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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Kevin Justice Advertisement frisbee /flyer gag
1980 5
Kevin Justice Flight Deck gags, deck with wings, washed deck, false finger in butter
1980 6
Kevin Justice The Big Time fake lime and flashlight, limelight pun
1980 7
Kevin Justice Two More puns withs playing cards
1980 8
Steve Beam, Kevin Justice The Hospital Trick deck in card case, humorous presentation
1980 13
Kevin Justice Two Cuts Better Than One? pun with slip cut
1980 20
Kevin Justice Slide Steal several coins placed in box, some stolen
1982 50
Kevin Justice Flipping Your Lid one-handed display of apparently empty Okito Box
1982 51
Steve Beam "Thanksgiven" thanks to Jim Culver, Chris Ball, Henry Pettit, John Berry, Hank McNair, Woody Landers, Bev Bergeron, Don Odom, Kevin Justice, Donna Givens, James & Beverly Flynn
1982 52
Kevin Justice No Tie Knot false knot
Also published here 1983 30
Steve Beam Hot Dog! repeated hot dog production, put in bag and all vanish, like sponge banana production, see p. 104 for additional idea by Kevin Justice
1984 64
Steve Beam Leftovers on The Equinox, an All Backs Joke by John Riggs, John Murray, Kevin Justice's birthday card idea, Walter Gibson, Harry Blackstone Sr., Lloyd Jones, James Bazemore, birth of Casey Lauren Beam
1984 88
Steve Beam Leftovers on the birth of Michelle Allison Beam, Phillip Young, Kevin Justice, Jim Culver, Jim Swoger, Dexter Cleveland
1986 264
Kevin Justice No Tie Knot
Also published here 1993 4