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Bruce Elliott 3c Worth of Magic two different stamps on two cards, one card on the table one on the face of the deck, two rubber bands to hold everything in place, stamps change places
Variations Sep. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 92)
Lu Brent, E. Leslie May, Paul Sweetman, David Price, J. M. Levatino Etcetera with rant on "too many card tricks" by Levatino
Jan. 1966 15
Karl Fulves Seclusion Problems with Cards - No. Two
card cut to with deck under handkerchief and replaced, also multiple cards
for solutions see references
Variations Apr. 1966 29
Paul Sweetman Seclusion selection underneath handkerchief, cyclical stack with corner shorts, solution
Inspired by June 1966 39
Paul Sweetman, Karl Fulves Etcetera
Aug. 1969 276
Paul Sweetman New Slate Flap flap rolls itself up
Aug. 1969 276
Alex Elmsley Point of Departure reprinted from reference, see also p. 320
Related toVariations Dec. 1969 309
Harold Bester, Chris Hussey, L. Vosburgh Lyons, Martin Gardner, Paul Sweetman Etcetera
Related to Feb. 1970 320
Paul Sweetman PoD Addition travelling stamp
Inspired by Feb. 1970 320
Karl Fulves (1) The Pencil That Remembers What It Writes after examining pencil, performer knows what was written with it, electronics, no details given
Related to 1976
Interlocutor (Issue 6)
Karl Fulves Pencil With Memory "Unexplained"
old pencil with memory idea, now really available as transmission pen, posed as a problem
Related to 2006
Prolix (Issue 2)