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Will Ayling Fashion Parade magazine rolled into tube moves up and down two cords
1952 91
Lewis Ganson, Hans E. Trixer, Jack Hill, Will Ayling, Chris Marvo, Les Hone, Hal Feben Some Reflections on Anti-Gravity tips for anti-gravity glasses
Related toAlso published here 1954 23
Ernest W. Brady The Shiekh's Bequest mathematical problem, camels divided to sons, illustrated with cards
VariationsAlso published here Aug. 1963
The New Phoenix (Issue 382)
Will Ayling The Story Teller oriental story
Inspired byVariations 1969 289
Gerald Kosky Sholim Ali Kim mathematical problem, camels divided to sons, using jewels
Inspired by 1975 196
Will Ayling Will Ayling's Zombie Routine
  • The Apparatus
  • The Routine
  • The Start
  • The Ball Comes to Life
  • The Ball on the Arm
  • The Cradle
  • The Ball on the Edge of the Cloth
  • The Hoop around the Ball
  • The Ball around the Body
  • The Ball Moves along the Cloth
  • The Ball Floats
  • The Finish
1977 13
Will Ayling (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox 1979 251
Will Ayling Introduction
1988 4
Will Ayling The Hen and Egg Bag historical comments, Isaac Fawkes
1988 5
Will Ayling The Egg Bag with production of drinking glass climax, with lots of ideas and bits of pieces by different people
1988 7
Max Malini, Will Ayling, Edward Proudlock Malini and His Egg Bag Routine includes also ideas by Edward Proudlock with a shell, and marked egg
1988 18
Will Ayling The Illusive Egg in a Hat Bag fez hat as egg bag, with egg shell and production of rubber chicken, sausages and giant egg
1988 24
Peter Wilker, Jochen Zmeck, Jack Gwynne, Hans E. Trixer Die schwebenden Gläser various methiods for anti-gravity glasses, including ideas by Hans Trixer,Jack Gwynne and Jochen Zmeck
Related to 1988
Magische Blätter (Vol. 2 No. 10)
Will Ayling The Rising Cards (History and Comment)
1991 5
Will Ayling The Rising Cards extract from Dean's "Hocus Pocus", version with a hair
1991 6
Will Ayling Mechanical in Close-Up cards rise out of box, motor
1991 12
Will Ayling Digital Mechanism card rises from deck, with gimmick
1991 16
Will Ayling Jumbo Rising Cards with houlette, card rises from envelope, similar to Jim Hooper's "Nemo Jumbo Rising Cards"
1991 18
Will Ayling Fountain of Cards
1991 19
Will Ayling Torn Corner Card card rises and missing corner restores
1991 26
Will Ayling, Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin Moving Pip Card moving pip in conjunction with rising cards, anecdote of De Kolta's daughter manufacturing multi pip cards
1991 26
Lewis Ganson, Hans E. Trixer, Jack Hill, Will Ayling, Chris Marvo, Les Hone, Hal Feben Anmerkungen tips for anti-gravity glasses
Also published here 1995
Intermagic (Vol. 19 No. 4 & 5)
Alan Shaxon Find the Lady on Stage with huge cards
Inspired by
  • an idea by Oswald Rae in Will Ayling's "Genii Presentations"
2014 144