Bill Spooner, Martino, Bev Bergeron, Anthony Brahams, Paul Harris, Martin Nash Pabular (Vol. 4, No. 10) 584
Bev Bergeron Coins through Table four coinsRelated to Steve Beam On Coins - Volume II 34
Steve Beam "Thanksgiven" thanks to Jim Culver, Chris Ball, Henry Pettit, John Berry, Hank McNair, Woody Landers, Bev Bergeron, Don Odom, Kevin Justice, Donna Givens, James & Beverly Flynn Steve Beam On Coins - Volume II 52
Steve Beam Upside Down Chinese compass effect with the words "up" and "down", square plaque, several moves, see also p. 51 for additional ideas and remarks by Martin Gardner, Dan Garrett and Sid Lorraine, more ideas on p. 990 by Lee FredRelated toVariations The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 1) 1
Bev Bergeron Letter to the Trapdoor jokes on being bald The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 20) 343
Steve Beam Leftovers on Bev Bergeron, Joseph Pujol, Gary Plants, Midwest Magic Jubilee The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 29) 524
Bev Bergeron Introduction Bergeron apparently came up with the concept around 1969 Predicting Time 5
Bev Bergeron The Miracle of Two Watches stem of a wrist watch is pulled out and handles turned without looking, performer sets the same time on a second wrist watch Predicting Time 9
Bev Bergeron The Miracle of A Watch and Paper as before but time divination is made on a piece of paper Predicting Time 11
Bev Bergeron The Miracle of 'Mental Epic' Prediction time prediction as the third prediction in a Mental Epic routine Predicting Time 12
Bev Bergeron The Miracle of the Time Machine time machine presentation, original time is set on watch again Predicting Time 13
Bev Bergeron The Miracle of the Mailed Letter sent prediction beforehand, set time during performance by spectator Predicting Time 15
Bev Bergeron The Miracle of Synchronous Watches performer and spectator turn stem of wrist watches and stop wherever they want, same time Predicting Time 17
Bev Bergeron Bibliography books about tricks with watches Predicting Time 19
Wesley James Coins Thru Table four coins, with all-at-once phase
"My approach to the Coins thru Table takes advantage of the table."
Related to Stop Fooling Us Lecture Notes 21
Bev Bergeron Credit Card to Wallet from stack of credit cards to wallet Magic with Credit Cards 65
Bev Bergeron Another Rising Card from cased deck, hole in case Card File 57
Bev Bergeron No Card Case Version card rises from center of deck, block with cut-out Card File 60