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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Paul Harris, Daryl Martinez Fantasy Aces Aces appear on table
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1980 19
Bébel Cross-Cut Shredder cut force, in the hands of the spectator
2006 224
Bébel, Patrick Lehnen Vanishing Aces four aces vanish one by one
2013 2
Bébel Transposition Asymétrique de Main en Poche selection in pocket transposes with four Aces
Variations 2014
Bébel Un Échange Très Pratique switching selection with one of four Aces, multiple lift sequence as a practical switch
2014 3
Bébel Téléportation Renversante selection vanishes among four Aces and appears reversed in the middle of the deck
Inspired by
  • a routine in Daniel Rhod's "Card Digest", 1979.
2014 5
Bébel Cartes Ascenseurs (Elevator Card) Elevator using Un Échange Très Pratique, a selection ends up in performer's pocket as a kicker
2014 10
Bébel Transposition Asymétrique (1) selection transposes with four Aces
2014 13
Bébel Double Transposition Asymétrique selection transposes with four Aces and back again
2014 16
Bébel Simple Transposition Asymétrique avec un Gobelet asymmetric transposition, Aces and up on glass
2014 18
Bébel Rub-A-Dub Aérien rub-a-dub in mid air, without table
2014 19
Bébel Double Transposition Asymétrique avec un Goblet double asymmetric transposition, Aces and up on glass
2014 22
Bébel Voyage Inattendu selection disappears among Aces, then Aces are found on the deck and in the hand is selection
2014 25
Bébel Transposition Asymétrique au Bluff (et en Couleur!) with cards of different colored backs
2014 27
Bébel Presque la Même Chose, mais à Vue with cards of different colored backs
2014 28
Bébel L'Ordre et le Chaos group of mixed cards ends up sorted
2014 3
Bébel Le Big Bang four Queens appear, then they change into Aces
2014 4
Bébel Le Big Bang (version simplifié) four Kings change into Aces
2014 8
Bébel La Dame de Trèfle Qui Pique Mon Coeur transformation in the hand of spectator into selection, apparently only suit is changed
2014 10
Bébel Les Gardes Du Corps T-Formation, one Ace is covered with three Kings, then Kings transpose with Aces
2014 12
Bébel Double Lift Substitute same as Kimlat's Undercover Double
Related to 2014 13
Dai Vernon, Bébel Strip-Out Addition Variation
2014 16
Bébel L'Emplamage Invisible (Invisible Palm), Aces change into Royal Flush as a kicker
2014 21
Bébel L'Huile et L'Eau 4&4, multi phases
2014 3
Bébel Les Collecteurs Prennent L'Ascenseur Collectors, first Aces arrive on top, then selections found sandwiched inbetween
2014 7
Bébel Les Sables Mouvants Aces put face up on the deck vanish and are found distributed in the deck
2014 10
Bébel Sauvés des Sables Mouvants distributed face up Aces come to the top
2014 11
Bébel As Rouges ou As Noirs? four Aces, all change into red Aces, then back to normal
2014 12
Bébel Mabillon four Aces, apparently Aces from pocket and under close-up mat are added but magician always holds four Aces, reversed six card repeat
2014 14
Bébel Hierophant two Jokers between three Kings change into selection and back to Jokers
2014 16
Bébel Les Ailes du Papillon red Kings change into black Kings, to more black Kings appear and black Kings change into four Aces
2014 21
Bébel Coup de Pouce King comes to the the top, then King is placed on the table and deck is spread, other three Kings appear under first King
2014 23
Joaquín Matas Asymetric Transposition with card case
Inspired by 2014 74
Kostya Kimlat Undercover Double first published in Card Work, Card Play, p. 12 (2006)
Related to 2016 44
Dustin Stinett How Magic Found Bébel
Oct. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 10)
John Guastaferro Magic of Bébel
Oct. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 10)
Bébel The Card Ninja named Ace appears on top and is tabled, other Aces appear on table
Related to Oct. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 10)
Bébel The Black and The Red 4&4, instant mixing
Variations Oct. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 10)
Bébel Big Bang chosen King placed under box, other Kings face-up on top and two on table, all quickly change to Aces
Oct. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 10)
John Guastaferro, Bébel Flash Flood 4&4, instant mixing
Inspired by Jan. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 1)
Bébel In the Pocket! Aces travel from center of deck to four pockets, then change to Kings, Aces back in center of deck
May 2020
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 2 (Spring #2))
Bébel Lighter Strip-Out Addition cards take out one by one for lighter feel
May 2020
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 2 (Spring #2))
Bébel Non-Classic Pass
Also published here
  • Arcane #83, July 1996
May 2020
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 2 (Spring #2))
Bébel Covered Top Palm palming cards from under a top cover card
May 2020
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 2 (Spring #2))
Bébel Straddle Grip Reverse from center reversed to bottom
May 2020
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 2 (Spring #2))
Andi Gladwin Convincing Tilt No. 2, card actually sticks out at back
Related toAlso published here 2020 131
Bébel Expertalk: Bebel on Tilt different convincers
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Related toAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Sep. 2003
2022 230