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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Karl Fulves Hell's Bells medium rings bell on selected card, including variation by Aaron Wainer
Nov. 1965 2
Aaron Wainer Doubles two slates, message on one, spectator chooses right one, flap
Dec. 1965 6
Aaron Wainer Coined revelation of dates of coins in chosen pile
The New Phoenix (Issue 400)
Aaron Wainer Dactyliomancy white rings marked by spectators, shuffled in hat
Related to
  • p. 35 for thoughts by Bob Bergheim
Feb. 1966 21
Aaron Wainer Apex date on coins divined
Also published here Feb. 1966 21
Aaron Wainer Phonetics random person called during performance says that he also has a magician guest who had him choose a card, they match
June 1966 37
Ben Christopher Foregone Conclusion six matches, spectator choses any number of matches, number predicted by die in matchbox
Inspired byRelated to Dec. 1966 72
Aaron Wainer Matchbox & Die chosen number from 1 to 6 predicted in matchbox
Related to Jan. 1969 235
Aaron Wainer Spirit Coin coins in glass, one of them marked, they all travel into inspected empty tube behind screen, see also p. 283 for reference
Sep. 1969 281
Karl Fulves, Aaron Wainer Three Bottles
  • tobacco and paper dropped in bottle and shake, transforms into cigarette
  • cork pops off second bottle after moving up and down (a la Zombie)
  • whistling in third bottle, bottle whistles by itself afterwards, see p. 308 for reference
Related to Dec. 1969 303
Aaron Wainer Floating Match in Bottle lighted match floats in bottle
Dec. 1969 308
Aaron Wainer Daten-Hellsehen date on coins divined
Also published here Apr. 1983
Intermagic (Vol. 10 No. 1)
Karl Fulves, Norm Cummins Three Bottles bottle whistles by itself
Related to 1993
Verbatim (Issue 9)
Karl Fulves Air Force plastic bottle whistle, spectator hears sound when mouth of bottle is held to his ear, repeated with higher sound
Related to 1997
Underworld (Issue 6)