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Frederica Close-Up Thimble Routine Part 1 - The Production
Part 2 - The Vanish (with silk)
Unconventional Magic 36
Frederica The Great Purse Swindle three half crowns in a purse transform into three pennies, again three half crowns are put into the purse and everything wrapped in a handkerchief, purse travels to the pocket and again contains three pennies The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 1 106
Frederica Spots and Paddle Routine chalk spots on paddle appear and disappear The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 1 123
Frederica Spiritune a tune is selected and predicted with a music box, when the music box is opened, it's found emptyVariations The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 1 171
Frederica Self Contained samller boxes are inside a ball of wool The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 1 220
Lewis Ganson, J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen, Frederica Bangle Delight linking by Rink, unlinking by Frederica The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 1 40
Frederica Three Little Pigs two in the hand, one in the pocket with plastic pigs, as a kicker the pigs change into a bigger toy fiugre The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 1 281
Unknown Music Box Prediction cards with songs, one chosen, music box produces this song and then turns out to be empty, "suggested in Great Britain a few years ago"Related to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 5, No. 2) 308
Frederica Boxology marked coin on a box, hand comes out and takes it inside, then the coin is found in a nest of boxes The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 2 80
Christian Scherer Der Sohn des Hofmusikanten combination of Ball and Vase and the Ghost Music BoxInspired byRelated to Schlaglichter 71