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Karl Fulves The Back Room on Harrison Bale, The New Jinx, Milbourne Christopher, Jay Weiler, Micky Hades
1965 426
Jay Weiler Picture Cake Production pictures of flour, eggs, ... transform into picture of cake
May 1966 34
Karl Fulves Babel S.A.M. annual show with Al Flosso, Cardini, Scarne, Davenport's, Jay Weiler, exposure
May 1966 34
Jay Weiler, Karl Fulves Sword through Spectator confederate
Oct. 1966 60
Karl Fulves Babel Larry Weeks New York convention, Jay Weiler, critics of magazines, Magigram, coding with dog whistle (see also p. 176)
Dec. 1966 68
Jay Weiler Finger Ring ring penetrates finger, finger bases covered with silk
Winter 1967
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3 No. 1st Folio)
Jay Weiler Blackout box with two cards hidden in dark room, performer takes on out in the dark, flap box
Aug. 1969 275
Jay Weiler Hook Coin Gag for magicians
Feb. 1970 318
Jay Weiler Brainwave Gag
Mar. 1972 504
Karl Fulves Notes Sarles story about driving a match into wood, linking rings with alternative objects (phone wire, tires), psychics and spirit raps story by Jay Weiler
The Chronicles (Issue 22)
Jay Weiler Roadside Service car tire inflates itself, at night with assistant
Verbatim (Issue 6)
Jay Weiler Reading Cold on Weiler's cold reading method
Rigmarole (Issue 6)